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Yang Yes face twitched when he heard that voice.

Obviously, the Welkin Wolf Demon King had returned to his lair and noticed that his treasury had been cleaned out.

Yu Wushuang gazed at him and asked, “What did you do”

Yang Ye revealed a spurious smile as he said, “Its nothing.

I just stole a few things from him.

What a stingy fellow, and hes even a Saint….”

Yu Wushuang was speechless.

Quite some time passed before she shook her head, and then spoke seriously, “No matter how angry he is, he wont act while youre in the city.

Because he knows that the Saints of the academy will definitely stop him.

However, you absolutely cant leave the city.

Do it for us, alright”

Yang Ye smiled, “Dont worry.

I wont court death!”

Yu Wushuang nodded, and then she turned around and left.

Yang Ye returned to his room once she left.

He sat cross-legged on his bed with his eyes closed, and hed immersed his mind into his sea of consciousness.

As he gazed at the painting within his sea of consciousness, Yang Ye was absorbed into it again.

The mountain was a simple mountain, the river was a simple river as well.

If it was in terms of artistic value, then the painting was quite inferior, or it could be said to have nothing special.

Everything was so ordinary and common.

Moreover, it didnt carry any shocking aura or reveal any strange scenes!

It was ordinary, extremely ordinary!

It was exactly because it seemed too ordinary that the painting wasnt ordinary.

After all, would a figure like the Unfettered One give such an ordinary painting to his disciple

Yang Ye understood that sword intent was something which could only be understood yet couldnt be expressed with words.

Because it was useless even if another explained the comprehensions hed obtained.

Because that was another persons path, and it was one that was created through that persons experiences.

It was impossible for one to comprehend Void Rank sword intent just because a person who possessed it explained his comprehensions.

However, it was still a process of achieving the same goal through different means, so one could utilize the other persons path to perfect ones own path!

That was the intention behind the painting which the Sword Sects Founding Ancestor had gives to his disciple!

Yang Ye understood it, and he was comprehending it now!

It was naturally not something which could be accomplished in a short period.

If Void Rank intent was so easy to comprehend, then how could the members of the Ancient Sword School have failed to comprehend it for the last tens of thousands of years.

Just like that, Yang Ye remained in his room, and over a month passed through this period of comprehension.

Throughout this period, besides observing the painting every single day, Yang Ye allocated the rest of his time to cultivating.

Even though he hadnt advanced his sword intent to the Void Rank, hed gained quite a bit.

Because he noticed that his sword intent had actually grown stronger through this period of observing the painting.

His sword intent and slaughter intent were once similarly strong, yet now, his sword intent could suppress his slaughter intent!

Besides his sword intent, hed obtained great improvements when it came to his cultivation as well.

Presently, he was at the peak of the Monarch Realm, and he was just a sliver away from the Half-Saint Realm!

He was confident in his ability to charge into the Half-Saint Realm in a month!

As for his combat techniques and cultivation techniques, he hadnt forgotten them as well.

Hed re-cultivated the Nine Rebirth Techniques 1st level.

Just as hed expected, his physical strength and defenses would instantly multiply upon attaining the Half-Saint Realm.

At that time, his physical strength and defenses would far surpass the golden robed man whod become his Sword Servant now!

As for his combat techniques, his insane practice and cultivation of them had allowed him to increase the amount of Heavenrends he could overlap from 25 to 30! Now, he could utilize Heavenrend to easily penetrate the defenses of the gold robed mans original form, even if he didnt utilize his Quasi Void Rank sword intent.

He could be said to have attained great improvements in all aspects during this period!

Yu Wushuang had visited him during this time, and shed told him what was happening in the city.

That Saint from Welkin Wolf Mountain Range had fallen a few days ago.

So, at this point, both the Ocean of Clouds Academy and Welkin Wolf Mountain Range had lost a Saint.

That caused the enmity between them to rise to an unprecedented height.

However, Yang Ye was quite surprised because no battles had erupted between the two sides throughout this entire time.

The army of wolves had retreated to the mountain range, and the entire mountain range was deathly silent now.

As for the academy and the city, the city had been repaired, and even the formation around the city was activated once more.

Coupled with the fact that around 10,000 Half-Saint Realm experts had arrived from the Dao Order and Ancient Sword School, the city could be said to be as secure as a fort!

Something worthy of mentioning was that Chen Dong and Fu Jinxian were here as well.

Moreover, both of them had come to visit him but left when they realized that he was cultivating.

Every single time Yu Wushuang came, she implied things within her words, and she hoped that he would return to the academy.

However, Yang Ye just laughed it off because he wasnt interested in returning to the academy.

Now that he wasn\'t busy anymore, he realized that calm days of cultivating without fighting, scheming, and killing were really not bad.

At this moment, only the improvement of his strength was the most important to him.

Because there were less than 8 months of time left before he had to go save An Nanjing and Mu Hanshan!

Not only had he recovered his strength in the last 2 months, hed gained a huge increase in strength.

However, Lou Qianxiaos strength was definitely increasing as well.

So, if he didnt work hard to become even stronger, then he wouldnt be heading to Sky Divine Hall to save them 8 months from now, he would be going there to give his life away!

Just like that, half a month passed.

At an underground cultivation room.

It was a cultivation room that Yang Ye had asked Yu Wushuang to find, and it was specially prepared for him to practice his combat techniques.

It was a cultivation room built by the academy, so it had powerful restrictions all around it.

According to Yu Wushuang, only a Saint could destroy the cultivation room.

Yang Ye believed that because 20 overlapped Heavenrends werent able to harm the space and surroundings here!

As for 30 overlapped Heavenrends, they could harm the space and surroundings here, and it was especially so if he enhanced it with Quasi Void Rank sword intent and slaughter intent!

Yang Ye clenched his fists while his profound energy surged madly, and strands of terrifying aura surged out incessantly from within him.

The aura didnt sweep towards the surroundings, and it formed a storm of energy that coiled around him instead.

Yang Yes aura was rising and strengthening incessantly.

He intended to execute the Divine Fist of Destruction!

30 overlapped Heavenrends could be considered a high-grade Saint Rank technique at most, and it was even only able to attain such might when enhanced by Quasi Void Rank sword intent and slaughter intent.

Yang Ye had tried to utilize the Critical Strike technique to enhance it further, but he noticed that both the Critical Strike technique and Lightspeed technique had insignificant effects on his attack that carried 30 overlapped Heavenrends!

After studying them for some time, he noticed that the Critical Strike technique and Lightspeed were useless towards Saint Rank techniques.

Why Because both of them were of too low quality, and they couldnt support Saint Rank techniques!

That caused Yang Ye to feel helpless and depressed!

Even though he couldnt use those techniques, the 30 overlapped Heavenrends were still extremely strong when enhanced by 2 Quasi Void Rank intents.

It was equivalent to a high-grade Saint Rank technique.

As for the Divine Fist of Destruction, it was a high-grade Saint Rank technique, and according to the founding ancestor of the Dao Order, it might be comparable to the Divine Rank when executed by him!

The Divine Fist of Destruction stressed upon the possession of an imposing aura, and the stronger the aura was, the stronger it would be!

The aura it required wasnt just the aura one emanated, it was the aura within the heart.

What was that It was the attitude to look down upon everything and reign supreme over the world!

Of course, it couldnt be attained by mere self-indulgence.

After all, that was no different from deception.

So, not only would one lack the required aura, it might even cause one to suffer backlash!

However, did Yang Ye need to do that

Not only did he have an exceptional advantage when cultivating the Divine Fist of Destruction, he possessed a formidable imposing aura as well.

Because hed once watched as countless Saints perished, and hed slashed apart the Eye of the Heaven Dao with his own hands!

When it came to this world, especially this world that had destroyed Profounder Continent, Yang Ye didnt have the slightest respect towards it!

He didnt even fear the world, so could the aura he possessed be weak

Yang Ye discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind.

At this moment, there was only a single thought in his mind, and it was supremacy throughout the world!

The imposing aura he possessed grew stronger and stronger, and it even caused the space around him to ripple and tremble slightly.

A long time passed before Yang Ye suddenly clenched his fist tightly.

As soon as that happened, the space around his fist suddenly cracked apart.

After that, Yang Ye shot into the air and started spinning as he carried that aura along with him, and the space around him actually started to warp along with him!

“Divine Fist of Destruction!” A furious howl resounded within the room!

As soon as his voice resounded, Yang Ye smashed his fist down towards the ground!


A terrifying force rained down from Yang Yes fist.

In an instant, the space in an area of around 3km in his surroundings suddenly started cracking.

After that, space actually exploded into pieces.

Everything around him including space and spirit energy were being obliterated at a speed which was practically comparable to the speed of sound!

Moreover, the entire underground cultivation room had been destroyed at practically the exact same moment.

Meanwhile, a mushroom cloud that covered an area of almost 3km suddenly shot into the sky within the city.

As soon as it shot up into the sky, the space around it instantly shattered while the spirit energy there dried up!

At this moment, the entire city was filled with clamorous noise.

“Who launched a surprise attack against the city”

“Has a Saint attacked”

“Whats going on Has a Saint snuck into the city and launched an attack My god!”

Countless experts within the city gazed with astonishment at the mushroom cloud which had shot up into the sky.

Not only had the spirit energy around it dried up, even the space around it had shattered, causing a huge black hole to appear there.

Yang Ye was shocked by the might of this attack.

Hed thought that it would be able to shake the underground cultivation room at most.

But hed never imagined that it would actually destroy the entire room.

Moreover, it seemed to have even affected the surface.

Shit! Yang Ye shouted in his heart when he thought up to this point, and he was just about to flee when Instructor Zhuo and 2 other Saints suddenly appeared in front of him.

All 3 of them had gloomy and unsightly expressions on their faces.

Yang Ye smiled with embarrassment, “Its a misunderstanding.

Its a complete misunderstanding.

It really is….”

Instructor Zhuo spoke coldly, “From this moment onward, you have 15 minutes to leave the city.

Otherwise, Ill dig a hole and bury you here right now!”


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