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Early in the morning three days later, Su Qingshi arrived at Cool Breeze Gorge.

She didnt show herself, and she watched from afar as Yang Ye ceaselessly drew his sword and sheathed it.

As she watched and watched, Su Qingshi revealed a surprised expression.

She wasnt surprised by the speed or might of Yang Yes drawing technique.

Even though Yang Yes drawing techniques speed and might was extremely formidable, it was nothing to her.

She was surprised because Yang Ye had actually entered into a type of oblivious state.

An oblivious state referred to the moment when someone was too concentrated on a matter that only that matter remained in ones eyes and mind, and everything else was unable to catch ones attention at all.

Such a state was extremely difficult to enter, and she knew how difficult it was to enter such a state because shed entered such a state in the past.

The requirements to enter an oblivious state was extremely harsh.

One had to be concentrated while there were no distracting thoughts in ones heart, and one even required a certain level of luck to actually enter into such a state.

Of course, the benefits of such a state was extremely obvious, and it was that the person whod entered such a state would yield twice the results with half the effort while doing anything.

For example, Yang Ye was training his drawing technique now, and under the influence of this oblivious state, the effects of his training right now were absolutely a few times superior to its normal effects.

It was even to the extent that he might even be able to comprehend some unexpected things.

Su Qingshi had never expected that Yang Ye would have actually entered such a state.

After all, even she had only entered such a state twice in her entire lifetime!

Is Yang Yes natural talent too monstrous, or is his luck too monstrousNo matter what, its good news for the Sword Sect.Because the younger generation of the Sword Sect really needs a leading figure.

If theres still no one capable of ascending the Ascension Rankings this year, then the embarrassing state of possessing no experts would really arise in the Sword Sect within the next few years.

At that time, the Sword Sect would really decline.

When she thought about the Sword Sects future, Su Qingshi revealed a worried expression.

After a long time, she sighed lightly, and then she looked at Yang Ye who was ceaselessly drawing his sword and sheathing it.

If Yang Ye participates in the next Ascension Rankings, then perhaps hell still have a chance.

But if its the Ascension Rankings this year, then theres very slim hope even if Yang Ye possesses five element Profound Energy.

Those that hadnt participated in the Ascension Rankings would never understand how cruel and terrifying the Ascension Rankings was!

At this moment, it was just as Su Qingshi thought, Yang Ye had entered into an oblivious state.

Of course, Yang Ye didnt know that hed entered such a state.

Three days ago, after Su Qingshi left with Little Yao, Yang Ye had started training diligently once more.

However, hed never expected that he would have a flash of inspiration at the instant he drew his sword, and for the sake of preventing this inspiration from vanishing, Yang Ye stopped eating like he had before this and forgot everything as he cultivated bitterly.

In other words, Yang Ye had already been in this state for three days and three nights.

Time gradually passed by, and in the blink of an eye, it was already noon.

Yang Yes speed grew swifter and swifter, and it was swift to the point he himself was only able to see a cold glow, whereas, the sound of the sword being drawn grew softer and softer.

At this moment, even though it still hadnt vanished completely, unless someone listened closely, it was extremely difficult for anyone to hear that trace of soft sound.

Su Qingshi whod been watching Yang Ye all morning grew more and more shocked the longer she watched.

Even though this move Yang Ye was practicing couldnt pose a threat to her at all, it was merely because of Yang Yes strength and cultivation realm.

If Yang Ye was at the same realm of cultivation as her, then she wondered if she would be able to resist such a swift sword strike!

If she excluded her combat experience and combat instincts that shed gained from the First Heaven Realm and later, she noticed that it was extremely difficult for her to block this move.

Because she noticed that Yang Ye was only utilizing his physical strength to train, and he hadnt utilized his Profound Energy.

If Yang Ye utilized his Profound Energy, then with the boost provided by his golden Profound Energy, exactly how terrifying would the strength of this move become


An enormous Ironshell Tree was slashed horizontally into two, and it fell to the ground.

At this moment, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and then he turned around to glance towards the surroundings.

When he noticed that a large expanse of Ironshell Trees had fallen in the surroundings, he couldnt help but laugh bitterly.

Only when he saw all of these fallen Ironshell Trees did he remember that hed already been cultivating bitterly for three days and three nights.

Right at this moment, Su Qingshi appeared before Yang Ye, and then she glanced at the Ironshell Trees in the surroundings.

The cut on the Ironshell Trees in the distance was still slightly uneven, whereas, the cut on the Ironshell Trees around Yang Ye were smooth like glass.

Su Qingshi couldnt help but be slightly dazed when she noticed these cuts that were smooth like glass.

Because she wondered exactly how terrifying his physical strength was to be able to accomplish this without utilizing Profound Energy!

Yang Ye immediately felt slightly dazed when he saw Su Qingshi appear.

Just like in the past, Su Qingshi was still wearing a white dress while her long hair was tied up behind her head by a white ribbon, and her figure floated slightly above the ground.

Moreover, the dress she wore hung tightly to her skin because of the wind in the surroundings, causing her figure to seem curvaceous and extremely charming.

When he thought about what had happened between him and her at the bottom of Death Abyss, a trace of a strange feeling instantly arose in Yang Yes heart.

He didnt feel complacent or proud because that wasnt something shed done willingly.

He knew that with this womans status and strength, she wasnt someone that he was worthy of right now.

This wasnt a form of inferiority complex, and it was merely that Yang Ye clearly recognized reality.

In this world, besides family love, friendship and love required strength as its foundation, and it was even to the extent that some familial love required strength as its foundation as well.

When one didnt have strength, then even ones family might look down on one.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye suppressed the feelings in his heart and said, “Sorry for making you wait!”

Su Qingshi heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Yang Ye because shed noticed when Yang Ye looked at her.

She didnt like that sort of invasive gaze, but fortunately, Yang Ye quickly returned to normal.

Otherwise, with her disposition, it would probably be very difficult for the two of them to continue getting along with each other.

Su Qingshi waved her right hand, and her green sword left a green afterimage behind as it descended before her.

Her figure floated up lightly to descend onto the green sword, and then she looked at Yang Ye and said, “Lets go!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he leaped up and descended behind Su Qingshi.

Right after he descended behind Su Qingshi, a strand of faint fragrance assaulted his face, and it caused Yang Ye to feel slightly dazed.

However, he quickly recovered from this because he didnt want to make this woman look down on him.

Su Qingshi waved her right hand lightly, causing the green sword to charge into the sky.

Yang Ye who stood behind Su Qingshi staggered, and he almost fell off the sword.

Fortunately, his hands were swift, and he hurriedly grabbed Su Qingshis waist, allowing him to avoid falling down.

Su Qingshi revealed a slightly unnatural expression when Yang Ye grabbed her waist.

However, she didnt stop him, and she just sped up instead.

In next to no time, both of them arrived at the border between the Snake Forest and Nether Wolf Gorge, and then Su Qingshi kept her sword away and looked at Yang Ye before signaling that he should get started.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he called the violet mink out.

The violet mink had just woken up, and its lively and large eyes were slightly drowsy.

It rubbed its drowsy eyes as it glanced at Su Qingshi, and then it flickered onto Yang Yes shoulder.

After that, it rubbed its little head against Yang Yes face as if it was asking Yang Ye to let it go back to sleep!

Yang Ye embraced the violet mink in his hands and said, “Little Fellow, help me with something and then go sleep, alright”

The violet mink glanced bitterly at Yang Ye, and this glace caused a chill to run down Yang Yes spine because this little fellow really acted too much like a human.

“Just help me a little.

You can go back to sleep after you help me, alright” Yang Ye continued to ask for its help.

Even though the little fellow was slightly displeased that Yang Ye disturbed its sleep, it still nodded its little head after Yang Ye implored it for a while, and it displayed that it was willing to help.

When he saw the little fellow agree, Yang Ye hurriedly spoke of the reason Su Qingshi has asked for his help.

After a short moment, the little fellow waved its claws at Yang Ye as if it was trying to express something to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye had a slight headache indeed when he saw the little fellow waving its little claws, and he couldnt help but think in his heart.

If only the little fellow can talk to me.

After a short moment, Yang Ye finally understood what the little fellow meant, and then he looked at Su Qingshi and said, “The little fellow wants us to capture some low rank Darkbeasts, and its better the smaller they are.”

Su Qingshi glanced at the little fellow, and then she turned around and flashed towards Nether Wolf Forge.

After around 30 minutes, Su Qingshi returned, and she had a large bag in her hand.

Su Qingshi walked over to the violet mink, and then she opened the bag.

There were around 20 plus small Darkbeasts within the bag.

These Darkbeasts were extremely small.

The largest was only the size of a fist while the smallest was only the size of a thumb.

After the bag was opened, all of these small Darkbeasts were in disorder, and they were just about to flee when the little fellow demonstrated its might.


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