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The formation was formidable indeed, and it was completely without a trace.

Even Yang Ye wasnt able to notice any trace of it with his strength.

However, no matter how great it was, it would still reveal its true form within his Sword Domain!

As soon as he activated the Sword Domain, Yang Ye had immediately discovered the formations traces.

Since it was visible to him, he was able to instantly locate a flaw in it with the perception of his Enlightened Sword Heart.

If it was anyone else, then that person might not be able to break apart the formation even if that person could discover its traces.

After all, it was an extremely advanced formation.

Unfortunately, it was Yang Ye who stood within the formation!

Sword cultivators destroyed all technique with a single swing of the sword!

That wasnt just said for fun!

At the moment the formation broke, Yang Yes figure vanished on the spot.


A pillar of blood shot into the air while accompanied by a head.

It was Lei Cangxings head, and his eyes still carried disbelief and bewilderment as his head flew through the air.

He was bewildered by Yang Yes ability to break apart the formation, and he felt disbelief because he hadnt even been able to resist a single attack from Yang Ye.

The members of the secret court werent trash, of course.

So as soon as Lei Cangxing was annihilated in an instant, all of them had recovered from their shock.

“Attack together! Kill!” Zuo Xius voice resounded.

All of them immediately created barriers of profound energy around themselves, and then they charged madly in Yang Yes direction.

While theyd attacked in a hurry, it wasnt disorderly at all.

Conversely, they cooperated very well with each other.

Some attacked from above, some came from both sides, some charged from the front….

However, they noticed to their horror that Yang Yes figure had vanished at the exact same instant that theyd attacked.


Meanwhile, a head suddenly flew into the air, and blood shot up as well.

That head hadnt even fallen to the ground when the head of another student flew into the air.

How terrifying was the Laws of Speed

If Yang Ye hadnt relied on the strength of his body that day, then even he would have been instantly killed by Nan Ke.

Besides his strength, it was also a little bit of luck which allowed him to defeat Nan Ke.

If he hadnt grasped the Sword Domain, and if his body hadnt recovered quite a bit, then he would have died that die!

As for these students of the secret court, they werent that lucky.

In less than 5 breaths of time, only around 20 students of the secret court remained, and there were 10 bloody heads lying on the ground!

Yang Ye didnt just possess the Laws of Speed, he possessed 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent.

So, none could compete with his speed, and even if they could react instinctively and resist him, they would be completely suppressed by his sword intent.

Simply speaking, no one here was a match for Yang Ye!

The students of the secret court were much stronger when compared to many, but when compared to Yang Ye….

In Yang Yes opinion, they were still just children who hadnt experienced the cruelty of the world.

“Retreat!” Zuo Xius voice suddenly resounded.

However, he instantly saw a black shadow flash before him at the exact same instant that he finished speaking.

Zuo Xiu was horrified and was about to retreat, but he suddenly felt coldness come from his throat.

He focused his gaze and saw that a huge sword had suddenly arrived before his throat, and Yang Ye was holding its hilt!

The others who were about to flee immediately stopped moving, and they stared fixedly at Yang Ye! This time, their eyes were filled with fear and terror!

Now, they finally understood how terrifying the outer courts instructor was!

Now, they finally understood how foolish and childish theyd been!

Now, they knew that the secret court was finished….

Zuo Xiu took a deep breath, and then he looked Yang Ye in the eyes and said, “Weve lost.

Go ahead and kill us!”

“Kill you” Yang Ye chuckled, “Do you think I dont dare to Actually, I never considered all of you to be my opponents.

Do you know why Because all of you arent worthy of being opponents of mine!”

Meanwhile, one of the students spoke furiously, “Ye Yang! If you want to kill us, then do it! Why insult us!”


A ray of light flashed, and then that students head flew into the air.

The expressions of the other students turned pale, and they couldnt help but take a step back.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “See Killing all of you is as easy as killing ants.

Do all of you think that youre worthy of being opponents of mine Youre not! To be honest, I was thinking about something on the way here, and it was whether I should kill all of you or teach all of you a lesson.”

Yang Ye grinned when he spoke up to this point, “You know… Id given up my intention to kill all of you when I arrived here.

It wasnt because of all of you, and it wasnt because I suddenly felt like showing mercy.

It was because of those outer court students whore with me.

I dont want them to make enemies of the entire academy like I have.

After all, I dont care because therell always be a place for me if the academy refuses to let me stay.

However, they arent the same.

The academy will be their foundation, and itll be their future homes.

So, Id decided to just teach all of you a lesson! But….”

When he spoke up to this point, the smile on Yang Yes face suddenly became fierce, “But I never expected that all of you would actually set your sights of them.

Moreover, you even intended to act against Wushuang and the others.

To be honest, I truly wished for nothing more than to slap myself when I heard that all of you intended to humiliate Wushuang and the others.

Do you know why Because I almost did something stupid again.

When it comes to enemies, or even if someone isnt a true enemy, so long as that person shows signs of becoming an enemy, then they must be pulled… up… by… the… roots!”


As soon as he finished speaking, Zuo Xius head shot up into the air while accompanied by a pillar of blood.

“All of you can dream of living past today!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure vanished on the spot.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

At the instant Yang Ye vanished on the spot, a blood scene arose here.

Head after head shot into the sky while pillar after pillar of blood sprayed out behind them.

Yu Wushuang and the others were both happy and nervous when they witnessed this.

They were naturally happy because Yang Ye had avenged them, and they were nervous because this incident was serious.

No matter how highly the dean thought of Yang Ye, he still wouldnt let Yang Ye off easily.

It wasnt just the dean, the higher-ups of the academy would be the same.

Yu Wushuang took a deep breath, and then she turned around to gaze at the others, “Are all of you thinking what Im thinking”

They nodded in reply.

Yu Wushuang nodded and said, “If the academy has no place for him, then well leave with him.

But itll cause all of us to lose a great deal, like status, reputation, and even our lives.

Because the academy might not let us just leave!”

“Young Miss Wushuang, theres no need to speak anymore!” Meanwhile, Li Maozhen suddenly said, “Since were still standing here, it proves that weve made our decision.

If he lives, then we live; if he dies, then we die!”

“If he lives, then we live! If he dies, then we die!” The voices of countless outer court students resounded.

“Instructor Shang….

The secret court… is truly finished!” Not too far away, an inner court student gazed at the heads which covered the ground and muttered softly.

His body was shivering, and he wasnt the only one.

Even the other inner court students were shivering as well.

They hadnt noticed that Shang Qingyings hands were trembling slightly as well.

Even though she knew that Yang Ye would dare to slaughter the secret court, knowing was one thing, and seeing was a completely different thing.

If… hes able to truly identify himself as part of the academy, then it might not be a bad thing to the academy! Shang Qingying thought inwardly.

Even though Yang Ye was cruel and ruthless, he was very good to his own, and it was obvious from his attitude towards the outer court students.

If Yang Ye truly became a part of the academy and identified as part of it, then based on his natural talent and potential, he would definitely surpass Shangguan Yunhai in the future.

It was even to the extent that he could lead the academy out of Pine Prefecture!

With how ruthless and ferocious he was, and coupled with his natural talent and potential, it really wasnt impossible!

However, the precondition was that Yang Ye had to have a sense of belonging to the academy, and that he could survive this incident!

Even though Yang Ye was from the Ancient Sword School and was protected by Saints, she was very well aware that if the Saints of the academy and especially the dean wanted to kill him while he resided in the academy, then the Ancient Sword School couldnt stop them at all!

Unless the founding ancestor of the Ancient Sword School came herself.

Not her consciousness, her body itself!

All the members of the secret court were dead, and all their heads had been chopped off without exception.

Blood covered the ground.

Moreover, Yang Ye brought all of their corpses and heads out of the city, and then he flicked his fingers repeatedly and nailed all of them to the city walls.

As he gazed at the corpses and heads that were nailed there on the walls, Yang Ye let out a light breath of air and said, “From now onwards, the secret court is no more!”

“Good! Good! Very good! Very good indeed! Ye Yang, you… youre even more ruthless than I imagined.

Youre truly ruthless….” Suddenly, a voice resounded from the sky, “I need a reason to not kill you.

Otherwise, even the founding ancestor of the Ancient Sword School wouldnt be able to save you today!”

The voice was like a volcano that had erupted here, and it caused the heavens and the earth to tremble!

It was the deans voice!

The outer court students were filled with despair!


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