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Yang Yes face darkened when he heard Elder Hu, “Elder Hu, may I ask if it is more important or is my life more important”

Elder Hu laughed bitterly when he heard this, “Kid, we old fellows will either leave this world or experience the end of our lifespan.

If were gone and the sword school has no others who can attain the Saint Realm, then the sword school will definitely suffer a decline or even be destroyed.

You are the future hope of our sword school, so who do you think is most important”

Yang Ye nodded and spoke seriously, “Senior, you should be aware that I might be facing Saints once I return to Ocean of Clouds City.

Even though I have Void Rank sword intent, just that isnt sufficient to truly face Saints at all.

So, that was why I rushed back to the sect to seek help.”

“I understand.


“Forgive me for being rude.” Yang Ye interrupted Elder Hu and said, “Senior, you might not realize that these treasures arent just treasures to me.

They might be things that will save my life.

Moreover, Im returning to Ocean of Clouds City for the sword school, and I can be said to even be disregarding my life for the sect.

Yet now, Elder Hu isnt willing to lend me a mere treasure.

That… that truly disappoints me!” Yang Ye had a sorrowful and angry expression on his face as he finished speaking.

“Alright! Alright! Dont look at me like that!” Elder Hu shrugged, “You act like Im causing your death.

Kid, let me remind you that were only lending it to you.

Were just lending them to you, and you have to return them!”

Yang Ye spoke with displeasure, “Do I look like someone who doesnt return what he borrows”

You didnt seem like that before this, but you do seem a little like that now….

Elder Mu muttered in his heart but didnt voice it out.

He was truly quite afraid of Yang Ye.

Elder Hu shook his head and gazed at the thing floating before them.

It was a pair of wings, a pair of wings that were formed from countless black finger-sized swords.

These small swords were unlike the swords which formed the Sword Armor.

They were very fine, even finer than the wings of a cicada, and they were practically translucent.

The entire pair of wings was smooth like a mirror, and it flickered with a ghastly and bone piercingly cold glow.

A wisp of reluctance and complicated emotions flashed through Elder Hus eyes as he gazed at the wings, and he said, “These wings are called the Dark Sword Wings.

All the swords which form the wings were forged from mysterious Divine Rank Aerite Rocks.

These rocks have a special characteristic, and it\'s that they are very light, light to the point they practically have no weight.

Besides that, the feathers and bones of the Divine Beasts Phoenix and Roc were used as well….

Simply speaking, its a treasure that improves its owners speed.

So long as you wear it, even a Saint would probably find it difficult to catch up to you!”

It can surpass the speed of a Saint Yang Ye took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement and joy he experienced in his heart.

He waved his right hand, and the wings instantly entered his body.

It didnt take long for a soft explosion to resound as a pair of wings appeared on Yang Yes back, and then his figure started to slowly rise up into the air.

Light! Extremely light!

That was what Yang Ye felt right now.

Once he activated these wings, he had the misconception that his body was completely weightless! Just like this very moment.

He hadnt done anything, yet his figure had already floated up into the air.

At this moment, he felt light as a feather, a feather that would float up from the slightest breeze!

Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly and tapped his right foot lightly.


He vanished on the spot, and he was a few hundred meters in the sky when he appeared once more.

Moreover, there was a very long and pitch black spatial rift behind him.

It had been torn open because hed moved too swiftly.

With just a light movement, he instantly returned to where he was standing just now.

However, his countenance had turned pale while a trace of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

Elder Hu spoke solemnly, “Remember that while activating these wings can greatly increase your speed, it exhausts an extremely terrifying amount of energy.

Based on the current volume of profound energy that you possess, youll be able to utilize it for 2 or 3 times at most.

Your profound energy will dry up if you use it more than that.

Moreover, not just anyones physical body is capable of enduring such speed.

If your physical body wasnt one that far surpassed those in the same realm of cultivation as you, just those 2 movements would have been enough to tear you apart!”

Meanwhile, Daoist Gu spoke seriously as well, “Kid, Divine Rank treasures are usually only suitable to be used by Saints, and its very difficult for those beneath the Saint Realm to utilize Divine Rank treasures.

Regardless of whether its the Dark Sword Wings, the Sword Armor, or those 2 swords, youd have to exhaust a huge amount of profound energy to utilize them.

If you overuse your profound energy, then the slightest mistake would be like trapping yourself in a trap of your own making! Especially the Dark Sword Wings.

Its at the mid-grade of the Divine Rank, and its consumption of profound energy far surpasses ordinary Divine Rank treasures.

So, try your best not to utilize it unless you have no other choice.

Kid, to be frank, the Dark Sword Wings are there for you to flee.



Yang Ye shook his slightly dizzy head, and then nodded lightly while a trace of seriousness could be seen in his eyes.

The Dark Sword Wings were so terrifying that they slightly surpassed his imagination.

It could be said that even Saints wouldnt be able to catch up to him if he activated the Dark Sword Wings.

However, its consumption of profound energy was truly too terrifying!

Moreover, it was truly too swift.

Because even his body was almost unable to endure its speed! His physical body was at an extremely terrifying level, and it could even forcefully endure an attack from a Saint, but it wasnt able to fully endure the speed of the Dark Sword Wings!

Needless to say, hed underestimated how terrifying the Dark Sword Wings was!

The gap between mid-grade and low-grade Divine Rank treasures was extremely huge!

Elder Hu said, “Actually, itll greatly improve your speed even if you dont activate it.

If the Laws of Speed youve comprehended are utilized at the same time, then your speed wouldnt be inferior to a Saint at all!”

Yang Ye nodded.

Just as Elder Hu had said, the Dark Sword Wings itself were capable of improving his speed.

His current speed wasnt inferior to a Saint, and if he were to activate the Dark Sword Wings, then even a Saints speed would be inferior to his own!

“Right, it has 2 other abilities.” Elder Hu continued, “One of them is that its capable of expanding at least a thousand times its original size.

I wasnt joking when I said that it could blot out the sun.

You can test that ability in the future.

As for now, you can test its other ability, and that is its ability to take another form.

Try it out yourself!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned by this revelation, and then he closed his eyes.

The Dark Sword Wings behind him slowly started to wriggle, and it didnt take long for the wings to actually transform into a black cape!

Yang Ye was quite surprised as hed never expected that the Dark Sword Wings could transform into a cape, and he immediately asked, “Does this form have other abilities”

“You might find unexpected uses for it in closed-quartered combat!” Elder Hu grinned, “You can slowly discover how to utilize that ability later! Kid, do you know that our sword school has practically given you all its treasures If you still die under such circumstances, then I can only say that you deserved it!”

“Theres one more treasure!” Yang Ye suddenly pointed at the last pillar of light here.



Both Elder Hu and Daoist Gus expressions changed when they heard him, and they spoke simultaneously.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he heard this because he hadnt expected both of them to actually object so strongly!

Could it be a legendary treasure thats above the Divine Rank Yang Yes eyes lit up when he thought up to this point, but it didnt take long for him to return to normal and put on a pitiable expression, “Alas, its so sad that a Half-Saint like me has to face Saints.

It really hurts….


“It wont work no matter what you say!” Elder Hu interrupted Yang Ye and said, “If we give that to you, then we wouldnt be helping you but harming you instead.”

Daoist Gu voiced his opinion as well, “Kid, you absolutely cant be allowed to have that.

Just forget it!”

Yang Ye glanced at them, and his expression returned to normal when he noticed the serious expressions on their faces, “Is it a high-grade Divine Rank treasure”

Elder Hu spoke solemnly, “It surpasses the Divine Rank!”

Yang Yes pupils constricted slightly, “It surpasses the Divine Rank Then what rank is it”

“Its at the Quasi Emperor Rank!” Daoist Gu replied, “The rank above the Divine Rank is the Emperor Rank, and its the only Quasi Emperor Rank treasure in our prefecture! Its the ultimate treasure of our sword school as well!”

“The Quasi Emperor Rank!” Yang Yes brows were pressed slightly together as he asked, “Its a sword”

Daoist Gu nodded.

“Would I have to fear a sword” Yang Ye continued, “I possess Void Rank sword intent, so it probably wouldnt reject me! Moreover, even if it does reject me, I still possess Void Rank sword intent, so why would I have to fear it”

Elder Hu shook his head, “This sword is different.

Not to mention that youre only a Half-Saint, we still cant let you have it even if youre a Saint with Void Rank sword intent.

We arent being stingy, but we would truly be bringing harm to you by allowing you to have it.

Perhaps you think that Im deceiving you, so you can go ahead and ask your master!”

Yang Ye gazed at Daoist Gu, and the latter nodded, “Brother Hu is right.

Kid, that sword is too… too terrifying.

Besides the founding ancestor, no one in the history of our sword school has been able to control it.

The founding ancestor had intended to take it with her when she left all those years ago, but she felt that it could deter those who held ill intent towards our sword school.

Coupled with the fact that it wanted to find a true master for itself, the founding ancestor left it behind when she left!”

Yang Ye was visibly moved when he heard this.

What did it represent when Daoist Gu said that no one besides the founding ancestor of the sword school had been able to control it It meant that even Saints werent able to do anything to it!

So, how heaven defying was it

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “Fine, Ill give up on getting it.

However, I want to know its background and name.”

Daoist Gu and Elder Hu exchanged glances, and they instantly heaved sighs of relief.

They didnt mind so long as Yang Ye didnt insist on obtaining it.

They didnt want to be too forceful towards Yang Ye, so his actions of sensibly choosing to give up on obtaining the sword was naturally for the best.

Elder Hu grinned, and then he gazed at the last pillar of light while a trace of complicated emotions appeared in his eyes.

Moreover, there was even a trace of fear there.

He said, “I dont know about its background.

All I know is that its called Heavens Gravestone.

It\'s a murderous blade that loves slaughter and thirsts for blood.

The founding ancestor once said that anyone from our sword school who possesses an evil and bloodthirsty character could absolutely not be allowed to obtain that sword.

Otherwise, it would definitely cause a monstrous calamity.”

Elder Hu glanced at Yang Ye when he spoke up to this point, “Stop frowning kid.

The founding ancestor was talking about people like you.

Kid, you always go to extremes and act willfully.

If that sword were to fall into your hands, then perhaps even our sword school would be destroyed by your hands.

So, you absolutely cant be allowed to have it! Just forget about it! Alright, now that you know its name, its time for us to leave!”

Yang Yes face had darkened, and he had the impulse to beat that old fellow up.

Yang Ye followed Elder Hu towards the stairway, but he suddenly stopped when he arrived right in front of it, and then he gazed at the pillar of light and said, “Heavens Gravestone, come with me, alright”

As he spoke, Yang Ye released a strand of his Quasi Void Rank slaughter intent.


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