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Chapter 16: Chapter 16 Shadow Substitute, Betting On Loot Crates

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Chapter 16 Shadow Substitute, Loot Crate

Lu Yu successfully bought the Shadow Pants. He spent 50,000 and was left with 120,000 bucks.

After getting the equipment, the first thing he did was to check the attributes.

[ Shadow Pants: Green quality, increases speed by 25 and defense by 10 ]

Lu Yu put on the equipment and opened his personal interface to check.

[ Attack: 71 ]

[ Movement Speed: 83 ]

[ Health: 132 ]

[ Mana: 130 ]

[ Defense: 121 ]

[ Current equipment: Green Quality: Shadow Brass Knuckles, Shadow Inner Armor, Shadow Pants, Shadow Necklace ]

[ Blue Quality: Rock Armor, Rock Helmet ]

He was still one Shadow equipment short of combining them into a Shadow Series equipment set and obtaining the skill “Shadow Substitute”.


It seemed he still needed to buy another piece of equipment and use the Shadow Scroll to complete the fifth piece.

However, Lu Yu felt he could just pick up a small piece of equipment for the fifth piece.

After all, the Shadow Series equipment was all of Green quality. As his strength increased, he would have to give up on Green quality equipment sooner or later.

Therefore, if he bought an ordinary piece of equipment and upgraded it to Green quality instead, he would feel less of a waste if he had to change it in the future.

After confirming his needs, Lu Yu continued to pick out his equipment.

Scanning his surroundings, Lu Yus gaze landed on the rings stored inside the counter.

These were all storage rings; some were low-grade, and some were high-grade.

The most important thing was that he could equip ten rings at once, but he could only equip one for the other types of equipment on his body.

Lu Yu decided to pick a similar storage ring to what he had currently and convert it into the Shadow Series.

Moreover, the storage rings biggest function was storage. He could keep the ring for its basic function, even if he grows out of his other types of equipment.

After thinking about it, Lu Yu pointed to one of the rings. “Boss, I want this.”

The boss took out an emerald ring from the counter and said with a smile, “This is a Green quality storage ring. The storage space is 100 items.”

“Its very suitable for newbies to use for quests and dungeons. The price is not expensive either. Around 10,000.”

Lu Yu took it and looked at it carefully. He found that it was almost the same as the one he wore.

The storage space for 100 items was not a lot. Lu Yu might need more than 100 items for just one quest alone.

For example, his first quest, gathering the Eye of the Cat Demon, was exactly 100 items.

However, as he was buying this ring to complete the Shadow Series, there was no need to buy something too expensive.

“This is it.”

After saying that, Lu Yu paid and put on the ring.

Once he wore the ring, Lu Yu walked out of the shop and took out the Shadow Scroll.

He slowly opened the scroll. A light flashed, and a series of notifications appeared before his eyes.

[ Please choose the equipment that needs to be transformed. ]

“Green Ring.”

[ Successfully transformed. Obtained Shadow storage ring. Green quality. ]

[ Storage space increased by 50. The current total is 150. ]

[ Shadow Ring skill: Conceals aura. It reduces the probability of being discovered by wild beasts. Able to use once every three minutes. ]

Lu Yu was a little surprised. He did not expect that after being strengthened into the Shadow Series, he would be able to increase his storage capacity by a little.

Moreover, he had added a new skill that could conceal his aura. This way, he would have another life-saving skill on a quest!

Lu Yus storage capacity has reached 250 items now. This number was not exactly ideal, but Lu Yu did not care much about that.

This storage capacity was enough for him to complete all sorts of quests and collect other materials simultaneously.

At that moment, Lu Yu saw another notification appear.

[ Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Shadow set. You have successfully obtained a set skill, Shadow Substitute ]

[ Shadow Substitute: A substitute will automatically appear when your health is below 25%. At the same time, your true body will become invisible. When activated, your movement speed will be increased by 30% ]

Seeing the description of this skill, Lu Yu was delighted. With this life-saving skill, the risks he could take in dungeons would greatly increase!

He planned to hurry and accept another quest. Now that his strength has increased quite a bit, he should be able to accept higher-level quests, right

As he was about to accept a quest, he suddenly heard a commotion.

He looked over and found that a crowd had gathered at the entrance of a shop.

Driven by curiosity, Lu Yu squeezed into the crowd, wanting to find out what was happening.

“The latest batch of loot crates are out. Those who want them, please buy them as soon as possible. If youre late, there wont be any left.”

A young man shouted with all his might.

Lu Yu glanced at the crates placed in front of him. They were all very ordinary ceramic crates.

“What are these crates for sale” Lu Yu muttered curiously.

When the person beside him heard this, he sized up Lu Yu. “Young man, you should be new here, right You dont even know about betting on loot crates”

Lu Yu shook his head slightly. “Ive never heard of it. Its a black market thing, right”

“Of course. Since you dont know, Ill explain it to you.”

“Awakeners like us will all accept quests here, and most of the quests are extremely dangerous.”

“It can be said that quite a number of people are risking their lives constantly just to complete their quests.”

“With the risks this high, the death rate is naturally high too.”

“But the quests rewards are indeed tempting. Awakeners will continue to accept quests even at the risk of death.”

“Therefore, these people will cooperate with the black market officials. Once they die in a dungeon, the officials will send someone to retrieve their bodies. At the same time, the deceaseds family will be given a legacy in monetary value and a will.”

“As for the deceaseds inheritance, it will be auctioned off. Some inheritances will have more, while others will have less. But the officials will always set a uniform price.”

Lu Yu looked at the crates. The crates were filled with white powder.

“Whats in those crates Could it be the ashes of the deceased”

That person smiled in surprise. “Its great that you are catching up. Thats right. Its their ashes.”

“Those are the ashes of the deceased. If you buy the crate, its equivalent to choosing this persons inheritance, giving you the right to take all of them away.”

“Buying the crate could be considered gambling. Young man, try not to get addicted.”

Lu Yu glanced at him. “You dont have to tell me this.”

However, that person only put on an understanding look and shook his head with a faint smile.

He had seen many young people who had come into contact with loot crates for the first time. With the mentality of striking gold, they crazily bought as many loot crates as they could until they had spent all their savings.

How strong would the deceased be anyway if they died while doing quests in the wild

Therefore, the rewards given by these crates were quite ordinary. The crowd here was mainly here to watch the show.

“Young man, just buy one or two, and you should stop. Im afraid youll go overboard and spend all your savings.”

However, Lu Yu replied indifferently, “Ill only buy one. I wont buy too many.”

That person chuckled, “Many young people said that in the past but ended up spending all their money. They always get sucked in by their gamblers fallacy.”

The surrounding people nodded, “Young man, dont go overboard. Were all saying this for your own good.”

“Its good to play around with these things, just dont get carried away. No one can save you if you get addicted.”

“I was one of them. Ive bought more than ten crates, and they all turned out to be rubbish.”

The others tried to persuade Lu Yu, but Lu Yu was confident.

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This was because his Eye of Truth had seen through all the crates placed there!

Out of the dozens of crates there, only one represented the existence of an opportunity!


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