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Was the Law of Speed formidable

Of course it was!

Yang Ye was very clearly aware that Nan Ketus own physical strength was actually just comparable to an ordinary Exalt Realm expert, but Nan Ketu had been able to blast him flying.

Why Because when speed arrived at a certain level, then it could create unparalleled strength.

Take a stone for example, it didnt carry any force on its own, but if it fell from over 10km above, then the force it carried when it crashed to the ground would definitely be sufficient to kill a First Heaven Realm cultivator with ease!

It could be said that if the Laws of Speed was used well, then it wouldnt be any weaker than his Decay Laws.

If he hadnt relied on the Sword Domain to suppress Nan Ketus Laws of Speed, then even if his Decay Laws could kill Nan Ketu with ease, how would his Decay Laws strike Nan Ketu when Nan Ketu was that swift

When speed arrived at a certain level, all techniques and even Laws were actually useless against it!

The reason Yang Ye had refined Nan Ketu into a Sword Servant was naturally because he wanted to learn the Laws of Speed.

If it was anyone else, it would definitely be impossible because even An Nanjing would be absolutely incapable of learning anothers Laws.

Even if that person displayed it repeatedly to her.

After all, Nan Ketu had practically used his entire lifetime to comprehend it!

So if someone else wanted to learn it from him, it would be very difficult, as difficult as ascending into the heavens.

However, it wasnt that difficult for Yang Ye!

It was naturally impossible for him to comprehend the Laws of Speed if it was just displayed to him, but what if it was done while within the scope of his Sword Domain

The Sword Domain formed a world of its own, and everything within the Sword Domain would appear clearly within his vision.

It could be said that everything within the Sword Domain was equivalent to a part of his body.

If Nan Ketu displayed the Laws of Speed to him within his Sword Domain, then he could sense the Laws of Speed to the very greatest degree!

Of course, it made sense in theory, but Yang Ye didnt know if he could really succeed.

But it was worth a try!

Yang Ye didnt waste any time and immediately activated the Sword Domain.

Next, he ordered Nan Ketu to start displaying the Laws of Speed to him.

In the beginning, Yang Ye didnt utilize the Sword Domain to suppress Nan Ketu, and Nan Ketus speed under such circumstances was so swift that even he could only see a blurry shadow flashing by.

At this moment, Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face.

Because it would have been utterly impossible for him to kill Nan Ketu without the Sword Domain.

Unless his sword intent was still at the 13th level, then he could use his sword intent to lock down the space around him.

Otherwise, not to mention killing Nan Ketu, he might be killed instead!

I must comprehend the Laws of Speed….

If I succeed, then would even a high rank Half-Saint be able to do anything to me Yang Ye had a determined glow in his eyes, and Nan Ketu grew slower and slower under his orders.

It was like Nan Ketu had been slowed down by over 100 times.

Yang Ye stared fixedly at Nan Ketu without letting any detail escape his notice.

Because he had the Sword Domain, he was able to completely and clearly sense the minute movements Nan Ketu made as he utilized the Laws of Speed.

Besides that, he could sense the changes in the surroundings, and various other changes once Nan Ketu activated the Laws of Speed.

All of this felt like he was experiencing it himself.

Nan Ketus speed started from slow to fast.

Later on, it went from fast to slow again, and then it started from slow to fast again.

Yang Yes expression was changing incessantly.

First there was wild joy on his face, yet it didnt take long for his brows to knit together tightly, and then he was overjoyed once more before frowning again.

The Dao Order.

The Dao Order resided on a mountain range at the southernmost area of Pine Prefecture, and the mountain range was like a huge dragon that was coiled up in the area.

There was a towering and huge mountain that floated in the sky above.

However, the mountain was upside down with its peak facing the ground and a round base up in the air.

It seemed absolutely boundless, and it was like an enormous sword that was stabbed into the ground.

It was an extremely grand sight!

There was a very long stone stairway that connected the mountain with the ground, and it was the renowned Cloud Ascension Stairs of the Dao Order!

They were no ordinary stairs.

The Ancient Sword Schools requirements for new disciples was that they could attain at least the 6th level of sword intent at the age of 16.

However, the Dao Orders requirement was related to the Cloud Ascension Stairs.

Anyone who wanted to join the Dao Order had to take the Cloud Ascension Stairs!

The stairs had 5 tests which were left behind by the Dao Orders Founding Ancestor, and they respectively tested willpower, temperament, strength, the heart, and the Dao.

Anyone beneath the Monarch Realm who could pass the tests of willpower and temperament could become outer court disciples of the Dao Order, and they could pass the test of strength, then they could become inner court disciples.

If the test of the heart was passed as well, then that person could become the personal disciple of the Dao Orders Master.

As for the test of the Dao….

Besides the Masters of the Dao Order, no one knew what the rewards for passing the test of the Dao was.

Because since the Founding Ancestor of the Dao Order had created these tests, no one had even passed the test of the Dao.

Even the Protector of Order who was said to be a genius that was rare to come by in 10,000 years had been stopped by the test of Dao.

There was a pergola at the lowest step of the Cloud Ascension Stairs, and it was specially built by the Dao Order.

As for the reason, it was naturally prepared for those geniuses to use as a place for resting before they attempted to ascend the stairs.

Some failed the 1st time, so they would try a 2nd, or a 3rd.

There were even many who failed over 100 times, but there were those who succeeded as well.

So long as they succeeded, it meant that the Dao Order would obtain another disciple with potential.

In the Dao Orders opponent, it refused to let go of any disciples with potential.

Because such people who tried many times in order to succeeded would usually have even more potential than those who passed on the 1st try!

At this moment, there were countless cultivators in the pergola.

It wasnt just there, even the area around it was filled with countless people.

They were from all over the prefecture, and theyd naturally come here to watch the battle between Yang Ye and the geniuses of the Dao Order.

Yang Ye had said that he would come to challenge all the geniuses of the Dao Orders younger generation, any everyone throughout the prefecture was aware of it! So, anyone who was a cultivator would absolutely not allow themselves to miss such a grand event!

After all, how could a battle between formidable experts not be interesting

“Do you think Yang Ye will be able to defeat all the geniuses of the Dao Order If he can, then the Dao Order wouldnt be able to hold its head up high in the prefecture anymore.

After all, its like heading to someones front door and giving them a slap on the face!

“If he cant, then the Ancient Sword School will be losing an extraordinary genius in the Sword Dao.

Moreover, it would be the Ancient Sword School who suffers humiliation and disgrace instead.

Because Yang Ye lost in a challenge that he issues, and thats equivalent to inviting insult!”

“I think that since Yang Ye dared to boast like that, then hes definitely confident in his ability.

Moreover, based on his previous accomplishments in battle, he does have the ability to be arrogant!

“But as a Platinum Rank sect, the Dao Order is filled with experts.

It isnt just difficult for Yang Ye to give it such a slap to the face!”

“What would happen if he doesnt show” Suddenly, someone spoke these words, and the surroundings instantly fell silent.

A long time passed before someone spoke softly, “If he doesnt come, then the Ancient Sword School would be absolutely humiliated.”

The others nodded in response.

If Yang Ye came, then no one would say anything about the Ancient Sword School even if he lost.

Conversely, they would feel that the disciples of the Ancient Sword School were brave.

But if he didnt come, then it was obvious how humiliated the Ancient Sword School would be.

After all, the Ancient Sword School had always proclaimed that their members could die, but they absolutely had to maintain their honor!

But just like that, time slowly passed by and it was noon.

No disciple of the Ancient Sword School arrived, let alone Yang Ye.

However, all of them remained calm and composed.

After all, it was only noon, and there was still a huge amount of time left.

In the blink of an eye, afternoon had arrived, yet Yang Ye was still nowhere to be seen.

Not to mention Yang Ye, even a single disciple of the Ancient Sword School was nowhere to be found.

“Is Yang Ye afraid”

“Thats probably impossible.

I saw him that day.

He had white hair, a ferocious expression, and was extremely arrogant.

No matter how I look at him, he doesnt seem like someone who knows what fear is.

Since he still hasnt arrived, then he was probably delayed by something!”

“It might be the Ancient Sword School that refuses to let him come here today! He has comprehended the Sword Domain, so hell definitely become a peerless expert in the future.

If he comes here and falls here, then wouldnt the Ancient Sword School suffer a huge loss”

“Thats possible.

After all, so long as a genius in the Sword Dao like Yang Ye doesnt die, then hell definitely become an extraordinary expert in the future.

At that time, the Ancient Sword School would have both Lu Waner and Yang Ye, and it might even become a Diamond Rank sect!”

“But is the Ancient Sword School going to abandon its reputation just like that”

“What is reputation when compared to an extraordinary genius”

Martial Enlightenment City.

At this moment, the area outside Yang Yes room was filled with people, and all of them were disciples of the Ancient Sword School.

Moreover, ray after ray of light were shooting incessantly through the sky as more and more disciples of the Ancient Sword School descended to the ground, walls, and even roofs in the area around Yang Yes room.

All of their gazes had converged onto Yang Yes room.

Daoist Gu was standing outside the door to Yang Yes room.

At this moment, his eyes were slightly closed while a gloomy expression could be seen on his face.

“Daoist Gu, why hasnt Senior Brother Yang come out” One of the disciples was finally unable to restrain himself.

At this moment, Yang Ye could be said to be representing the entire Ancient Sword School.

If he didnt come out from his room and head to the Dao Order, then how would the disciples of the sword school walk proudly in the world It could be said that he was linked to the glory of the entire sword school!

Daoist Gu didnt speak.

But while those disciples were unhappy that Daoist Gu remained silent, they didnt dare force their way in or continue questioning him!

“If Yang Ye isnt going, then Ill go!” One of the disciples suddenly roared, and then he transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky and instantly vanished into the horizon.

“Im going as well!”

“Count me in!”

“Me too!”

“How could all of you do without me”


In next to no time, only a few of them remained here.


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