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Chapter 2292 – Despair!

In just a breath of time, a third of the young man’s flesh had been sliced off.

At this moment, the young man was much “thinner” than he had been!

The shrill cries were still resounding incessantly!


Suddenly, a terrifying aura swept out from within the city, and it was like an unstoppable torrent!

Yang Ye stopped and looked up.

Bang! Bang!

Slaughter intent and sword intent suddenly appeared around him, and they merged together to form a huge, dark red sword.

The sword spun like a top as it shot forward and stabbed against the aura.


Space shook violently, and both the huge sword and the aura were dispersed.

Meanwhile, a middle aged man walked over slowly from within the city.

He wore a plain road and held a spear as he walked over slowly with a restrained aura.

It was absolutely impossible to discern his strength.

It didn’t take long for the middle aged man to arrive close to Yang Ye.

He sized up the young man, and the latter immediately howled with misery, “Exalt Qin, save me! Save me!”

The middle aged man, Exalt Qin, shook his head slightly, “Shiyuan Xun, do you know that the strong should never be insulted Not to mention insulting the strong when you’re weak! You have no right to interfere in his business with our clan!”

The young man was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly swung his sword.


The young man was sliced into two, and blood sprayed.

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on his sword and looked up at the middle aged man, “I’m here.

So tell me, what does the Shiyuan Clan want”

Exalt Qin glanced at Yang Ye and spoke indifferently, “Let’s discuss it first”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Discussions are just a waste of time.

Because no matter what, you’ll still try to take those three treasures from me, and then try to kill me.


Exalt Qin gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “You do understand everything well.

But there’s something I don’t understand.

You know the outcome, so why did you come Is it really because of that woman”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and replied, “I think that business between men should be resolved between men.

You’ve used her to make me come here.

Now, you’ve gotten what you wanted.

So, let her go, and let’s deal with it between ourselves, alright”

“Let her go” Exalt Qin replied, “That’s not impossible.

The issue is whether you’re willing to make the exchange.”

Yang Ye raised his right palm, and a golden pagoda appeared there.

The Primordial Pagoda!

Yang Ye looked Exalt Qin in the eyes, “All three of them are here.

So, bring her out here.”

Exalt Qin looked Yang Ye in the eyes for a long time and said, “I’m sorry but I’m afraid she can’t.”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, “You’ve killed her”

Exalt Qin walked slowly in Yang Ye’s direction, “She’s not the only one, even you are going to die.

Both of you possess rare talent, so even my clan does not dare to let both of you live.

If we don’t kill you now, we probably won’t be able to in a few years from now.

But don’t worry, out of respect for the strong, her death wasn’t painful.

As for you, your death won’t be too painful either.”

As soon as he finished speaking, two old men appeared around Yang Ye.

Two True Dao Realm experts!

If Exalt Qin was included, there were three True Dao Realm experts here!

Moreover, the ground beneath Yang Ye’s feet suddenly started to tremble, and then countless threads of mysterious light covered the area beneath Yang Ye’s feet.

These threads of light were like a dense web of hair that wrapped around Yang Ye’s feet.

At this moment, Yang Ye felt an extremely powerful wave of energy pulling at his feet, and he couldn’t move them away from the ground at all.

Three True Dao Realm experts coupled with a mysterious and formidable formation!

Besides that, another powerful aura had locked onto Yang Ye.

This aura was stronger, much stronger than the auras of the three True Dao Realm experts around Yang Ye!

They planned to annihilate him!

Meanwhile, Exalt Qin stopped moving, “Yang Ye, your strength far surpassed my Shiyuan Clan’s expectations.

So, we won’t show any carelessness when dealing with you, and we won’t fight you in single combat or give you any chances.

We will use the strength of our entire clan to annihilate you.”

Yang Ye looked up at the sky.

At this moment, there was only a single name in his mind!

An Nanjing!

An Nanjing!

An Nanjing!

The scenes of the past flashed through Yang Ye’s mind.

“L-Live well.

I-I can’t hold on…”

“This time, I really can’t hold on…”

“The fate of others has nothing to do with me! I only care about you…”

“From this moment onward, besides the Martial Dao, I have you in my life…”

“I go where you go…”

“It’s alright.

We’ll die together…”

Yang Ye suddenly started laughing, and blood red liquid seeped out incessantly from his empty eye sockets.

Meanwhile, Exalt Qin frowned slightly while vigilance appeared on his face.

“HAHA…” Yang Ye howled hysterically with laughter, “My entire life is so sad.

The more I care about someone, the more I want to protect someone, the greater the chance that they leave me.

My mother died for me, my father is dead too.

Even my brothers died for me.

Now, even you’ve gone because of me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye fell slowly to his knees and laughed miserably, “We promised to go together.

We promised… We promised! We promised…”

As he laughed, more and more blood red tears poured.

The Sword Supreme trembled in his grasp.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that she was actually moving away from Yang Ye!

She wasn’t the only one, even his slaughter intent and sword intent were moving away.

Meanwhile, a new intent had appeared on Yang Ye!

A brand new intent!

At this moment, the Sword Scroll’s face was extremely solemn as she stood within the Primordial Pagoda.

Even she felt slightly afraid of Yang Ye right now!

Suddenly, a voice came from the 7th level of the pagoda, “Something’s off! Take him and leave right now! Suppress that intent!”

Sword Scroll returned to her senses when she heard the Primordial Axe of Creation, and she was about to do something.

However, Exalt Qin suddenly said, “Attack!”


As soon as he gave the command, countless threads of light converged toward Yang Ye like a tsunami, and they instantly covered the space around Yang Ye.

It was impregnable like a fort now!

The two old men on Yang Ye’s left and right shot up into the air, and then slammed down upon him with monstrous might.

They hadn’t held back at all!

They were attacking with their full strength!

Exalt Qin didn’t stand by idly either.

As soon as he gave the command, he tightened his grip on his spear and transformed into a ray of black light that shot at Yang Ye.

Everywhere he passed, space was instantly obliterated, and the aura at the tip of his spear was growing increasingly stronger!

An attack that carried his full strength!

In the beginning, the Shiyuan Clan didn’t think too much about Yang Ye, but once they found out that he’d killed numerous True Dao Realm experts in succession, they knew that he could absolutely not be allowed to live.

He couldn’t be allowed to stay alive!

So, they didn’t give him a chance and had gathered the strength of their entire clan to annihilate him without giving him even the slightest chance.

The Shiyuan Clan would naturally not do something silly like giving Yang Ye free experience and training.

Three True Dao Realm experts and an extraordinarily powerful formation.

It could be said to be a force that gave Yang Ye no chance to survive at all!


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