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Chapter 12: Chapter 12 Black Market Manager, Grappling Skill

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Chapter 12 Black Market Manager, Grappling Skill

Lu Yu arrived at the managers office in the Chamber of Commerce and explained that he was here to accept a quest.

The manager looked at him with her charming eyes, which made Lu Yus whole body stiffen.

“Youre quite the young one, arent you”

Lu Yu was shocked. He was covered in black, but this woman still saw through him with a glance.

“I am young, but I am confident in my strength.”

“Is that so The equipment you have is only Green-quality. It looks like you are half a rookie.”

Lu Yu panicked and asked, “You mean...”

“Dont worry. I still have a lot of beginner-level quests here.”

After the manager spoke in a drawling tone, she took out a stack of papers.

Lu Yu heaved a sigh of relief and continued, “I will work hard to complete the quest!”

“Here, take this quest. The difficulty isnt too high, and there is a possibility of obtaining an immense reward.”

As she spoke, she took a stack of paper containing the quests information and placed it before Lu Yu.


Lu Yu walked over and stretched out his hand to take it to read.

“Half Mountain Cave, Tricky level.”

“This ordeal is slightly less tough than Difficult level, but there is a boss entrenched here.”

“Quest target: Kill 50 Rock Worm Beasts.”

After reading the quest introduction, Lu Yu did not hesitate to accept the quest.

“Ive accepted this quest. I can go and carry it out now.”

The manager asked, “Its already late. Are you sure you want to go now Why dont you start tomorrow”

Lu Yu shook his head, “I will head over there now. If I cant complete the quest today, Ill find a place there to sleep.”

The manager smiled with admiration. “No wonder you were recommended. Alright, you can go now. I look forward to working with you more in the future.”

As she spoke, she took out a scroll and a bracelet and placed them in front of Lu Yu.

“This is a storage bracelet. It can store a hundred items, a gift for our meeting. Take it.”

“Thank you.”

Lu Yu reached forward and took the teleportation scroll. At the same time, he saw her business card on her desk.

The managers name was Qin Ya. After Lu Yu memorized it, she turned around and left.

Lu Yu headed to a corner of the black market and opened the scroll.

The scroll emanated a bright light, wrapping Lu Yu and teleporting him out of the black market!

The next moment, Lu Yu appeared at the foot of a mountain. He looked up and saw a cave halfway up the mountain.

The caves entrance was huge, and it was pitch black inside.

Faint sounds came from inside the cave, making him feel a chill down his spine.

As soon as Lu Yu was teleported here, he noticed many people around him.

He felt strange. Why were so many people gathered before this dungeon

Could it be that the rewards for killing monsters in this dungeon were excellent

Lu Yu walked along the mountain path toward the entrance of the cave.

Vaguely, Lu Yu heard the conversation between the two people before him.

“I heard that the boss here is in a weakened state. Is that true”

“So many people are here. How could the news be fake”

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If it were any other time, we wouldnt have had the chance to kill such a boss!”

“Its hard to say. Rumors mention that its a weakened state, but who knows whats the actual situation.”

“Who cares We cant miss this opportunity! We have to take down this boss!”

The two hyped each other, encouraging each other so they could kill the legendary boss in this dungeon.

Lu Yu heard the conversation, and his interest was piqued. The situation seems like there was a weakened dungeon boss here.

This was also an opportunity for Lu Yu!

He would first assess the situation after entering the dungeon, and if he were to encounter that boss, he would definitely try his best to take it down!

The reward given by a boss-level monster was undoubtedly attractive. It would definitely increase his strength significantly!

Lu Yu arrived at the entrance of the cave very soon.

Many people were entering the cave, and Lu Yu followed them inside.

After entering, they all turned on their flashlights to illuminate their surroundings.

Fortunately, Lu Yu had made preparations in advance. Thus, he also took out a flashlight to illuminate his path.

As they slowly walked along the cave wall, Lu Yu suddenly felt some movement in front of him, so he quickly shone the light over.

To his surprise, he discovered that a Rock Worm Beast was facing him!

This was a four-legged monster. Its entire body was covered in a layer of rock carapace. The creatures mouthpart was like an insects, but its body structure was like that of an ordinary beast.

After the Rock Worm Beast discovered Lu Yu, it instantly jumped over and pounced on Lu Yu.

Lu Yu did not hesitate at all. He unsheathed his claws and slashed toward the Rock Worm Beast!


After a clang sounded out, the Rock Worm Beast was sent flying and fell heavily to the ground.

However, Lu Yus attack only managed to slash through the Rock Worm Beasts carapace.

Lu Yu hurriedly used his Eye of Truth to look at it.

This creatures defense was shockingly as high as 75!

No wonder he could not do any damage to it!

This creatures defense was higher than his own attack, although not much. But, it was enough to neutralise Lu Yus attack.

It seemed that he had to first break through its armor before he could deal any damage.

Lu Yu unfurled his claws again and released his skill, Armor Penetration!

The Rock Worm Beast pounced at Lu Yu again. This time, Lu Yu swung his sharp claws and slashed at the Rock Worm Beast in the chest!

Crack! Crack!

The hard shell broke into countless pieces under Lu Yus claws, revealing the muscle beneath it.

Lu Yu quickly swung his second claw. When his attack hit, blood immediately spurted out!

With a splurting sound, blood gushed out. Lu Yus right claw pierced itself into the Rock Worm Beasts chest.

With the experience of killing the first Rock Worm Beast, the rest was much more manageable.

Lu Yu found a second Rock Worm Beast, then the third one, followed by the fourth...

Suddenly, a stone tablet dropped from one of the Rock Worm Beasts corpses.

Lu Yu squatted down and picked it up. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a skill stone tablet!

[ Grappling: Upon activating the skill, it will show the enemys weak points and joints. Double damage upon striking them ]

Lu Yu had heard of the skill, Grappling, before. This martial skill uses the enemys weak points and joints to deal a lot of damage.

This skill could undoubtedly significantly increase Lu Yus attack power!

Lu Yu placed his right hand on the stone tablet and began to feel the skill inside.

Soon after, he learned the Grappling skill.

He stood up and looked at a Rock Worm Beast not far away.

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The very next moment, he activated the Grappling skill, and the positions of the weak joints on the Rock Worm Beasts body appeared in his eyes.

Following that, Lu Yu stepped forward, and his right claw heavily struck the Rock Worm Beasts left shoulder joint!

This attack directly cut off the Rock Worm Beasts entire left arm, and fresh blood instantly spurted out.

Lu Yu used another claw attack to kill the Rock Worm Beast.

This skill was indeed valuable. Even if it didnt have Armor Penetration, it could still identify the weak point in an enemy and then attack it.

Lu Yu took out the Rock Worm Beasts heart and placed it into his storage bracelet.

After carefully counting, he had only killed a dozen or so. There was still a long way to go.

Lu Yu didnt stop and prepared to continue killing more Rock Worm Beast.


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