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“What do you think” Yang Ye rolled his eyes with a helpless expression on his face.

After all, it was an army of a few million that had thousands of Half-Saints and over a hundred high rank Half-Saints.

Not to mention him, even a hundred of him wouldnt be able to resist such an army!

Hao Shuaibo and the others confidence had risen to an unprecedented level under his lead earlier, and when confidence arrived at a certain level, one would become completely fearless.

So, not to mention an army of a few million demon beasts, they would probably even dare to charge at a Saint.

Because their overconfidence had caused their minds to be quite cloudy.

But it didnt take long for Hao Shuaibo and the others to slow down because countless demon beasts had suddenly turned to look at them.

Their minds immediately cleared up under the gaze of over a million demon beasts, and their footsteps gradually slowed down.

In the end, they stopped completely on the spot.

After that, they slowly walked back towards Yang Ye, or it should actually be said that they walked back to the area behind Yang Ye….

There was no fear on their faces, only embarrassment.

Yang Ye shot his gaze towards the city.

Ocean of Clouds City was very huge, and it was the largest city hed laid eyes upon until now.

Even the army of millions of demon beasts seemed quite tiny before the city.

On the walls of the city were numerous green ropes of light which seemed like bolts of lightning.

They emanated a terrifying aura that wasnt inferior to lightning, and some Exalt Realm demon beasts were instantly scorched before they could even get close to the ropes of light.

Besides that, the walls were covered in all sorts of cannons that were thick like pillars, and there were fiery red balls of energy within them.

Every single ball of energy that was shot out from those cannons would transform at least 100 demon beasts into ashes!

Yang Yes gaze moved up towards the sky above the city.

There were around 100 cultivators in cloud white robes standing there.

There were both men and women amongst them, and all of them were young and around the age of 20.

However, their cultivations werent low as all of them were at the Monarch Realm!

Yang Ye noticed that they were holding scrolls of various colors while they chanted continuously.

As they chanted, numerous attacks of varying elements shot out incessantly from the scrolls and descended into the army of wolves.

These attacks of varying elements included lightning, fireballs, blades of wind, water dragons, and some other attacks that Yang Ye had never seen in his lifetime.

These attacks were inferior to the ropes of light and cannons on the city walls, but they werent weak.

Besides some Half-Saints who could resist them, the other comparatively weaker demon beasts practically died on contact with those attacks.

Especially the demon beasts below the Monarch Realm!

“They are students of the inner court!” Leng Yuran suddenly walked over to Yang Yes side.

Yang Ye nodded, “Not bad!”

“Lets think about what we should do now!” Yu Wushuang spoke abruptly because the demon beasts in the surroundings seemed eager to attack, and they seemed like they would pounce towards their group at any moment.

Everyone looked at Yang Ye because he was the backbone of the group!

Yang Ye flashed up into the sky and spoke in the direction of the city, “Ive brought them here.

Come out and get them!”

A moment of silence ensued before a voice resounded in Yang Yes mind, “Bring them to the city gates!”

“What” Yang Ye thought hed heard wrongly and asked for clarification.

The voice spoke again, “Bring them to the city gates!”

“Are you playing tricks with me!” Yang Yes face became unsightly.

What a joke! The city gates In other words, he had to lead them through millions of demon beasts Moreover there were thousands of Half-Saints and over a hundred high rank Half-Saints in the army!

He could give it a try if the group behind him was filled with high rank Half-Saints.

Unfortunately, they were only at the Exalt Realm.

This time, the voice only spoke a short sentence, “Void Rank sword intent!”

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched.

He glanced at the dense army of demon beasts while he was visibly struggling to decide.

In the end, he said, “A million extreme-grade energy stones, 10 Saint Rank techniques, and Void Rank sword intent!”

The voice carried a trace of anger, “Why dont you just go rob someone instead!”

“Yes or no!” Yang Ye continued, “If you refuse, then Ill take them back to the Ancient Sword School right now.

I presume the sword school would definitely be very happy to keep them.

Moreover, from today onward, word of how cold your academy is will spread throughout the prefecture.

After all, you refused to save your own people.

Tsk, tsk.

Just think about it, how many students would feel disappointed in the academy”

A long moment of silence ensued, and then the voice spoke again, “A million extreme-grade energy stones and 10 high-grade Dao Rank techniques!”

“I want Saint Rank techniques!” Yang Ye spoke flatly.

The voice replied angrily, “Do you think its like cabbage that can be gotten anywhere!”

“Old man, this entire journey has been extremely arduous!” Yang Ye sent a voice transmission along the path which the voice came from, “Do you know how much strength and effort I exhausted to bring them here Do you know You know nothing! We encountered numerous demon beasts.

Do you even know how many we encountered You dont, you definitely dont.


“Shut up!” The voice spoke abruptly, “A million extreme-grade energy stones and 1 Saint Rank technique!”

Yang Ye was about to speak when the voice continued, “My academy has quite a few Saint Rank techniques.

If you really want them, then rely on your own ability to get them.”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant before he said, “Is the Void Rank sword intent you promised true”

The voice replied, “I guarantee it with the academys name!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Deal!”

The voice spoke once more, “The Saints of the academy and I are locked in combat with their Saints, so their Saints wont be able to act against you.

However, you have to deal with the others below the Saint Realm!”

Yang Ye glanced at the dense army of demon beasts, took a deep breath, and then turned around to gaze at the group behind him.

He pointed at the army of demon beasts and spoke loudly, “Tell me, are all of you afraid”

They glanced at the army and remained silent!

It would be a lie if they said that they werent afraid, but if they admitted it, then wouldnt they be bringing shame to themselves So, how could they possibly admit it

Yang Ye continued, “I know that youre definitely scared, because Im scared as well.

How about I ask a different question Do all of you want to die”

They hurriedly shook their heads in response.

Hao Shuaibo said, “Boss, just tell us what to do.

Well obey your commands!”

The others nodded.

Yang Ye gazed at the area before the city gates and said, “See that The academy will open the gates if we get there, and theyll send out experts to get us.

However, well have to endure the frenzied attacks of countless demon beasts until they can come out and get us.

There will be numerous Half-Saints and even high rank Half-Saints amongst the demon beasts that will be attacking us!”

“Why… why dont… we just flee” A slightly cowardly voice resounded from the group.

Yang Ye walked over and saw that it was Xia Bingwei.

Her delicate figure trembled slightly when she noticed his gaze.

However, she wasnt as fearful as she was before this.

Because after being in the same group with Yang Ye for so long, she noticed that he wasnt really that scary.

Yang Ye said, “Flee Where would we flee to Or perhaps all of you still have the strength to flee”

They remained silent.

Actually, they were on the verge of hitting their limits after all the fighting and killing to get here.

Now, they were relying on their intent to fight and burning emotions to hold on by force.


Suddenly, a wolf howl resounded from afar, and then countless wolves charged towards them.

It was at least a few hundreds of thousands of wolves!

Even the ground was quaking!

Yang Ye said, “See that Theyll transform into mush if theyre allowed to just charge over to us!”

“Can you tell us who you are” Suddenly, Leng Yuran spoke, “Amongst the 5 great geniuses of the prefecture, Lou Qianxiao and the Void Lord are in the north, so its impossible for you to be them.

Ive seen Qing Daofu in the past, so youre not him as well.

Your attainments in the Sword Dao are formidable.

Unfortunately, youre a man, so you arent Lu Waner as well.

Im really curious about who you are”

All their gazes descended onto Yang Ye when they heard this.

Yang Ye didnt just possess formidable strength, he was extremely mysterious.

At the very least, he was extremely mysterious to them.

So, they wanted to know who he was at this moment of life and death! Of course, that didnt include Li Maozhen, Li Qingyi, and Yu Wushuang.

A slight smile arose on the corners of Yang Yes mouth when he heard Leng Yuran, and he said, “All of youll know soon enough!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Yes gaze descended onto the violet mink on his shoulder.

He carried the violet mink off his shoulder, and then lightly patted her face as he said, “I need you help this time!”

The reason hed dazed to agree to the old man, the Deans, request was naturally because of the violet mink.

Otherwise, even if hed attained the high rank of the Half-Saint Realm right now, he would still be incapable of killing his way through an army of so many experts.

Perhaps he could give it a try if he was alone, but it was absolutely impossible while taking so many along with him!

The violet mink seemed to still be groggy.

She rubbed her little head against Yang Yes chin and seemed like she was unwilling to open her eyes.

Such a scene caused the women here to feel quite a bit of pity and fondness for the violet mink!

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and rubbed her head, “Stop sleeping.

Were going to be squashed if you dont wake up!”

The violet mink opened her eyes slowly upon hearing him.

She rubbed her eyes with her claws, and then glanced resentfully at Yang Ye.

Moreover, she seemed to still be unsatisfied and ceaselessly scratched Yang Yes face with her claws.

Meanwhile, the terrifying aura from the army of wolves had caused some of the others to be almost incapable of standing up.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and pointed at the city, “Can you take is in there”

The violet mink glanced at the city, and then she immediately shook her head.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he pointed at the city gates, “Take us there!”

The violet mink nodded and waved her claws.

A ray of violet light instantly enveloped them, and then they felt the scene before their eyes warped.

When their vision cleared up, they were standing before the city gates.

This scene exceeded the expectations of everyone here!

It hadnt just exceeded the expectations of the students of the academy, even those demon beasts were completely dazed!

But it didnt take long for a howl to resound from amidst the demon beasts, and then countless wolves charged towards Yang Yes group!

Yang Ye flashed up into the sky above the city and shouted, “Open the gates!”

A moment of silence ensued, and then a ray of dazzling blue light suddenly erupted from the city gates.

However, right when the city gates were about to open, an icy cold voice suddenly resounded from the city walls, “No one is allowed to open the city gates without my orders!”

As soon as that voice finished resounding through the air, the city gates returned to its original state in just a few moments.

Meanwhile, a Half-Saint Realm wolf had arrived in the sky above Leng Yuran, and its claw slapped down towards Leng Yuran and the others around her!

Moreover, there were countless other wolves behind that wolf!


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