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The violet mink let out a light grunt.

The figures of the 20 plus small Darkbeasts instantly stiffened when they heard it, and they immediately raised their heads to look in between Yang Yes arms.

After that, those small Darkbeasts seemed as if theyd seem something terrifying, and their eyes were filled with terror while their bodies shivered.

Even though Yang Ye and Su Qingshi had witnessed the effects of the pressure emanated by the violet mink in the past, they still couldnt avoid feeling slightly shocked when they witnessed this scene again.

Especially Su Qingshi, she truly wondered how Yang Ye had subdued this mysterious Darkbeast that possessed the bloodline of a Saint!

Under the command of the violet mink, all of those small Darkbeasts formed two lines obediently.

They lined up from left to right from shortest to tallest, and the originally disorderly Darkbeasts were quickly arranged in an orderly manner by the little fellow.

When he noticed that the little fellow was busy showing off and had forgotten what it was supposed to do, Yang Ye struck the violet mink on the head with displeasure, and he said, “Little Fellow, quickly get down to business!”

The violet mink nodded, and then it started communicating with the small Darkbeasts.

After around 15 minutes passed, the violet mink raised its head to look at Yang Ye, and then it pointed its little claw towards Nether Wolf Gorge.

Su Qingshi and Yang Ye were delighted when they saw this, and then Yang Ye asked.

“Little Fellow, youre saying theyre over there”

The little fellow pointed at those small Darkbeasts, and then its little claw pointed towards Nether Wolf Gorge.

It seemed to be saying that the small Darkbeasts said that those people were over there.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he looked at Su Qingshi.

Su Qingshi understood him.

She waved her hand and placed all the small Darkbeasts into the bag again before she brought Yang Ye alone as she flashed towards the direction that the violent mink had pointed at.

After around an hour and under the guidance of those small Darkbeasts, the two of them arrived before a rock wall.

The rock wall was only a few meters tall and over 30m wide, and the surface of the rock wall was covered in a huge amount of weeds.

Obviously, it had existed for quite a long time.

As he gazed at the rock wall that the violet mink pointed at, Yang Ye frowned and asked.

“Little Fellow, are you sure that those little beasts arent mistaken Those people are hiding inside here” As he gazed at the rock wall that looked completely normal, Yang Ye truly felt slightly doubtful.

The violet mink blinked, and then it asked those small Darkbeasts again.

After a short moment, the little fellow pointed at those Darkbeast before pointing once more at the rock wall.

Yang Ye and Su Qingshi exchanged glances, and then Su Qingshi nodded before she placed all of those small Darkbeasts on the ground.

The small Darkbeasts didnt leave after they were placed on the ground, and they gazed pitiably at the violet mink.

Obviously, they didnt dare leave if the violet mink didnt allow it.

The violet mink nodded, and then these small Darkbeasts instantly jumped for joy.

After that, they ran swiftly towards the rock wall while Yang Ye and Su Qingshi hurriedly followed him.

When they arrived before the rock wall, all of these small Darkbeasts bore their way into a small hole at the bottom of the rock wall.

Meanwhile, the violet mink scratched Yang Yes head before pointed towards the rock wall.

Right when Yang Ye was about to say something, Su Qingshis expression suddenly changed, and then she pulled Yang Ye along with her as she vanished on the spot in a few flickers.

She concealed herself and Yang Ye in a dense bush over 30m away.

Just a short moment after Yang Ye and Su Qingshi vanished, a cracking sound suddenly resounded from the rock wall, and then under Yang Ye and Su Qingshis astounded gazes, the rock wall slowly opened like a door.

After that, two black robed figures whose appearances couldnt be seen clearly walked out from behind the rock wall.

The black robed figures seemed to be slightly vigilant.

They glanced towards the surroundings, and when they noticed no one, one of the black robed figures said, “Hei Da, I told you, its impossible for anyone to come here.

It was definitely a Darkbeast that passed by just now, yet you didnt believe me.

Do you believe me now”

The man called Hei Da said, “Its still best for us to be careful.

The members of the Sword Sect have suddenly gone dormant.

The Elders said that the Sword Sect is definitely hatching some sort of plan against our Ghost Sect, so we must be careful.”

The other black robed man said, “It seems to me like the Sword Sect was unable to find us, so it gave up.

However, youre right as well, and its better to be careful.

Otherwise, if everyones place of hiding was exposed because of us, then even seeking death would be impossible for both of us!”

Hei Da nodded, and then he glanced once more towards the surroundings.

When he saw there was nothing unusual in the surroundings, he immediately said, “Come, lets head back!”

Right at the moment the two of them turned around, Su Qingshi suddenly appeared behind them, and then she didnt seem to have done anything, yet both of them fell silently to the ground.

This scene caused Yang Ye who was within the bush to be extremely shocked.

Because he hadnt noticed how Su Qingshi had left and how shed attacked.

So, exactly how fast did she have to be to accomplish this

Yang Ye suppressed the shock in his heart and walked over with the violet mink.

Yang Ye glanced at the corpses on the ground and said, “What should we do with these corpses”

Su Qingshi said, “Darkbeasts will come to deal with hem soon.

Now that the hiding spot of the Ghost Sect has already been found, you can return to the Sword Sect!”

“What about you” Yang Ye asked instinctively.

Su Qingshi glanced at the dark depths behind the door, and she said, “Im going in to have a look.

Theyre definitely hatching up a huge plan inside there.”

Yang Ye pondered deeply and said, “Weve already noticed where theyre hiding, so why dont we wait for the experts of the Sword Sect to arrive before going in Its too dangerous to go in now!”

Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye and said, “With the strength that I possess, even if Im not a match for them, Ill still be able to escape.

Moreover, theyre doing things so carefully, and Ive already killed two of their members, so its impossible to guarantee that they havent already noticed this.

What if they have another path of escape inside there Then we would have done all of this for nothing!”

When he saw Su Qingshi was determined to go in, Yang Ye stopped persuading her, and he said, “Then Ill go in with you!”

Su Qingshi frowned slightly and said, “Youre too weak!”

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched.

Cant you be a bit tactful about it

Yang Ye pointed at the violet mink and said, “With the little fellow there, well be able to find them even if they flee through another exit.”

Su Qingshi glanced at the violet mink, and then she hesitated for a moment before she nodded.

With Yang Yes strength, it was very likely that he would more of a hindrance than a help to her, but the mysterious violet mink was different.

She still remembered the scene of the violet mink scaring away the Nightbirds.

After the two of them passed through the entrance, they noticed the cave was a passageway.

This passageway was extremely large.

Moreover, it wasnt flat, and it headed down instead.

There were numerous stone steps before them, and it extended all the way down to the point it was impossible to see the bottom of it.

Even though sunlight couldnt shine in, everything within the passageway was clearly visible because there was a Moonlight Stone placed in 3m intervals on the passageway that led underground!

Yang Ye and Su Qingshi exchanged glances, and both of them were able to notice a wisp of a serious expression in each others eyes.

Both of them continued down along the stone stairs, and they only reached the end after around an hour had passed.

After they arrived at the bottom, both of them continued along the passageway towards the depths of this place.

During this period of time, theyd encountered some black robed figures, but they were noticed in advance by Su Qingshis formidable Divine Sense, and then she dealt with them soundlessly.

After walked for around another two hours, Su Qingshi stopped moving, and her face was covered in a cold expression.

“Whats wrong” Yang Ye asked in a light voice.

Su Qingshi gazed at the passageway that was still continuing on without end and said, “This direction leads to the Sword Sect!”

Yang Yes eyelids twitched when he heard this, and he thought in his heart.

Su Qingshi was right, the Ghost Sect is definitely planning something against the Sword Sect!

“Someones coming!” Su Qingshi suddenly grabbed Yang Yes hand before flashing and vanishing on the spot.

The passageway was straight, and there were no corners, so Su Qingshi and Yang Ye could only hide themselves at the top of the passageway.

Yang Ye naturally didnt have the ability to float in the air without relying on any external forces, but Su Qingshi could!

In next to no time, a black robed figure appeared within their fields of vision.

When the black robed figure passed by beneath Yang Ye and Su Qingshi, he suddenly stopped moving and said, “Eh Why do I smell a stranger” Hed been constantly in contact with people that carried a bloody aura, so he was very sensitive to the smell of a strange.

Right at this moment, Su Qingshi made a move.

A sword light flashed, and then the black robed mans head instantly flew out.

Yang Ye descended from above and gazed at Su Qingshi as he said, “You seemed to have been unwilling to kill him just now”

Su Qingshi nodded slightly and said, “He has attained the King Realm, so a Soul Plate of his is kept in the Ghost Sect.

If we kill him, his Soul Plate in the Ghost Sect would shatter immediately.

In other words, in at most 15 minutes of time, the experts of the Ghost Sect here would find out about his death.

We have to make the best use of our time.”

Yang Ye said in a low voice, “Qingshi, you said that there are two experts on par with Bloodhand around here.

If were exposed, then the situation wed be in would be extremely dangerous!” Yang Ye wasnt afraid of death, but he didnt want to die meaninglessly.

Su Qingshi said, “Dont worry, I notified the experts of the Sword Sect in the vicinity as soon as we entered through the entrance.

If Im not wrong, then our forces have probably already entered this passageway.”

When she spoke up to here, she glanced at Yang Ye and said, “However, youre right.

Itll be extremely dangerous for you to enter with me.

After all, youre too weak.

So, stay here or turn around and converge with the expert of our Sword Sect.” As soon as she finished speaking, Su Qingshi paid no further attention to Yang Ye, and her figure flashed ahead.

As he looked towards the depths of the passageway, Yang Ye took a deep breath, and he was about to turn around and converge with the experts of the Sword Sect.

Su Qingshi was right, his strength was too weak now.

Even though Su Qingshi was slightly direct, it was the truth.

If he followed Su Qingshi in, and they encountered any danger, then he would just be a burden!

Even though all of these were facts that were unable to be changed right now, Yang Ye was still slightly disgruntled in his heart.

He wanted to possess a formidable strength, he wanted Su Qingshi to take him seriously, and he wanted to have no need for Su Qingshis protection while he protected her instead.

However, all of these were things he wanted, yet he was just a weakling.

At the very least, he was one for now.

Reality was just so cruel!

I have to work harder! Yang Ye muttered as he gazed into the distance.

Right when Yang Ye was about to turn around, the violet mink on his shoulder suddenly pointed its little claw towards the distance, and it seemed to be asking Yang Ye to head over there.

“Why” asked Yang Ye when he saw the little fellow ask him to follow Su Qingshi.

The little fellow waved its little claws in the air for a long time before Yang Ye finally understood the little fellow, and his expression immediately changed drastically.

“Youre saying that theres something terrifying there, and its extremely dangerous, yet its a treasure”

The little fellow nodded.

It was slightly conflicted because it wanted that treasure, yet it was too dangerous as well.

It wasnt afraid of that danger because if it wanted to flee, then there was practically no one that could catch up to it.

However, Yang Ye couldnt do the same!

When he realized what the little fellow was trying to tell him, Yang Ye didnt hesitate to charge towards the distance in pursuit of Su Qingshi.


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