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Chapter 2293 - Madness!

In the Primordial Pagoda.

Sword Scroll gazed at Snowy who had anxiety all over her face, “Lend me the Sword Gourd!”

Snowy was stunned for a moment, and then she quickly raised it to her.

However, the Sword Gourd trembled and emanated a ray of sword intent to push Sword Scroll away!

It refused!

Besides Snowy, it wasn’t willing to let anyone get near it, even Sword Scroll!

Sword Scroll frowned from the sight of this.

She wouldn’t stand a chance against the Shiyuan Clan without the Sword Gourd.

Meanwhile, Snowy suddenly howled with fury.

Sword Scroll gazed at Snowy, and she saw Snowy’s eyes were opened wide as she kept slamming the sword gourd against the ground.

Sword Scroll was stunned speechless.

At this moment, Snowy had gone mad with rage.

She suddenly raised the Primordial Axe of Creation and placed it against the Sword Gourd, and then she started muttering something.

It was obvious what she was saying—Either let her use you or I’ll chop you! I’ll chop you! I’ll chop you…

She was panicking!

She was truly panicking when she saw Yang Ye like this, and she hadn’t felt like this even when Yang Ye comprehended slaughter intent all those years ago.

When the Sword Gourd saw Snowy act like she’d gone mad, it started to panic too.

It didn’t dare to challenge Snowy, at the very least, it didn’t dare to challenge Snowy when Snowy was in this state.

Otherwise, Snowy would really chop it apart.

So, Sword Scroll was able to get the Sword Gourd.

In the outside world.

A ray of light flashed, and then the threads of light beneath Yang Ye collapsed.

Sword Scroll stood before Yang Ye with the Sword Gourd in hand, and she formed a strange seal with her right hand.

In an instant, a sword howl resounded, and then three arcs of sword energy flashed.


The two old men and Exalt Qin were instantly pushed back.

Sword Scroll grabbed Yang Ye and vanished into the sky.

However, a finger suddenly flashed down from above.

Sword Scroll’s expression changed drastically.

She turned around and tapped her finger forward.

A ray of sword energy flashed out of the Sword Gourd, but it was instantly blasted into bits upon coming into contact with the finger.

Sword Scroll’s pupils constricted, and then she swiped her fingers forward like a sword.


A ray of sword energy slashed down.

The finger slammed directly against it.


An explosion resounded, and then Sword Scroll and Yang Ye were blasted far away.

However, as soon as they stopped moving, three True Dao Realm experts appeared before them.

Moreover, a pitch black palm suddenly pressed down from above them.

At this moment, even Sword Scroll’s body started turning ethereal.

Sword Scroll’s face was pale, “This isn’t the True Dao Realm!”

As she spoke, she gazed at Yang Ye’s stomach and roared with fury, “Are you still not going to help”


A wave of terrifying pressure surged out from Yang Ye, and then a huge, ethereal axe flashed up into the air.


The black palm was instantly obliterated.

Meanwhile, the three True Dao Realm experts around Yang Ye were instantly blasted away.

Sword Scroll grabbed this opportunity to take Yang Ye with her and vanish into the sky.

A black palm suddenly appeared in the sky, but a huge, ethereal axe immediately appeared in the air.


The entire sky collapsed.

Exalt Qin and the others were about to give chase, but a voice resounded abruptly, “It’s too late.”

Their expressions instantly turned extremely unsightly.

Meanwhile, a middle aged man descended before them.

All of them bowed slightly at the sight of him, “Patriarch!”

The middle aged man was the current patriarch of the Shiyuan Clan, Shiyuan Xing!

Shiyuan Xing glanced at his palm.

There was an extremely deep axe injury and a comparatively shallower sword injury.

The axe injury was very deep, and his palm would be gone if it had sunk any deeper.

“The Primordial Axe of Creation!” A trace of solemness appeared in his eyes, “I didn’t expect it to have recovered slightly.

It shouldn’t have… Right, it seems the Primordial Pagoda has stopped trying to keep it sealed… That Sword Gourd too… It was actually able to harm me!”

“Patriarch!” Meanwhile, Exalt Qin spoke solemnly, “He can’t be allowed to live.

His natural talent is absolutely rare to come by.

If he’s allowed to grow.

Now, he has already grown enough.

He’ll definitely become a great enemy for our clan!”

Shiyuan Xing closed his eyes slowly, “Of course he can’t be allowed to live.

However, he has the Primordial Axe of Creation and the Sword Scroll of Sword Sky City.

They are quite troublesome indeed.

Not only that, there are many watching from the shadows and waiting to take advantage of the situation! We wouldn’t have to fear them if we remain in our territory, but Yang Ye has left our territory.

So, they don’t have anything to worry about anymore!”

He opened his eyes at this point, “I’ll pay the Immortal Estate a visit!”

Exalt Qin was stunned and said, “Patriarch, if you go to them, wouldn’t we have to give those three divine treasures to them”

Shiyuan Xing glanced at Exalt Qin, “He’s more terrifying than those three treasures.

My clan will never have a day of peace while he remains alive!”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

At an unknown mountain.

Sword Scroll immediately tossed Yang Ye to the side upon landing, and then she gazed at him with vigilance.


Yang Ye was very unusual right now!

The Primordial Pagoda had left Yang Ye right now, and even it was very vigilant toward Yang Ye!

Yang Ye kept shaking his head while muttering incessantly, and an intent was growing stronger and stronger around him.

How strong was it Even his slaughter intent and sword intent had been suppressed!

A moment of silence ensued, and then the Primordial Axe of Creation’s voice suddenly resounded from within the Primordial Pagoda, “This is bad.

He has lost his mind.

T-This is Madness Intent.

H-He has truly gone mad.”

Suddenly, Yang Ye looked up at Sword Scroll, “You’re Jing’er… No! No! No, you’re not! You’re not! It’s you! You killed her! You…”

He suddenly vanished on the spot.


A wave of powerful intent rippled out from him.

Sword Scroll’s eyes were filled with disbelief, “Impossible! This is True Dao Realm intent! Impossible! It’s impossible for you to instantly attain True Dao Realm intent! W-Wait! There’s something wrong with your bloodline! You…”

At this moment, Yang Ye had suddenly appeared above her, and then a ray of sword energy slashed down.

The Sword Domain!

Yang Ye had actually used the Sword Domain with this attack!

The Sword Domain combined with a True Dao Realm intent!

Sword Scroll was shocked, and then a ray of sword energy rippled out from her.


A rumbling explosion resounded, and then the sword energy around her was instantly blasted apart while her figure was blasted far away.

At this moment, Sword Scroll’s body had turned extremely ethereal, ethereal to the point she was almost translucent!

Meanwhile, the Primordial Axe of Creation’s voice resounded abruptly, “He has gone completely mad! Leave! Leave right now!”


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