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Chapter 1024: Hanging a Lantern

However, after she thought about it carefully, Jiang Yao realized that Lu Xingzhi was right.

That cat was smart enough to use a fruit knife to cut the leash, but the leash was made from a unique material, and a typical cat would not have the strength and gesture to use a fruit knife to cut it cleanly.

Moe thought that he could fool Lu Xingzhi, but in fact, Lu Xingzhi had seen through his tricks.

Jiang Yao looked at Moe, and then at Lu Xingzhi, and laughed.

“Not bad.

We need someone to cure Moe in this world.”

“Meow! D*mn you, woman!” Moe protested unhappily.

“What is he saying” Lu Xingzhi heard Moe meowed, so he turned to ask Jiang Yao.

“Oh, hes saying—”

Before Jiang Yao could say anything, Moe ran toward Jiang Yao.

His paws tried to cover Jiang Yaos mouth, but before he could do so, Lu Xingzhi had already slapped him onto the ground.

“Climb on my wifes body again, and Ill chop off your paws!”

“Jiang Yao, dont say it, dont say it!” Moe looked at Jiang Yao pitifully.

Jiang Yao almost choked on her laughter.

She had known Moe for a long time, and it was the first time she had seen Moe speak to her pitifully.

It had felt perfect.

She imagined his arrogance in the past.

Was that karma that Lu Xingzhi managed to suppress him

After dinner, Lu Xingzhi did not leave the house after he washed the dishes.

Instead, he called out to Jiang Yao and carried a chair to the balcony.

“What are you doing” Jiang Yao followed behind Lu Xingzhi and asked in confusion.

Lu Xingzhi turned around and saw his wife followed him out of the balcony with empty hands.

Then, she raised her little head high and saw him standing on the chair.

He chuckled as he bent down to kiss Jiang Yao.

Then, he raised his hand and patted her head.

“Be good.

Bring me the lantern.

Ill hang it while I still have time.”

Jiang Yao looked at him speechlessly and explained in a low voice, “Its a finely made lantern! Its not a childs toy lantern!”

“Okay, fine, go and take out the finely made lantern,” Lu Xingzhi urged her gently.

“Good girl, listen to me.

Go quickly.”

Jiang Yao stomped her feet in anger, but there was nothing she could do.

He would not change his mind anyway.

Jiang Yao could not persuade Lu Xingzhi, so she could only go back to the study room to take the lantern and pass it to him.

Lu Xingzhi was tall, so he could stand on the chair and nail the lantern easily.

When he put the chair back and returned to the balcony, he had a scarf in his hand.

He walked toward Jiang Yaos side and wrapped it around her.

Then, he hugged her from behind and asked her to stand on the balcony with him to look at the lantern for a few minutes.

He did not only look at them, but he also praised her.

“The child-bearing lantern that my wife bought is gorgeous.”

Jiang Yao gritted her teeth.

Then, she pushed Lu Xingzhi out of the house and told him to hurry to work!

Lu Xingzhi was smiling when he left for work.

When he reached downstairs, he looked up at the lantern on his balcony a few times before he left the residence.

After Lu Xingzhi left, it was Moes turn to stand on the balcony and look at the new toy that had been hung there.

Then, he disappeared.

Jiang Yao went back to her bedroom to fold the paper cranes.

When Mrs Lin came to look for her, she had already folded a thousand paper cranes on the table.

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