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Back at the Earl’s Mansion, Chen Luo finally woke up a bit because of the nap he took during his return trip.

After confirming with Xiao Shiyuan, the title of “Servant Reading” that the Majesty of Daxuan conferred a while ago was just an empty title.

However, because the Royal Family Library is located in the Imperial City, the hidden function of this title is to be able to freely enter and exit the Imperial Palace.

It’s just that he has nothing to do in the palace.

No acquaintances either.

It would have been better if those rewards were more real.

Thinking of this, Chen Luo glanced at the team of eunuchs who were carrying things to the Earl’s Mansion, with a rippling smile on his face.

Silkworm brocade, a special product of Hundred Demon Country, does not get wet when exposed to water, does not burn when exposed to fire, and does not stain when exposed to dust.

It is warm in winter and cool in summer.

The market price was a thousand pieces of gold and often considered a priceless treasure.

”Take it and make more than a dozen dresses for Chen Xuan.

By the way, Xiaohuan, that girl should also have several clothes made, but I don’t know if she would like to wear a maid outfit.

She has to look like a little loli…”

Compared with the silkworm brocade, the ten pieces of barbarian blood ink are more valuable.

According to Ji Zhong’s introduction, it was made from the blood of the barbarians that were captured alive.

Writing Yawen with savage blood and ink will increase the power of heaven.

The barbarian blood ink that was awarded to him was a seventh grade, that is, it was made with the blood of the seventh-grade barbarian, which was equivalent to the Poetry Creation Realm of the Confucian sect.

In the current setting of the human race, a piece of rank seven barbarian blood ink that’s currently in his hand can easily sell 100,000 taels of silver.

In addition, he just learned that his “The Tales of Zhong Kui” actually still has royalties to get, and the figure given by Xiao Shiyuan is no less than one hundred thousand taels of silver per month.

Moreover, the power of Heaven is limited, so there will be absolutely no piracy.

The writer of the book is finally standing up!

If it hadn’t been for the need to cultivate the red dust qi, why would he need to publish a new newspaper when he could just eat, sleep and try to flirt with girls.

”Precious, I’m eating noodles, what kind of noodles The kind that suddenly appeared in your heart!”

Sigh, life, the ups, and downs are too fast, it is too exciting!

At the same time, Nan Yuanxi never dreamed that he would actually board the speaking stage of Zheliu Academy!

After his ‘wake up early’, Master Wang personally found him, invited him to Zheliu Academy to repeat “Lady Du Angrily Sinks Her Treasure Chest”, Nan Yuanxi wanted to refuse, but the other party’s compensation was too much——

To recommend him as the honorary lecturer of Zheliu Academy!

What an honor to his clan!

Besides, the Lord of Wan An wanted to start a new newspaper, wouldn’t it be ten times more sensational if he came from Zheliu Academy than doing ‘wake up early’.

Thinking of this, Nan Yuanxi agreed.

Now looking at the crowd of people under the stage, he can’t help but feel a little weak in his legs, he who has always been calm.

These people are not the common people in the Beifeng Building, these are the scholarly people of Daxuan who really like reading!

Students who can enter Zheliu Academy, as long as they don’t die in the middle, are guaranteed to reach the Fuzi state, and even a few achieving the Great Scholar realm are normal.

And he, who has been stuck in the same realm for half his life, only borrowed “Lady Du Angrily Sinks Her Treasure Chest” today, and was promoted to a semi-old Confucian scholar in the poetry realm.

Today, he actually stood on the sacred pulpit of Zheliu Academy! Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse

This is not a classroom, but the Shengwen Square of Zheliu Academy.

Only when the great Confucianism will perform a speech, will the pulpit be opened.

Even if the great Confucian ancestor coming from his clan was resurrected from the dead, he will just be standing in his current position.

This is all thanks to Chen Luo’s gift!

”Lord of Wan An, I, Nan Yuanxi, will serve you in this life…”

Nan Yuanxi thought of Chen Luo, took a deep breath, and suppressed his excitement.

Today, he must make a name for the Lord of Wan An!

”It’s absurd.” One of the masters complained to the other on the edge of the bustling Shengwen Square, “This Wang Qifeng usually acts out of line, but why is he especially absurd today He even brought a narrator into the academy and even persuaded the vice-president to open the Shengwen pulpit.

If this news spreads, my Zheliu Academy will definitely be discredited! “

Another person nodded in agreement: “Exactly! He, Wang Qifeng, relied on the preference of the head of the school and used to instill some unruly remarks in the students.

I have endured it again and again.

Today’s morning class, I should be in charge of the Yellow Grade Class A, B, and C for breaking down the morning paper, and he actually takes everyone out to a ‘wake up early’, it’s really hateful!”

At this time, the third teacher came over, heard the conversation between the two, frowned slightly, and said, “Zhou Hongda, Xue Jinfeng, you two should not talk about people behind their backs.

Although Qi Feng is a bit unorthodox in his ways, he never fails to act in accordance with the code of gentleman.

Besides, it is also the joint decision of the three vice presidents to open the Shengwen Forum for the narrator today, so that means that the narrator must have something extraordinary quality”

The master named “Zhou Hongda” snorted coldly: “It’s just Mr.

Wen, what can be extraordinary! I’ve heard about Nan Yuanxi, but he’s just a down-and-out Confucian scholar, living in the land of Yanliu, relying on his clever tongue to roam the north Fenglou.

The one famous in the market is called Mr.

Nan, is he really the same person.”

The master named “Xue Jinfeng” also agreed: “Ziting, although the three vice-academic capitals agreed to start the Shengwen pulpit, I heard that it was the result of Wang Qifeng’s pressing with the name of the text.

Look at it, today will be the day our Liu Academy will be humiliated for an entire day! It’s a pity that the head of the academy was called to Wenchang Pavilion early in the morning, otherwise this would definitely not have happened.”

Master Yang Ziting, who was arguing for Master Wang, wanted to say more, but a cold snort suddenly sounded behind him.

The three of them turned around and saw a fat old man walking slowly.

The three of them were startled and hurriedly saluted: “I have seen the vice president.”

This person is one of the vice presidents of Zheliu Academy, a great scholar, Tian Kun Tian Haiyi!

”Wait, don’t talk nonsense.” Tian Yuanshou said lightly, “Wang Qifeng did not push him by risking his reputation, but guarantees its effects”

Yang Ziting asked in surprise, “What’s the guarantee”

Tian Haiyi looked at Nan Yuanxi who was standing on the rostrum: “He guarantees that Mr.

Nan is going to say an ancient and strange article, which will be of great benefit to my students.”

Zhou Hongda frowned slightly, and said, “I see that Nan Yuanxi is a faint trace of True Noble Qi, so he should have risen to the realm of poetry making.

It is so difficult to produce poetry, so how come there is such a long-lasting novel”

Xue Jinfeng said in agreement, “Exactly! Poetry can be obtained by chance, and this strange writing is not something that can be achieved overnight!”

Tian Haiyi shook his head slightly: “The author of the strange text is not him, but The Lord of Wan An, Chen Luo.”

”The Lord of Wan An” Yang Ziting thought about it, “the author of “The Tales of Zhong Kui””

”Exactly!” Tian Haiyi nodded, “If it wasn’t for the author, I would not have accepted Wang Qifeng’s guarantee.”

”But…” Zhou Hongda said, “Even if it’s Lord of Wan An, it’s nothing but a piece of “The Tales of Zhong Kui”.

Apart from his ability to ward off ghosts, his literary talent is nothing more than that!”

Tian Haiyi looked at Zhou Hongda and said, “Do you know why the head of the hospital was called to Wenchang Pavilion early in the morning”

”What’s the matter”

”It’s Wan Anbo, who you have slandered.

Today, there is a rare righteous poem in the courthouse of Shuangshi Town.

The minister of the text personally issued the order and gathered the heads of the major academies to discuss the popularization.

Zhou Hongda’s expression froze.

Tian Haiyi sighed slightly and walked away slowly.

I saw Zhou Hongda’s face was blushing, and after holding it for a long time, he said, “Then I will listen to it.

Is it worth my Zheliu Academy to open the sacred text forum”


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