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Chapter 15: Chapter 15 Blue Equipment, Information Merchant

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Chapter 15 Blue Equipment, Information Merchant

After clearing the Half Mountain Cave Dungeon, Lu Yu received two rewards.

Lu Yu received the two pieces of equipment by clicking on the systems panel.

[ Rock Armor: Blue quality, increases defense, increases defense by 40 points, reduces armor penetration effect ]

[ Rock Helmet: Blue quality, increases defense, increases defense by 10 points, increases mana by 40 points ]

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Lu Yu was overjoyed. It was two pieces of Blue quality equipment.

Once these two pieces of equipment were equipped, it immediately increased his defense by 50 points!

Lu Yu quickly equipped the two pieces of equipment and opened the interface.

[ Attack: 71 ]

[ Speed: 58 ]

[ Health: 132 ]

[ Mana: 130 ]

[ Defense: 111 ]


His defense instantly soared to over 100 points. Even if all his classmates attacked him in one go, they would not be able to break through his defense!

Even if he stood still and let them attack him, he would not be hurt at all.

The increase in his mana was a great help to Lu Yu as well.

For skills such as [ Split Claw ] and [ Grappling ], each activation costs 10 mana points. Also, he would need 5 mana points every time he used double jump.

If he upgrades his skills, those upgraded skills might need to expend more mana points.

Hence, mana points were a crucial factor.

Once his mana was used up, his combat power would be reduced by at least half.

Moreover, Lu Yus skills were crucial to him; losing any one of them would be detrimental.

Lu Yu looked at his attribute panel and switched to the skill panel.

[ Skills: Armor Penetration Lv2, Split Claw Lv2, Grappling Lv1, Double Jump Lv1 ]

Armor Penetrations enhancement effect would increase armor penetration ability by 5%. Its currently at 15%.

Split Claws enhancement effect would increase AOE damage by 5%, and its basic damage would be equivalent to Lu Yus attack stats.

As his skills increased, the number of skills that needed to be upgraded also increased. It seemed that he would need to exchange for more skill points in the future.

After Lu Yu left the cave, he began to return to Riverdale City, which took him more than half a day.

He first returned to the black market and then went to the office on the second floor.

As soon as he entered the office, Lu Yu saw that the office was filled with people.

They were all here to collect rewards for their quest.

Their quest seemed to be the same as Lu Yus, killing Rock Worm Beasts in the cave dungeon.

Qin Ya stood up, looked at everyone, and asked, “When you guys went over, you should have heard about the cave boss, right”

Everyone nodded.

“Then, did any of you find the boss and kill it”

Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads.

Qin Ya shook her head slightly, “It seems that the boss hasnt been killed yet. Id better issue a quest. Otherwise, when that guy recovers, it will be even harder to kill.”

Just as Qin Ya sat back in her seat and prepared to issue a new quest, Lu Yu walked out.

“I killed the boss.”

As soon as he said that, everyone looked over.

Qin Yas movements froze. She raised her head and looked at Lu Yu.

“You killed the boss”

“Thats right. I killed it. The boss is a Red Flame Violent Bear.”

Everyone was stunned. They couldnt even find the bosss position, and Lu Yu killed it

Qin Ya was in disbelief as well.

“That cant be right. Youre just a rookie. How could you kill a dungeon boss in such a hidden location Are you sure youre not joking”

When everyone heard this, they started discussing it amongst themselves.

“Hes a newbie!”

“Forget it. I have a years worth of questing experience, but I still cant find the bosss location. So how could a newbie like him find the boss”

“Hes probably bragging.”

“I think so too...”

Lu Yu didnt bother listening to the crowds murmurings.

“Miss Qin, the boss did indeed die at my hands.”

Lu Yu didnt plan to show off his spoils of war to prevent others from becoming jealous.

“I understand that you must be very confused as to why I was able to find the bosss hidden location.”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu curiously.

At that moment, Qin Yas phone rang. She answered the call and raised her hand to signal everyone to pause.


“Oh, I see.”

“Okay, Im hanging up...”

Qin Ya hung up the phone and looked at everyone.

“We just received news that the boss in the cave has indeed been killed.”

As soon as these words were said, everyone present was dumbfounded. They looked at Lu Yu in disbelief.

Lu Yu looked at Qin Ya and asked, “The person who called you just now was an information merchant, right”

Qin Ya nodded slightly.

“To tell you the truth, one of my identities is an information merchant.”

At that moment, everyones interest in Lu Yu was piqued.

The profession of an information merchant was somewhat mysterious.

Most people would either glorify an information merchant or be the information merchants lackey.

The reason was straightforward. Any random piece of information from an information merchant would be a great opportunity for an ordinary person!

It was the kind of opportunity that could change a persons life.

Lu Yu continued, “Thats why I know how to get to the bosss lair.”

Everyone was convinced after hearing his reply. At the same time, they were more respectful in their behaviour towards Lu Yu, even if he was just a newbie.

Qin Ya looked at Lu Yu with a puzzled look. “Does intelligence organization accept newbies”

“Of course. The person who called you just now should be an information merchant named Ho Qiang, right”

Lu Yu asked.

The corner of Qin Yas mouth twitched. The person who called her just now was indeed Ho Qiang.

Now, she had no reason to doubt him.

“Im sorry, I shouldnt have doubted you.” Qin Ya hurriedly apologized.

The others all looked up at Lu Yu, treating him like a celebrity.

Lu Yu walked forward and handed over the spoils of war he had collected.

“Fifty Rock Worm Beasts have been killed. Do count them.”

“I believe you. Ill give you the reward now.”

Qin Ya transferred 100,000 bucks into Lu Yus account and accepted the loot.

After Lu Yu received the money, the first thing he did was to buy the last piece of Shadow equipment he needed.

Gathering five Shadow equipment could provide him with additional skills, which was very important to Lu Yu.

Therefore, Lu Yu planned to buy the last piece of Shadow equipment before the next quest.

“Miss Qin, I would like to ask where I can buy Green equipment”

Qin Ya said, “The beginners equipment shop is on the first floor. There is Green equipment there.”


Lu Yu turned around and walked out of the office. The other people hurriedly followed him out, wanting to request Lu Yus contact information.

However, Lu Yu quickly disappeared into the crowd outside.

Arriving on the first floor, Lu Yu walked into the equipment shop and browsed through the equipment displayed.

Soon, his eyes locked onto a pair of pants.

“Shadow pants, Ive finally found it.”

Lu Yu walked over, picked up the equipment, and looked at the shop owner. “Boss, how much is this equipment”

“This, 50,000.”

Lu Yu looked at the long pants in his hand and frowned. This Green equipment cost 50,000. It was almost equivalent to the reward of his quest completion!

However, for the Shadow Substitute skill, Lu Yu could only buy it.

“This is it!”


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