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Chapter 30: Imperial Citys Twins

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Xuan was curiously experimenting with the Innate Technique that he had just obtained. Not to mention, the special characteristic of this technique was really strong. No matter what kind of qi it was, it could still be converted.

After playing for a while, Lin Xuan stood up and was about to leave. The manager hesitated for a long time, but in the end, he could not hold it in, “Sir, please wait a moment. I wonder if you still have the intention to sell the elf bloodline card that you revealed earlier”

Lin Xuan turned around and looked at her with a smile. They took the bait!

“Of course, I have to sell it, but Im not in a hurry. Besides the elf bloodline has an extremely high bonus for magic, archery, and other things. Not only that, but the elf bloodline also has an extremely important point, which is that it can improve ones appearance.”

“What do you want in return Ill see what I can do.”

“I want the skill card, Taunt!”



The two of them looked at each other speechlessly. In the end, it was the manager who caved in first, “You should know how rare and powerful taunt skills are. Even if the Ability User Guild has stock, it wont be in Dongning.”

“I know. Even if they arent here, they can still be transferred. Besides, is my elf bloodline really not that worth it Longevity, combat strength, and appearance, with the three-sided blessing of the elf bloodline without any other flaws, is it not as good as a guardians taunt skill”

The guardians reputation was not prominent at the moment. The mainstream was biased towards combaters.

The manager was also thinking about something. The Taunt skill card was the most important card for guardians. It was the absolute core card. However, a skill card was a skill card. No matter what, it was only a skill card.

“Alright, I will transfer the goods for you now. Please wait for a moment.”


In less than two minutes, the manager walked over with the skill card. Lin Xuan also handed the elf bloodline card to the other party.

The guardians absolute core skill, Taunt, had been obtained!

[Card: Taunt]

[Type: Skill]

[Level: None]

[Description: Can be used by a professional. Use words, actions, and so on to stimulate the enemy to get in their head.]

Holding the elf bloodline card in his hand, the manager suppressed the joy in his heart and sent Lin Xuan off. One skill card in exchange for an immortal bloodline card was a win!

As soon as he walked out of the door, Lin Xuan immediately took out the Taunt skill card. This skill didnt have any proficiency or level. It could be used on a single person, or it could be used on the entire arena. It belonged to the rule category, ignoring any precedence.

Taunt was a class skill that had to be paired with a class card. It didnt have to be a defensive class. Other classes were fine, but they also had other uses.

With the addition of the Taunt skill, Lin Xuan had already gathered all of the core skills for his guardian class. All that was left was his specialty — the replenishment of his bloodline. Lin Xuan could even imagine himself running away as soon as he activated his Taunt, he could charge into the horde of wild monsters and stand firm. Countless wild monsters would die in his arms after that.

Moreover, he decided to pass the dragon bloodline to the offensive talent, as for the defensive talent, the bloodline had to wait.

The dragons defense was very strong. The dragon scales were not weak in both physical defense and magic resistance. However, the aspect of defense was definitely not what the dragon was best at. Only the dragon bloodline swordmaster was heard of, everyone knew that the dragons attack was strong, but they had never heard of a dragon that defended.

In comparison, Lin Xuan was more interested in another species that was on the same level as dragons… giants!

The potential of a giants bloodline was definitely highly reputable. Its origin came from titans. It was humanoid in size and had a huge body. Its defense was extremely terrifying. Moreover, its physique was also famous for being powerful and they had endless strength. There was even a legend of a giant tearing a dragon apart with his bare hands that had been passed down.

At this time, a plane from the Imperial City landed at Dongning airport. Many people alighted from the plane, but two girls and a boy were particularly eye-catching. The two girls were twins, one was slightly lively, and the other was slightly mature. The boy looked lazy and tired.

“Why are you here too”

His younger sister, Lin Zhenxing, who was slightly lively, widened her eyes and exclaimed when she saw the boy. Then, she puffed up her cheeks and looked at the lazy boy angrily.

The boy narrowed his eyes and sized up. He replied weakly, “I was out on a trip. I didnt expect you guys to come too.”

Lin Zhenyue looked at him with a smile. “Alright, then you can go play by yourself. Were going to visit an uncle, so we cant go with you.”

“Dont do that. Were teammates. Your uncle is my uncle too. Lets go together!”

Lin Zhenyue looked at him angrily, not wanting to say anything. She stopped smiling and looked at him seriously, “Zhao Hao, we have to make it clear that were not teammates yet. Whether its me or her, we wont accept you as our teammate.”

“You can go with us if you want to. We cant stop you, but please dont disturb us.”

Zhao Hao put away his lazy look. It looked like her words had hurt him.

After boarding the vehicle, they directly set off towards the downtown area of Dongning City. On the way, some low level wild monsters would pop out from time to time to watch the vehicles on the road. The powerhouses of the Lin family who were protecting the two sisters were also on guard.

Unlike Imperial City, Dongning City was in the hinterland of Taixia country. It was surrounded by mountains on all sides. The terrain was complex and bizarre. There were many dungeon passageways that had not been discovered by Taixia Country. Countless wild monsters walked out of them and wreaked havoc in this world.

Although it was a bit dangerous on the way, they finally arrived at their destination — Dongning School.


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