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It didnt take long for a few dozen heads to drop to the ground.

The other soldiers had fled a long time ago, and theyd even disregarded Helian Feng.

It was bloody and ruthless!

When Shang Qingying and the others gazed at Yang Ye, their gazes were filled with fear.

Because it wouldnt be so terrifying if Yang Ye was only ruthless, the most important part was that his strength was extremely terrifying as well.

When it came to a person like Yang Ye, one should either become friends with him or kill him with one blow.

He couldnt be allowed to have any opportunity to turn the situation around.

Otherwise, once he did, he would kill you with one blow! Regardless of whether it was the city governor, Helian Feng, or the secret court, they clearly didnt have the ability to kill him in one blow, but theyd chosen to become enemies with Yang Ye.

As for what would happen, the consequences Helian Feng faced was the best example.

Yang Yes sword was pressed against the center of Helian Fengs forehead as he said, “All of you must remember that you can be benevolent.

However, you must remember that it depends on the person you intend to be benevolent to.

If youre benevolent to your enemy, then you might not get their gratefulness in return, you might suffer their frenzied revenge instead.

So, when your strength allows it, its best to kill all your enemies and put an end to all future troubles!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye released his grip and the Herculean Sword descended.


Helian Fengs head exploded into pieces and blood sprayed towards the surroundings!

Yang Ye put the sword away and said, “Ive seen the geniuses of the Ancient Sword School, and Ive seen the geniuses of the Dao Order.

Today, let me see the geniuses of the Ocean of Clouds Academy.”

Meanwhile, Shang Qingying appeared in front of Yang Ye.

“Ye Yang, I know that I cant stop you.

However….” She pointed at Yu Wushuang and the others who stood behind Yang Ye and said, “Have you thought about them I know that if you intend to carry out a slaughter, then the secret court wouldnt be able to stop you.

But what about them If you lead them into battle to slaughter the secret court, then even if the academy lets you live, would it let them live”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes and said, “If Feng Wuchao, Xia Bingwei, and the others died, what do you think the academy would have done to the secret court Would it make them pay with their lives” Yang Ye shook his head when he spoke up to this point and said, “It wouldnt, it absolutely wouldnt.


Shang Qingying fell silent because she knew that he was right.

Perhaps the secret courts students would be punished, but they would absolutely not have to pay with their lives.

How could a dead genius compare to one that was living

Yang Ye walked over to Shang Qingying and said, “Similarly, if I slaughter the entire secret court, then the academy might punish me, but it will absolutely not kill me.”

When he finished speaking, Yang Ye paid no further attention to her and led the outer court students towards where the secret courts students resided.

Yang Ye was ruthless indeed, and he was a madman.

However, he was no fool.

He could kill the students of the secret court, but he had to make the Saints of the academy realize that he alone could rival the entire secret court.

Or perhaps, he had to make them realize that he was of even greater value to them than the students of the secret court!

So long as he accomplished that, then the academy would never kill him, and it would just punish him at most!

Similarly, if he was killed by the secret court, then the academy wouldnt slaughter the members of the secret court and would just punish them at most!

This was life.

Everything depended on gains and benefits!

Meanwhile, Shang Qingying suddenly shouted at Yang Ye from behind, “But what if the academy insists on pursuing the matter”

“The world is vast, therell always be a place for me!” Yang Yes voice resounded from afar.

Shang Qingyings delicate figure trembled.

She understood that Yang Ye was ready for the worst.

If the academy insisted on pursuing the matter or wanted his life, then he would leave the academy.

Perhaps any other student wouldnt be able to leave the academy if they wanted to.

After all, where could a Monarch Realm cultivator go when facing Saints

But Yang Ye was different!

Yang Ye was from the Ancient Sword School.

So the academy could punish him, but it absolutely couldnt kill him.

After all, the Ancient Sword School would absolutely not stand by idly and allow the academy to kill Yang Ye.

At that time, the academy wouldnt just lose an extraordinary genius, it would even offend an extraordinary power.

Under such circumstances, it was absolutely not wise to offend the Ancient Sword School!

As she gazed at Yang Yes figure, Shang Qingying suddenly laughed bitterly and said, “So he has thought about everything….

The secret court….”

The secret court guarded the northern gates.

While there were only around 30 of them, they were still able to defend the northern gates from the frenzied attacks of countless demon beasts.

So, how terrifying was their strength

The secret court didnt dare to disregard Yang Ye because they were conceited, they dared to disregard him because they were confident!

It should be said that they were confident in their ability to fight anyone besides a Saint.

Even if it was the 5 top geniuses of the prefecture, they were still confident in their ability to fight such existences!

On the northern city walls.

Compared to the main gates, there were really so few people on the northern city walls.

There were just around 30 people spread throughout the boundless city walls in the north.

As for the ground below the city walls, it was covered in a dense expanse of demon beast corpses.

There were at least a few hundred thousand of them!

“Zuo Xiu, theyre here!” Suddenly, a voice resounded on the city walls.

Zuo Xiu who was seated cross-legged on the wall suddenly opened his eyes, and a cold glow flashed through them.


How brave, he actually dared to come!” A man who wore a black cloak chuckled and said, “Needless to say, that instructor of the outer court has some balls.

However, since he has dared to come, then we cant hold back.

Brothers, how do all of you think we should kill him”

“Chu Shiyuan dont be careless.

He isnt ordinary!” Zuo Xiu stood up and looked towards the distance, “The Dean thought highly of him and recruited him as the outer courts instructor.

That proves that theres definitely something special about him.

Moreover, it was supposedly entirely because of him that the main gates could be defended while only suffering so little losses.

We can be confident, but we cant underestimate our opponent!”

The man called Chu Shiyuan chuckled lightly, “Zuo Xiu, youre getting worse with age.

Not to mention that hes only at the Monarch Realm, even if it was Lu Waner or Qing Daofu, why would we have to fear them That fellow, Ye Yang, is only at the Monarch Realm.

Do we even have to take him seriously No, I should ask if hes even worthy of us taking him seriously!”

“Brother Chu is right!” Another man who was playing with a dagger spoke, “If our secret court was defeated by a Monarch Realm cultivator, then all of us can just knock our heads against a wall and die.”

Zuo Xiu glanced at them and said, “Lei Cangxing, Chu Shiyuan.

I know that both of you are very confident.

However, that fellow is absolutely not as ordinary as you think.

His background is mysterious, and his strength is even more mysterious.

You know… he slaughtered a few hundred thousand demon beasts on his own, and he even killed a high rank Half-Saint by himself.

Most importantly, he possesses the Laws of Speed and 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent!”

The smiles of contempt on their faces slowly vanished quite a bit when they heard Zuo Xiu.

Regardless of whether it was 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent or the Laws of Speed, they werent abilities that they could disregard or look down upon.

Especially the Laws of Speed.

Even they had to be careful against that!

One of the inner court students asked abruptly, “Did he really slaughter a few hundred thousand demon beasts on his own”

“Do you think thats possible” Chu Shiyuan laughed with ridicule, “Even Gu Qianfan cant accomplish that.

How could a Monarch Realm cultivator like him possibly do that”

The man called Lei Cangxing spoke as well, “He definitely killed demon beasts, but its absolutely not a few hundred thousand of them.

It was probably just a few tens of thousands.

The reason its said that he killed a few hundred thousand was probably because of false rumors.” When he spoke up to this point, he suddenly gazed at Ye Caiying and asked, “Little Ying, you fought him and should be aware of his strength.

Tell us about it.”

Ye Caiyings eyelids twitched when he heard this, and then he pondered deeply for an instant before he laughed coldly, “My strength is inferior to him indeed.

However, the reason I lost to him wasnt entirely because my strength was inferior to him.

The most important reason was that I underestimated him and coupled with the fact that he launched a surprise attack, that was why I lose to him.”

When he spoke up to this point, he glanced at the others and said, “Many of us are definitely no match for him in a one on one battle.

After all, he has comprehended the Laws of Speed.

However, do all of you believe that he can defeat all of us on his own”

One of them spoke abruptly, “I think that its better to discuss how well kill him!”

“I think that our secret court has been keeping quite a low profile lately, and thats why some people think we can be bullied.

This time, well make an example of that outer court instructor and those little bastards from the outer court, so that no one else in the academy would dare to touch a member of our secret court again!”

“We should make a show of strength this time!” Chu Shiyuan gazed at Zuo Xiu, and when he saw that a trace of seriousness still remained on Zuo Xius face, he chuckled and said, “Zuo Xiu, being careful isnt wrong.

However, being too careful is pointless.”

Zuo Xiu shook his head lightly and said, “Its better to be safe than sorry.

Set up the Delay Formation.

No, set up a Gravity Formation as well!”

“As you wish!” Chu Shiyuan shrugged and said, “What do all of you think we should do to that fellow, Ye Yang, and those little bastards from the outer court”

“He seemed to like nailing people on the city walls.

So, why dont we allow him and those fellows from the other court to experience it as well!” Lei Cangxing spoke indifferently.

Chu Shiyuan smiled, “Thats great!”

“I think its great as well!” Suddenly, a voice resounded by their ears, “Dont worry, Ill allow all of you to experience it.”

Zuo Xius eyes narrowed slightly while the profound energy within him instantly started surging madly, “Students of the secret court, prepare to kill!”


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