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Martial Enlightenment City.

While it was a Gold Rank power, it wasnt renowned throughout Pine Prefecture.

Because there were countless Gold Rank powers throughout the prefecture!

However, Martial Enlightenment City had become the center of the prefectures attention today.

A disciple of the Ancient Sword School had destroyed the Dao Orders Hells Coffin, killed 2 of its disciples from the Earthly Path, and a disciple from the Heavenly Path.

It could be said to be the first time that the Ancient Sword School had slapped the Dao Order so hard.

The Ancient Sword School had been enemies with the Dao Order for many years, and their disciples would fight practically every single time they met.

Over the years, both sides won and lost on occasion.

But this time, it wasnt just a simple battle, and it wasnt just a matter of victory or defeat.

This time, it was a matter of life and death!

The death of a few was nothing to powers like the Dao Order and Ancient Sword School.

In their opinion, their disciples could die, but they couldnt lose face.

This time, Yang Ye had slapped the Dao Orders face really hard, and it could be said that Yang Ye had stomped on its face.

So, if Yang Ye really was able to return to the Ancient Sword School, then there was no doubt that the Dao Orders face wouldnt have just been stomped on, it would have been completely and truly trampled on.

Moreover, from that time onward, the Dao Order would be eternally beneath the Ancient Sword School.

Not only that, but it would also be unable to hold its head up high before the other Platinum Rank powers as well!

So, the Dao Order was determined to kill Yang Ye, and he couldnt just die normally!

At this moment, the cultivators from all over the prefecture were standing around the teleportation platform in Martial Enlightenment City.

However, the most striking of them all were the 2 groups of people who stood on the left and right of the teleportation platform.

The group on the left consisted of 5 people, and all of them wore white robes.

Obviously, they were disciples of the Dao Order.

As for the group on the right, they had 5 members as well.

All of them wore green clothes and carried sword chests on their backs.

They were clearly from the Ancient Sword School.

“Tsk, tsk.

Not only have the Three Swords in the Exalt Realm of the Ancient Sword School come here, even the Slow Sword, Wu Yanzhong, is here.

Hehe, looks like the Ancient Sword School is determined to fight the Dao Order to the end this time!”

“The Slow Sword, Wu Yanzhong The same Wu Yanzhong who used the Fundamental Sword Technique to surmount his realm of cultivation and kill a Half-Saint”

“Besides him, who else is worthy of being called the Slow Sword He killed a Half-Saint with the Fundamental Sword Technique while he was still at the high rank of the Exalt Realm all those years ago.

From that moment onwards, he became renowned because of that battle.

Now, a few years have passed, and hes at the Monarch Realm.

His current strength is probably impossible to fathom!”

“Looks like the Ancient Sword School sent him to support Yang Ye because they dont want that fellow, Yang Ye, to be bullied or threatened by the Dao Orders experts.

Tsk, tsk.

Looks like the Ancient Sword School really is determined to protect Yang Ye!”

Suddenly, the white robed figures on the left of the teleportation platform had suddenly stood up, and then everyone watched as they bowed respectfully towards a certain direction.

The others here looked in that direction, and they saw a white robed woman who held a black sickle in her hand walking slowly towards them.

The woman seemed to be around the age of 20.

She had pretty and delicate features, and a slim figure.

As she walked slowly with that sickle in her grasp, she seemed like the god of death from the netherworld, and she emanated a heavy pressure upon everyone around her.

“The God of Death, Kong Lian….” Someone exclaimed involuntarily.

“According to rumor, someone will definitely die wherever she goes.

The Dao Order actually sent her! What exactly does it intend to do Do they intend to fight the Ancient Sword School right now”

“This is getting serious….” The members of the Ancient Sword School revealed solemn expressions when they saw her.

“If Yang Ye survives, all 5 of you will still die! If Yang Ye dies, all of you will die with him!” The woman waved the sickle in her hand as she walked over to the members of the Ancient Sword School, and she gazed at them as if she was looking at corpses.

Moreover, her tone was simply beyond doubt.

“Feel free to try if you have the ability!” The man who led the group from the Ancient Sword School gazed at her as he spoke in a carefree manner.

“I heard that you, the Slow Sword, show signs of returning to simplicity.

Ive wanted to experience that for myself for a very long time!” Kong Lian continued, “I hope you dont disappoint me!”

“Anytime!” Wu Yanzhong nodded.

Many cultivators in the surroundings started quietly moving backwards, and they opened up a huge empty space there.

At this moment, only the members of the Ancient Sword School and Dao Order resided in that empty space.

Right when the atmosphere between them was tense, the circle of light around the teleportation formation trembled violently, and everyone immediately shot their gazes over.

It didnt take long for a man and 2 women to appear there.

The gazes of everyone descended onto the man.

“Yang Ye, Im… Im… Im a little scared….” Fan Meng tightened her grip on Yang Yes hand while her voice was trembling slightly.

Shed known what would happen here before they even teleported over here.

Yang Ye chuckled lightly and said, “Little Meng, remember that as a sword cultivator, you shouldnt fear the heavens, nor the earth, or the Saints or Immortals of this world.”

“Well said!” Wu Yanzhong and the other members of the Ancient Sword School walked over to Yang Ye.

Wu Yanzhong sized him up before he said, “Do as you please.

No one will be able to bully you with a higher cultivation while youre here.

I guarantee that with life!”

Yang Ye gazed at Wu Yanzhong and the others for a short while, and then he said, “Thank you!”

After that, he walked over to the members of the Dao Order and said, “The Dao Order intends to fight me, Yang Ye, until one of us is annihilated, right”

Kong Lin said, “Do you think that you can survive”

Yang Ye replied with a question instead, “Are all of you going to come at me at once, or will you fight me one by one”

Everyone here was flabbergasted, and it included the members of the Ancient Sword School!

All of them together Together

Many thought that their ears were deceiving them! After all, those were disciples of the Dao Order, and they were said to be extraordinarily monstrous geniuses who could surmount their realms of cultivation to kill powerful experts! However, Yang Ye had actually asked them to attack him at once.

Moreover, it even included Kong Lin who was at the Monarch Realm!

Arrogant! Absolutely arrogant!

That was the first impression everyone had of Yang Ye.

“Are you sure that you arent joking” Kong Lin stared fixedly at Yang Ye as she spoke.

Moreover, the sickle in her grasp had started to spin swiftly.

As it spun, even the space around it had been slit apart, causing numerous black circles to appear around it.

Yang Ye chuckled lightly and said, “Do you know Im already annoyed by all of you.

One comes today, another comes tomorrow.

If this goes on, then Ill be utterly annoyed even if all of you arent.

Since its like that, why dont you just immediately send someone you think is strong To be honest, Im actually really happy that all of you are constantly sending wealth and your lives to me in succession.

Because Im really poor.

However, I really dont want to waste time any more with your Dao Order as well.

So, why dont all of you fight me at once”

Hed already recovered most of his strength now, and the thing he wanted to do the most was look for Xiao Yuxi, An Nanjing, Ding Shaoyao, and the others.

Besides that, he intended to look for the Zhuge Clan which Elder Mu belonged to.

He could be said that there were a huge number of things waiting for him, and he didnt have time to waste on the Dao Order!

Yang Ye replied, “Im not joking.

All of you can fight me at once.

Dont waste everyones time anymore!”

A wisp of ferocity arose on the corners of Kong Lians mouth.

She was about to attack when a young man behind her said, “Senior Sister Kong, allow me.

Our Dao Order would still lose face if you killed him.

The reason he dared to speak like that was exactly because of that.”

Kong Lian took a few steps forward, and she stopped only a few centimeters away from Yang Ye.

A fierce smile still remained on the corners of her mouth as she said, “If you survive today, then Ill leave the Dao Order of my own free will, and Ill definitely kill you even if I have to go to the ends of the world!”

“Do you know” Yang Ye said, “Many people wanted to kill me in the past.

Yet now, the grass on their graves are probably even taller than you!”

“Is that so” Kong Lian suddenly cracked a smile as she said, “I hope you dont die.

Otherwise, I would be very conflicted and depressed.

Because Ive never felt such urgency to kill someone! You….”

“Are you done with the nonsense” Yang Ye suddenly interrupted her and said, “If you arent going to attack, then ** off.

Dont waste my time.”

She gazed at him for a short while before she said, “I hope youll still be able to remain so arrogant later!” As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around to gaze at the man who stood behind her.

“Lin Kai, take it slow.

Dont kill him right away!”

Lin Kai spoke indifferently, “Ill keep him breathing for you, Senior Sister!”

Kong Lin nodded slightly before moving aside.

Meanwhile, Wu Yanzhong suddenly walked over to Yang Ye and said, “His palm techniques are extremely formidable.

He once relied on it to fight a Half-Saint Realm demon beast.

You must not underestimate him!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Is Lu Waner in the Ancient Sword School right now”

Wu Yanzhong was stunned by this question, and then he nodded, “Senior Sister Lu is there indeed.

However, shes in closed door cultivation to charge into the Half-Saint Realm.

No one is allowed to disturb her.

Do you know her”

So thats why….

Yang Ye came to a slight understanding.

Logically speaking, he had gained quite a bit of reputation since he arrived at Pine Prefecture.

So, Lu Waner, An Nanjing, and the others should know that hed arrived here.

Especially Lu Waner.

After all, hed caused such a commotion that even alarmed the higher-ups of the Ancient Sword School, so it didnt make sense for her to be unaware.

Now, he finally understood why.

It turned out that Lu Waner was in closed door cultivation.

But he was still quite puzzled.

After all, wasnt it impossible for An Nanjing, Nether Maiden, Ding Shaoyao, Xiao Yuxi, and the others to be in closed door cultivation at the same time If they heard of him, then they would have definitely come to find him.

However, none of them had come until now!

Are they not in Pine Prefecture Yang Yes brows knit together tightly.

“You can launch the first attack!” Suddenly, Lin Kao interrupted Yang Yes thoughts.

Yang Ye glanced at Lin Kai and said, “How many extreme-grade energy stones did you bring with you”

Lin Kai replied, “Around 200,000.

Ive been accumulating them for a few years now.

But do you have the ability to take them from me”

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the ancient sheath appeared in his grasp.

He sheathed his sword and said, “I dont like to waste time.

So, lets determine life and death with a single move!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his sword left its sheath, and then the Dao Rank sword in his grasp shattered along with a sword howl that shot into the sky!

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