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Chapter 17: Chapter 17 New Quest, Double Boss

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Chapter 17 New Quest, Double Boss

Lu Yu walked through the crowd to the front of the stall. He glanced at the crates placed here.

Under the prompt given by his Eye of Truth, only one of them was marked as an opportunity.

“Boss, Id like to purchase loot crates.”

Lu Yu looked at the young owner of the stall.

“Okay, which one do you want”

“This one,” Lu Yu said without hesitation.

The boss was stunned for a moment and asked, “Arent you going to take some time to choose”

“Arent all your crates exactly the same” Lu Yu asked, a little dumbfounded. “Does it make a difference if I take the time to pick and choose”

However, Lu Yu then noticed that the few people beside him were standing in front of the crates, doing a ritual and praying. They were still hesitating with their choices, even after choosing them.

Lu Yu shook his head helplessly. “This is it. How much is it”


50,000 bucks. It was really expensive.


He only had 110,000 bucks left. After buying one crate, he would be left with 60,000 bucks.

Nevertheless, it was not easy to come across an opportunity. How could he possibly let it go

“Alright, this is it.”

As he said this, Lu Yu paid the 50,000.

When the others saw how casually Lu Yu bought a crate, they all felt he was wasting money.

“I bet that this crate wont yield any good items.”

“Isnt that obvious There are only a few crates that yield good items.”

“Wouldnt it be wiser to spend this money on equipment”

While the others debated his decision, Lu Yu had already finished the payment.

The merchant took out a ring according to the number on the crate.

“Your items are all in here. Take them.”

Lu Yu took the ring and sent his consciousness into it. After checking it, he smiled.

[ Intermediate recovery potion: 10 bottles of this potion will immediately restore 50 health ]

[ Intermediate mana potion: 5 bottles of this potion will immediately restore 50 mana ]

[ Advanced speed potion: 1 bottle will increase 75 speed for 1 minute ]

These potions alone were worth more than 50,000 bucks!

Lu Yu continued reading.

[ Enhanced Attack Jade: Combine it with a piece of equipment and permanently increases the attack by 5 points. Quantity: 3 pieces ]

[ Enhanced Defense Jade: Combine it with a piece of equipment and permanently increases the defense by 5 points. Quantity: 5 pieces ]

There were strengthening materials in this crate, and just the defense jade alone could increase his defense by 25 points!

This purchase was definitely worth it. Even if Lu Yu sold them off, he could instantly profit by tens of thousands of dollars!

After transferring all the items in the ring into his own ring, Lu Yu returned the merchants ring to him.

Everyone looked over curiously. They started muttering amongst themselves when they saw Lu Yus delighted expression.

“Look at how happy he is. Could it be that he has obtained something good”

“I think so. Everyone else looked sullen after opening their crate.”

“Shit, what did you open Tell us about it!”

Everyone looked over curiously.

Lu Yu only smiled faintly and answered casually, “The things I got arent that good. However, I estimate that I can profit by about 100,000 in total if these things are sold.”

When these words were said, everyone present was dumbfounded.

“Are you for real Thats so valuable!”

“Im shocked. Isnt this your first time buying them”

“Bloody hell, beginners luck I cant believe you got such a good crate right from the start.”

“Being lucky is so awesome. Ill never be able to open such a crate in my life...”

A wave of jealousy surged in the surroundings. Lu Yu hurriedly left the crowd and prepared himself to continue accepting quests.

After the recent improvement in his prowess, Lu Yu felt he could take on higher-level quests.

Thus, he went back to the manager, Qin Yas, office.

“Miss Qin, Im here again.” Lu Yu knocked on the door and walked in.

“Welcome, welcome. Please come in.”

After learning that Lu Yu might be an information merchant, Qin Yas attitude toward him became much gentler.

“Is it about taking a new quest” Qin Ya asked.

Lu Yu nodded. “I want to take on a quest that is even more challenging than the Tricky level one.”

Qin Ya smiled faintly. “I didnt expect you to be so diligent. After Tricky level, one above that would be Dangerous level quests.”

“The biggest difference between the two is that the Tricky level one will have one difficult boss while the Dangerous level quests will contain two bosses.”

Lu Yu was slightly worried when he heard that there would be two bosses.

He had to be extremely careful, as the last one he dealt with was merely a boss in its weakened state.

If he were to encounter two bosses simultaneously during this quest, it would most likely be too difficult for him to complete the quest.

However, now that he had many different life-saving techniques, it would be cowardly if he did not dare to challenge a higher difficulty level.

“I accept it. Where is the location of the quest”

Qin Ya nodded slightly and took out a scroll.

“The location is in Sky Hall. The quest target is pretty easy, collect fifty white spirit flowers.”

“However, there are two bosses around there. Therefore, it will not be easy even if your quest target is just collecting plants.”

“No problem, I accept.”

Lu Yu reached out his hand and took the teleportation scroll.

Without hesitation, he opened the scroll, and a flash of light teleported him away.

The next moment, a dazzling light washed over Lu Yus eyes.

An unending sea of clouds welcomed him upon opening his eyes. The sunlight bounced off the clouds, making them appear spectacular.

The Sky Hall was built at the top of a very tall mountain. It has a large overall area that was well-nourished with Reiki. As a result, the plants here grow extraordinarily well.

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Many people had gathered at the entrance of the place.

They were all discussing heatedly, yet no one dared to enter.

“I heard that there are a lot of rare materials here.”

“Of course, there are all kinds of rare ores and rare plants. However, its too dangerous here.”

“I heard that as long as you enter, you will only have a slim chance of survival. Its a little scary.”

“No **. The surroundings are full of cliffs. If you encounter an enemy you cant defeat, you cant even run!”

“Should I go in I just accepted a quest here.”

“Bro, you must be well-prepared before you go in. This place isnt a place where an ordinary person could come. You must have at least two or three life-saving skills.”

The discussions of the crowd dispelled many peoples plans to enter the dungeon.

At this moment, someone saw Lu Yu and recognized him at the same time.

“Is that not Lu Yu Ive seen him in Qin Yas office before.”

“Is he very powerful”

“He single-handedly killed the Red Flame Violent Bear. What do you think”

“Sheesh, to be able to kill that boss alone, his strength must be extraordinary.”

“Do you guys think that after he enters, he can kill those two big bosses”

“I dont think so...”

“Why dont we make a bet Lets bet on whether he can kill those two bosses!”

Many people eagerly place their wagers. Most of them, though, were betting that Lu Yu would not be able to defeat them.

Only a few people felt that Lu Yu would be able to prevail, even though Lu Yu had already defeated two bosses!

As for Lu Yu, he did not bother himself with their discussion even after hearing them.

He did not care about the bets set up by those people at all. Instead, he walked straight into the Sky Hall which was veiled in clouds.


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