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As soon as she finished speaking, her figure was blasted flying and smashed through around 10 huge trees before finally crashing to the ground.

“You….” Bai Feng was shocked.

He was just about to say something when he saw something flash before his eyes, and then he felt sharp pain come from his stomach.

After that, he was blasted flying as well, and he crashed to the ground by Tang Xiaorous side.

The 2 of them had just stood up when Yang Ye appeared in front of them again, and then he grabbed both of them by the throat.

Both of them were astounded by the sudden turn of events, and they gazed at Yang Ye with horror.

After all, even an idiot would have realized that Yang Ye wasnt an ordinary expert!

Tang Xiaorou spoke with a terrified voice, “Who exactly are you!”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Im not interested in paying any attention to that crap between the 2 of you.



Suddenly, a huge black wolf jumped out from the forest, and it was extremely huge like a small hill.

A ferocious glow flashed through its eyes when it noticed Yang Yes group, and then it pounced at them!


Tang Xiaorou and Bai Feng hadnt even been able to see what happened before the enormous wolf smashed against the ground and twitched incessantly.

This time, their figures couldnt help but start shivering.

Because the wolf was at the Exalt Realm!

Yang Ye released the 2 of them, and they immediately slumped down to the ground.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Out of consideration for the fact that both of you might become my….

Right, become students of the Ocean of Clouds Academy, Ill let it go this time.

I presume both of you wont dare to do this again.”

While Man Li seemed like a pretty good guy, he didnt want to interfere in their private affairs.

Because he didnt know anything about it.

Since he didnt, he naturally had no right to judge them.

Moreover, even if he did understand the situation, he didnt want to interfere in something like that!

“Who are you!” asked Tang Xiaorou.

This time, her voice wasnt oppressive and aggressive, and it carried extreme fear instead.

“Do you really want to know” Yang Ye glanced indifferently at her.

Tang Xiaorou seemed to have thought of something when she heard this, and her delicate figure shivered as she quickly said, “I dont want to know.

I dont want to know….”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned before he felt quite amused.

Looks like shes afraid that I would kill her to keep her quiet!

Yang Ye was about to say something when he suddenly turned around and looked towards the distance, “Show yourself!”

As soon as he spoke, a man who wore a luxurious robe and was biting on a weed appeared within their fields of vision.

The man sized up Yang Ye and the others before his gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and a slightly evil smile appeared on the corners of his mouth, “What powerful senses.

You immediately noticed me when I arrived.

There really are all sorts of experts hidden amongst the people participating in the test!”

Yang Ye sized up the man and nodded slightly.

The man was at the mid rank of the Exalt Realm before the age of 20, and his aura was quite thick and heavy.

Obviously, hed attained his cultivation through his own ability and hard work, and he hadnt relied on medicinal pills or other treasures to improve it by force.

Suddenly, the sound of air being torn apart resounded, and then a man who held a spear arrived here.

The black robed mans gaze stopped on the man in a luxurious robe, and then he looked straight at Yang Ye and the others, “Dont waste my time.

Just hand over all the inner cores you have, and you can avoid suffering while I can avoid wasting my time!”

Tang Xiaorou and Bai Fengs expressions changed slightly, and they instinctively moved towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye asked, “You can seize them from each other”

“Of course!” The man in a luxurious robe suddenly smiled, “Not only must we fight demon beasts on Welkin Wolf Mountain Range, we have to fight the other participants as well.

Of course, while we can seize their inner cores, were not allowed to kill.

However, it doesn\'t matter if we heavily injure others.


Yang Ye thought for a moment and nodded.

He wasnt against it, nor did he feel disgusted by it.

Because it wouldnt just increase the tests difficulty, it would make them compete against each other.

Yang Ye moved aside when he thought up to this point, and he said, “Go ahead!” He naturally refused to interfere, or wouldnt this test be completely meaningless

Tang Xiaorou and Bai Feng were slightly stunned, and then their expressions became extremely unsightly.

Even though the black robed man was only at the mid rank of the Exalt Realm, his strength definitely far surpassed their own.

So, if Yang Ye refused to help, then they would definitely lose.

Both of them shot pleading gazes at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Hes all alone while there are 2 of you.

If both of you work together and fight him with all your might, then perhaps youll be able to turn the tables.

Surrender or fight, make the choice yourselves!”

The black robed man suddenly pointed at Yang Ye and said, “I want yours as well!”

Yang Ye suddenly stomped his right foot against the ground.


The entire ground shook violently while countless cracks instantly swept through the ground.

Moreover, the huge trees in the surroundings were immediately blasted apart and were transformed into bits that sprayed through the air.

Yang Ye gazed at the black robed man and said, “Are you sure”

The black robed man gazed at Yang Ye for a while, and then he withdrew his hand and said, “I take back what I said!”

After that, he gazed at Tang Xiaorou and Bai Feng, “Are you going to hand it over or should I take it”

“Dont you dare!” Suddenly, a furious howl resounded, and then Man Li and Chu Yue arrived here.

Man Li walked over to Tang Xiaorou and protected her behind himself before he glared angrily at the black robed man, “Brother, the test is difficult for us all.

Why dont you just spare us”

“If you have the ability, you can feel free to take mine instead!” As soon as he finished speaking, the black robed mans spear shot forward.

Man Lis expression turned grim.

A huge hammer appeared in his grasp with a flip of his palm, and he smashed it towards the speak!


A muffled bang resounded.

Man Lis figure was pushed backwards by almost 300m before he finally stopped himself.

Moreover, an extremely obvious and scarlet red crack had appeared at the center of his palm while blood covered his entire hand!

But it didnt take long for Man Lis figure to flash over and stand in front of Tang Xiaorou again.

He used his left hand to hold the hammer this time while he spoke solemnly, “Xiaorou, leave with your cousin brother and Chu Yue!”

Bai Feng hurriedly nodded when he heard this, “Dont worry, Brother Man.

Ill definitely take good care of them!” As he spoke, he turned around with the intention of leaving.

However, hed already taken 2 steps when he realized that both Tang Xiaorou and Chu Yue hadnt moved at all.

“Lets go!” He shouted at them.

“Why are you so silly” Tang Xiaorou suddenly roared furiously at Man Li, “I dont live you at all! Do you realize that!”

“I do!” Man Li continued, “You like your cousin brother!”

“Then why are you still treating me like this.

Do you know that weve already been with each other” Tang Xiaorou howled, “I even have his child!”

Man Li had a trace of pain on his face when he heard this, and he nodded, “I know.

I know everything!”

“You….” Bai Feng gazed at Man Li with astonishment.

Obviously, he hadnt expected that Man Li knew about his relationship with Tang Xiaorou.

Tang Xiaorou was stunned as well because she hadnt expected him to know!

Man Li took a deep breath and said, “Xiaorou, I actually know everything.

While I really like you, I know that you dont like me at all.

You like your cousin brother.

The reason you agreed to our marriage was because you were pressured to do so by your clan.

All Im aware of it all.

But what can I do about that when I have feelings for you”

When he spoke up to this point, Man Li took another deep breath and turned around to face her, “I asked to be allowed to leave my clan when I left for the academy.

In other words, Im not a member of the Man Clan anymore.

Since Im not, then the marriage between us has naturally been annulled.

So, youre free now.”

“Im free….” Tang Xiaorou muttered while seeming to be in a daze, and Bai Feng quickly supported her.

Man Li grinned and said, “Youre free now!”

After that, he gazed at Chu Yue, and there was a gentle gaze filled with guilt in his eyes, “AYue, Im sorry.

I only had Xiaorou within my eyes for the last few years, and I overlooked you.

Give me a chance to make it up to you, alright”

Two streams of tears instantly rolled down Chu Yues face when she heard him.

Bai Feng wrapped his arms tightly around Xiaorou as he spoke with excitement, “Xiaorou, we can finally be together in the open!”

However, he hadnt noticed that Tang Xiaorous gaze was still on Man Li and Chu Yue who were in each others arms.

A long time passed before she withdrew her gaze and wrapped her arms tightly around Bai Feng.

He was her final pillar of support.

“Both of youll be together Hehe, that may not necessarily be the case!” Suddenly, a voice resounded before a man in an embroidered robe appeared within their fields of vision.

The man was handsome, with skin that was fair as jade, red lips, and pearl white teeth.

The other men here were utterly incapable of being compared to him.

He was definitely a man that even women might find themselves inferior to!

“Leng Yuran!” Bai Feng exclaimed when he saw the man.

Leng Yuran was from the same area as they were.

However, he was from a Gold Rank power while they were from a Silver Rank power, so they couldnt be compared at all!

Yang Ye glanced at the man.

In the end, he glanced at the mans chest before he withdrew his gaze.

Leng Yurans gaze descended onto Tang Xiaorou as he said, “Youre Tang Xiaorou, right You might be unaware of it but… hehehe….

Your father has betrothed you to me.

Of course, Im not interested in used goods.

However, your Tang Clan is truly audacious to actually try to unite our clans in marriage with a woman whod entangled with another man and even has his child!”

Tang Xiaorou and Bai Fengs faces instantly turned ghastly pale when they heard this.

Leng Yuran laughed coldly, “In the future, the Tang Clan and Bai Clan will cease to exist! Especially your Bai Clan, itll absolutely have to vanish.

Otherwise, others might think that you, Bai Feng, made me, Leng Yuran, wear a green hat!”

Bai Fengs figure shivered, and he immediately knelt down before Leng Yuran, “Brother Leng, please show mercy.

I beg you, Brother Leng.

Please show mercy!”

“Show mercy” Leng Yuran continued, “I can!”

He pointed at Tang Xiaorou and said, “As a woman, you failed to maintain your purity, engaged in an illicit relationship, and even got pregnant.

You truly deserve death! I dont want to kill you as I dont want to dirty my hands.

Bai Feng, dont say that I didnt give you a chance.

Kill her and Ill let the matter go!”

Bai Fengs expression turned extremely unsightly, and he said, “Brother Leng, can….”

“Dont even try to bargain with me!” Leng Yuran spoke coldly, “If you dont do it, then just wait to witness the annihilation of your Bai Clan!”

Bai Fengs figure trembled.

A long time passed before he gazed at Tang Xiaorou.

Tang Xiaorou was looking at him as well, and her eyes were filled with tender affection and despair, “Bai Feng, while we cant live together, lets die together!”

Bai Feng was visibly struggling for a long time, and then a ferocious expression flashed through his eyes.

After that, a dagger appeared in his grasp before he swung it at Tang Xiaorous neck while speaking in a savage tone, “Bitch! Just die on your own!”


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