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How could the swords used by the disciples of the Ancient Sword School be ordinary

Practically every single one of them was at the Dao Rank!

If it was anyone else, then perhaps controlling thousands of swords would be difficult, but not to mention a few thousand, even over 10 thousand was nothing to Yang Ye!

The thousands of swords shot into the air before transforming into rays of light that circled around Yang Ye.

While they werent enhanced by sword intent, the strength they revealed wasnt weak at all.

A powerful aura of the sword rained down from the sky.

The disciples from the Ancient Sword School were in a comparatively better state as they could rely on their sword intent to resist it, but the spectating cultivators were in quite a bad state, and all of their bodies had started to shiver!

It could be said that the aura Yang Ye emanated wasnt inferior to the dragon pressure from before!

Wang Yinyang said, “Your sword controlling technique isnt bad, but if youre thinking of using these lousy swords to defeat me, then all I can say is that youre daydreaming!” When he spoke up to this point, he started walking through the air towards Yang Ye while he said, “I heard that you used Beasts of Desire to humiliate Man Ba.

Good, very good.

Dont worry, Ill allow you to experience the same in a moment!”

“One attack!” Yang Ye stretched out a finger and pointed it at Wang Yinyang, “If I cant kill you with one attack, then Ill flip the order of my name!”

“One attack Hahaha!” Wang Yinyang suddenly started roaring with laughter.

His voice was quite strange because it kept alternating between the voice of a man and a woman, and it was very sharp and piercing to the ear.

Countless people in the surroundings were rendered extremely uncomfortable by it.

He laughed for a while before he pointed at Yang Ye and said, “One attack Thats truly the most amusing joke in the past 10,000 years.” When he spoke up to this point, madness and ferocity arose in his eyes, “Besides Saint Realm experts, no one in the prefecture can kill me.

Even Saint Realm experts would be absolutely incapable of killing me with one attack, let alone an ant at the Exalt Realm like you Let me tell you, I….”

“Just shut the ** up! Its giving me goosebumps!” As soon as he finished speaking, a wave of sword howls resounded from the swords around him, and then countless rays of light shot forward.

They were extremely swift and instantly enveloped both Wang Yinyang and himself.

The rays of light overlapped each other in layers, and it completely enveloped them like a huge dumpling!

“Ant! Ill allow you to witness what a true genius is like!” Wang Yinyangs sharp voice resounded from within the rays of light.

However, a mysterious force suddenly appeared there, and the aura within the ball of light had been completely isolated.

No one could discern what was happening in there!

“The Sword Domain Ill destroy your Sword Domain today, and Ill allow… AH!...

Law….” Wang Yinyang who was speaking from within the ball of light suddenly let out a shrill cry of terror, and then his voice stopped abruptly.

Outside the ball of light, the gazes of everyone here were fixed upon it.

A long time passed before the light suddenly dispersed, and then the swords flew back to their owners.

At the same time, a figure crashed down from the sky.

It was Wang Yinyang!

Right when he was about to smash against the ground, a breeze swept by, and Wang Yinyangs corpse instantly transformed into ashes that was blown off with the wind.

It was silent!

The surroundings were deathly silent!

Wang Yinyang died just like that That Wang Yinyang who once killed a high rank Half-Saint has died just like that at the hands of an Exalt Realm cultivatorIt wasnt difficult to surmount ones realm of cultivation to kill an opponent at a higher realm of cultivation, and it was especially so for geniuses.

However, surmounting ones realm of cultivation to kill a genius who could do the same was quite terrifying.

Wang Yinyang was such an existence because hed been able to kill Half-Saints while at the Exalt Realm!

So, how terrifying would he be at the Half-Saint Realm However, he was killed by an Exalt Realm cultivator.

The members of the sword school were extremely shocked as well.

Because theyd never imagined that Yang Ye could actually kill Wang Yinyang.

While they didnt know how Yang Ye accomplished that, it was definitely a good thing for the sword school!

Countless disciples of the Ancient Sword School started cheering while sword howls shot into the heavens!

“Whats it like for the younger generation to surpass the old Whats it like for there to always be a greater genius This is exactly it!” Someone sighed.

“Do all of you think Yang Ye or Lu Waner is stronger”

“It should be Lu Waner.

She should have attained 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent by now, but Yang Ye isnt even at the 1st level….”

“I think its Lu Waner as well.

She possessed the Void Sword Physique, and its a physique born to train in the sword….

But Yang Ye isnt inferior as well.”

Yang Ye slowly descended onto the head of the dragon, and then he looked up at the mountain which floated in the sky and said, “Dao Order, who else”

“Who else!”

“Who else!”

Countless disciples of the sword school shouted in unison, and their voices surged through the world and reverberated incessantly!

A long time passed before a white robed old man suddenly appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Yes heart shook because it was a Saint Realm expert!

The old man asked in a low voice, “How did you kill him!”

Yang Ye was very strong, extremely strong.

But even if he activated the Sword Domain, it was impossible for Yang Ye to have killed Wang Yinyang.

When Yang Ye activated the Sword Domain earlier, hed thought that Yang Ye was fighting desperately, but now it would seem like that wasnt the case at all.

Yang Ye had actually activated the Sword Domain to conceal the situation within the ball of light.

In other words, Yang Ye might have some other trump cards.

Yang Ye replied, “He was too weak, so I just killed him like that….

Its not my fault, right”

The corners of the old mans eyes twitched slightly, and a long time passed before he said, “Good, very good.

The Ancient Sword School had Lu Waner, and now it has you.

Looks like its really going to rise up in the world.” When he spoke up to this point, he glanced at the huge dragon which laid flat in the hole and said, “Im very curious about one more thing, why are you able to use bloodline pressure against that divine dragon”

“Why dont you guess!” Yang Ye naturally wouldnt tell the old man that he possessed the blood of the Dragon Ancestor.

After all, those who kept a high profile would usually die quickly.

The old man spoke solemnly, “Whats your connection to the Dragon Race in the Central Divine Prefecture”

The Central Divine Prefecture Yang Yes brows knit together slightly.

So theres a dragon race in the Radiant Dimension as well!

He pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “Im a Scion of the dragons!” He sensed that there was slight fear coming from the old man when he spoke about the dragon race.

So, he didnt mind scaring the old man.

“The Scion of the dragons” The old mans brows knit together.

He clearly didnt understand what that meant.

Yang Ye nodded and started making things up, “A Scion of the dragons is a person amongst the human race who represents the dragon race.

In other words, Im their representative amongst the humans.

If anyone dares to touch me, then hmph!”

The old man suddenly said, “Do you think we fear the dragon race”

Yang Ye said, “I said nothing like that!”

“No matter who you are, this enmity wont end without the death of one side!” As soon as he finished speaking, the old man vanished on the spot.

After the old man vanished, a man appeared at the top of the Cloud Ascension Stairs.

He wore a grey colored embroidered robe while his hair was tied into a ponytail with a black ribbon.

Moreover, it was very long to the point it touched the ground.

There was a grey saber hanging on the left side of the mans waist while the sleeve on his left arm fluttered lightly with the wind.

There was nothing within the sleeve, he had lost an arm!

“Once you kill me, therell be no one in the Exalt Realm throughout the Dao Order whos a match for you!” The mans voice drifted down from above.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Wait a moment, Ill be there right after!”

He lowered his head to gaze at the huge dragon which laid flat on the ground and said, “Ive returned.

Now, you can make your decision.

Will you follow me, or will you stay prideful until the end”

The reason he hadnt killed the dragon and refined it into a Sword Servant was mainly because he wanted to make it into his Equipment Spirit! An Equipment Spirit couldnt be something dead!

The Herculean Sword lacked a sword spirit, and if he made this dragon into its equipment spirit, then its strength would definitely rise greatly!

Of course, if the dragon wasnt sensible, then he didnt mind killing it and transforming it into a Sword Spirit!

A long moment of silence ensued before the dragon suddenly said, “Are you really a representative of my dragon race” If an ordinary person had spoken those words, then he would have definitely swallowed that person.

What a joke! He had never heard of the dragon race getting a representative amongst the human race!

However, he was slightly convinced when Yang Ye spoke those words.

It was none other than because Yang Ye could exert bloodline pressure on him!

Yang Ye was delighted when he heard the dragon, and then he spoke seriously, “Of course.

Do you know why I can exert bloodline pressure on you Its because I possess the Blood Essence of a supreme expert from the dragon race.

That supreme expert said that if I found any dragons who broke the rules of the dragon race while I traveled through the world, then Im permitted to kill first and report later.”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Yes voice suddenly grew even heavier, “Youre a member of the dragon race, yet you willing became the equipment spirit of another.

Thats truly an insult to the honor of the dragon race.

So, I should kill you.

However, out of consideration for the difficulties you face to attain such a cultivation, I wont kill you and will even praise you before the Patriarch in the future!”

“Really” The dragon suddenly became excited.

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Im the Scion of the dragons at any rate.

Why would I deceive you”

The dragon pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “Alright, Im willing to follow you!”

“You wont regret this decision!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye waved his right hand and placed the dragon within the ancient sheath.

He hadnt checked how huge the space within the ancient sheath was.

In any case, he was sure that it wouldnt be a problem for it to even accommodate a few dozen dragons.

Meanwhile, Chen Dong walked over to Yang Ye and said, “Congratulations on obtaining a divine dragon!” When he spoke up to this point, he pointed at the stairs before them and said, “Are you interested in ascending those stairs”

Yang Ye asked, “Is there anything special about it”

Chen Dong spoke flatly, “Nothing much.

But if you can reach the end of it, then I think the Dao Order would definitely have an utterly unsightly expression on their faces!”

Yang Yes brows knit slightly together, “Is it very difficult”

Chen Dong replied, “It isnt that difficult.

Youll know once you try!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Then Ill give it a try!” He started walking towards it once he finished speaking.

As he watched Yang Ye walk towards the Cloud Ascension Stairs, Wu Yanzhong suddenly walked over to Chen Dong and said, “Is it really good to trick him like that”

Chen Dong shrugged, “I didnt trick him.

He went over willingly….”

Wu Yanzhong was speechless.

“Look! Yang Ye intends to ascend the Cloud Ascension Stairs!”

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