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Just this attack alone allowed Yang Ye to determine that the gold robed mans strength was far superior to Lan Xiao.

Because it carried the aura of the heavens and the earth.

What was the aura of the heavens and the earth It was an act of utilizing the energy of the heavens and the earth to form a powerful aura and pressure.

It was something that could only be accomplished with the strength of a cultivator at the Saint Realm or by utilizing some special techniques, like a Divine Rank technique or some other type of special divine technique.

However, the gold robed man had merely swung his claw, yet hed formed a terrifying pressure that was comparable to the aura of the heavens and the earth!

It was created from physical strength alone!

Lan Xiaos physical body was extremely strong, but it hadnt arrived at such a level!

Yang Ye didnt use his sword intent to resist it.

Because while 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent was formidable, it hadnt transcended worldly limits.

So, it was utterly incapable of resisting the gold robed mans aura.

Yang Ye held the ancient sheath tightly in his left hand, and he held the hilt of his sword in his right hand.

The profound energy within him surged into the ancient sheath.

At the same time, his 3rd level Heaven Rank slaughter intent and 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent surged madly into the sword sheath in his grasp.


The ancient sheath in Yang Yes grasp started to tremble while rays of dazzling light surged out from within it.

In an instant, it covered an area of a few hundred meters around Yang Ye.

Yang Ye couldnt afford to lose this battle!

Because once he did, then everyone behind him would definitely flee.

At that time, unless a Saint were to step forward, otherwise the city would be unable to escape annihilation.

“Slash!” Yang Yes voice suddenly resounded, and then a brilliant ray of sword energy shot into the sky while accompanied by a sword howl!

It was an attack that carried 25 overlapped Heavenrends!

Actually, Yang Ye was only able to execute 20 overlapped Heavenrends before this, but hed advanced to the high rank of the Monarch Realm, so his strength had increased greatly.

Thus, he could overlap 25 Heavenrends now.

How strong was 25 overlapped Heavenrends Under the enhancement provided by the Critical Strike Technique, 3rd level Heaven Rank sword intent, and 3rd level Heaven Rank slaughter intent, the sword energy could be said to be the strongest attack hed ever executed with Heavenrend besides the true Heavenrend hed executed that day.

Space was weak like a piece of paper before that ray of sword energy, and it completely collapsed before it.

Numerous long spatial rifts followed behind the sword energy that shot into the air and appeared high above in the high!

Yang Yes sword energy smashed against the huge claw before the eyes of everyone here!

A moment of silence ensued!


The huge claw shook violently while countless strands of sword energy shot out from the sky, and they instantly blotted out the sky.

“Two types of Heaven Rank intent.

Not bad.

Unfortunately, its not enough!” The gold robed mans voice resounded in the sky, and then a huge explosion resounded right after it as a beam of golden light slashed down from the sky and instantly arrived above Yang Ye.


Yang Ye swiftly drew his sword and slashed once more.

A beam of sword energy shot into the sky and collided with the beam of golden light.

As soon as they smashed against each other, they instantly dispersed in the sky, and countless waves of energy swept towards the surroundings.

This scene horrified all the spectators, but it didnt take long for a ray of sword energy to obliterate the waves of energy!

Meanwhile, the gold robed man had arrived in the air above Yang Ye.

This time, he wasnt in his original form, and hed taken human form instead.

“Take this!” As soon as he spoke, the gold robed man leaned back while he clenched his right fist tightly, and then he smashed it swiftly towards Yang Ye.

However, Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot, and he was in the air above the gold robed man when he appeared once more.

After that, the Herculean Sword smashed down towards the gold robed mans head!


The gold robed mans figure was pushed down slightly, but Yang Ye was blasted flying instead!

The army in the city was shocked!

Shang Qingying, Yu Wushuang, and the others immediately revealed grim expressions on their faces.

Because Yang Ye absolutely couldnt die or lose.

Once he died, then the army in the city would collapse in an instant.

He couldnt even lose as well.

Because if he lost, then fear towards the wolf army would arise in the hearts of everyone who stood here.

If they had such fear in their hearts, then there was no need to even fight the wolf army because theyd already lost the battle!

As he stood on the ground, Yang Ye took a glance at his hands.

At this moment, his hands had actually split apart, and a small portion of the Herculean Sword had sunken down.

“Huff!” Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he raised his head to look at the gold robed man in the distance, “Needless to say, your body is extremely strong!”

The gold robed man said, “Your speed is extremely swift, its much faster than mine! As expected of the energy of the Laws!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “It would definitely be very cool if you were my mount!”

“Your mount” The gold robed man was slightly stunned, and then he said, “There are many people in this world who are capable of making me willingly become their mount.

However, it definitely doesnt include you! I know you have some trump cards, but you can give it a try!”


Meanwhile, a howl suddenly resounded through the sky.

The gold robed man frowned a little when he heard the howl, and the army of wolves behind him actually laid flat on the ground!

It was the Welkin Wolf Demon King!

“From this moment onwards, everyone in the city should obey Ye Yangs orders.

No one is allowed to disobey him!” Meanwhile, a voice suddenly resounded from the sky.

It was the dean of the Ocean of Clouds Academy!

Shang Qingyings heart shook when she heard this.

With what the dean had just said, everyone in the city and everyone from the academy, including her, would have to obey Yang Yes orders from this moment onwards!

If Yang Ye holds absolute authority, I wonder if itll be a blessing or calamity to the academy and the city….

Yang Ye suddenly sheathed his sword, turned around, gazed at the ocean of people behind him and said, “Tell me, do all of you want to die”

All of them were stunned, and then they hurriedly shook their heads.

None of them wanted to die, of course!

Yang Ye pointed his sword at the gold robed man and said, “See that Thats the Welkin Wolf Clan of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range.

They intend to slaughter all of us.

Are all of you willing to be slaughtered by them”

All of them shook their heads once more!

Yang Ye roared, “Then what do all of you think we should do”

“Kill them!”

“Kill all of them!”



Countless people started shouting.


A sword howl resounded as Yang Ye pointed the Herculean Sword at the wolf army in the distance and said, “The city has been occupied by the wolf army.

The wolf army is both ahead and behind us.

Everyone! If you want to live, then kill!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Yes figure flashed and transformed into a ray of light that charged towards the gold robed man.

As for the others behind him, their blood instantly started boiling when they saw him charge forward, and all of them charged forward behind him!

Yu Wushuang spoke abruptly, “Humans are extremely selfish.

So, they are usually never united.

However, when they face a moment of life and death, and especially when they have no way out of the situation, then they would very wisely abandon the selfishness in their hearts and choose to join forces.”

Shang Qingying who stood by Yu Wushuangs side asked, “Is that the true reason why Yang Ye deactivated the formation and opened the gates”

Yu Wushuang nodded and said, “Humans have a very strong desire to live, and theyll transform into devils in order to survive.

At this moment, while we cant truly organize all of them to attack in an orderly manner like an army, their desire to live would make them on par with ordinary armies.

Of course, the precondition is that they have someone to lead them and give them hope that theyll be able to survive!”

“I understand now!” As soon as she finished speaking these words, Shang Qingying charged off along with the others.

The gold robed man and the wolf army had clearly not expected that Yang Ye and the others would actually attack first.

As far as they were concerned, the humans should be on the defensive when facing such a huge wolf army!

In Yang Yes opinion, they absolutely couldnt be on the defensive.

Why Because once the wolf army was allowed to attack first, then the charge of an army of a few million wolves would very likely cause the human army to collapse in an instant.

After all, the human army was gathered at the last minute, and they hadnt received any proper training.

So, they were utterly incapable of resisting the impact of a charge from the wolf army!

The only way to resolve that was to attack first and allow them to gather their confidence.

Only then could he prevent them from instantly collapsing upon facing the wolf army!


A howl resounded, and it didnt take long for the wolf army to act.

The millions of wolves started to charge forward in Yang Yes direction, and the ground quaked before them!

As the wolves started their charge, the imposing aura they emanated instantly suppressed the aura that Yang Yes side had built up during their charge.


Suddenly, a crescent of sword energy flashed swiftly and instantly shot into the army of wolves.

A few thousand wolves at the front of the charge were instantly annihilated!

“Kill!” Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the ground, and his figure transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the gold robed man.

The confidence of the army behind Yang Ye instantly multiplied when they saw Yang Ye kill thousands of wolves with a swing of his sword, and all of their eyes turned crimson red as they charged forward.

It didnt take long for the army of wolves and the human army to collide with each other.

At the same time, Yang Ye and the gold robed man entered into battle again.

Yang Ye started a violent attack against the gold robed man with the assistance of the Laws of Speed.

Unfortunately, his sword couldnt break through the gold robed mans defenses no matter what.

Conversely, he would definitely suffer a heavy injury if he suffered a single blow from the gold robed man!

The gold robed mans physical defenses were much stronger than Lan Ciao, and it was more than just a little bit stronger!

“End the battle quickly!” Suddenly, Yu Wushuangs voice resounded.

Yang Yes figure flashed a few hundred meters back in the sky, and then he glanced at the ground below.

His heart shook when he witnessed the scene below, and his face instantly turned gloomy.

Because the human army was in a very bad situation.

Even though the size of the human army surpassed the wolf army, their quality was far inferior to the wolf army.

Especially when many humans were utterly incapable of piercing the defenses of the wolf army.

So, the human army could be said to be suffering terrible losses!

The gold robed man said, “I told you.

You wont be able to defend the city!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Do you remember what I said earlier”

The gold robed man frowned a little, “What”

Yang Ye replied, “Be my mount!”

A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of the golden robed mans mouth, “Why dont you give it a try”

“So be it!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

However, his figure was blasted flying a moment later.


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