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Chapter 1095: Luo City

Just before he spoke, he opened his phone when he received a text message from Liang Yueze, who wanted to tell Lu Xingzhi about that matter in advance.

It meant that Lu Xingzhi could make preparations in advance.

The higher-ups would only send that message after the New Year.

However, those who had connections would know in advance and have more time to make arrangements.

“Province A”

Zhou Junmin said, “Thats in the south.

Ive been in the north for a long time, and I dont know if I can get used to the weather in the south.”

Zhou Junmin had also entered the final assessment for the special forces, so he would be included in the transfer as well.

“The weather in the south is quite pleasant.

If you stay in the south for a long time, youll like it there.” Jiang Yao was a little happy.

“Province A is close to Nanjiang city, so we can meet once a week in the future!”

How could Jiang Yao not be excited

“Which city in the province” Jiang Yao asked.

“Its in Luo City,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“There are direct flights to Nanjiang City and also trains.

Its very convenient to go back and forth.”

Lu Xingzhi could not be more satisfied with that place.

“Luo City is good!”

Jiang Yao sighed happily, and her smile softened a little.

She turned to look at Lu Xingzhi and met his gaze.

Her eyes curved slightly, and she smiled at Lu Xingzhi.

“I can go to the army to look for you on the weekends!”

Of course, Lu Xingzhi would not say anything bad about it.

He nodded and held Jiang Yaos hand quietly; he wrapped her tiny palm in his broad palm.

Luo City in Province A was not bad, indeed.

It was close to Nanjiang City, so he and Jiang Yao could see each other every weekend.

That was good news for the two of them as they planned to have a child.

The car drove into the barracks family area, and Zhou Junmin went home.

Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand and went upstairs.

They met Captain Yang and Major Zhu.

When Jiang Yao realized that Major Zhu had returned, she greeted him and asked, “When did you come back, Major Zhu How are things at home”

“I arrived last night.” Major Zhu shook his head.

“We couldnt find the child.

We have been searching for several days and have also called the police.

Many police officers are searching everywhere, but there is still no news.

Some people say that they saw three children leaving with an old woman, but they did not see where they went or where they went.

They dont even have any impression of the old womans appearance.

There are so many people.

How could they find her”

Major Zhu felt an onset of a headache.

“Now, the husband and wife are arguing about getting a divorce.

One is blaming the other, saying that they didnt care about the child and didnt look after the child well.”

It was a family matter.

Major Zhu only complained a little and did not say anything else.

He had a lingering fear in his heart.

Fortunately, he brought his wife to the army not long after he got married.

The child would grow up with him and his wife in the military, so they would be safe.

At the very least, they did not have to worry about kidnappers in the army.

“We suspect that its a kidnapper because a boy and a girl went missing in the next town during those two days.”

Major Zhu shook his head.

“Who knows where to look for a kidnapped child”

“The kidnappers are very smart.

A child taken from the north can be sold to someone in the south and vice versa.

Our country is so big.

Once a child goes missing, who knows where to look for them” Major Zhu shook his head.

“Its best to keep a close watch on your children.

You must never let your children out of your sight.

Nothing is more important than the safety of your children.”

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