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“Uhm, do you guys mind if we keep a pet in the dorm” Wen Xuehui helped Jiang Yao ask carefully.

“Its very cute, just the size of a palm.

Its very gentle.

It doesnt meow aloud, it doesnt scratch others, and its very clean!”

While she was talking, Wen Xuehui grabbed Moe which was hidden in the blanket and placed it on her palm.

“This is Jiang Yaos pet and its name is Moe!”

Four girls took a glance and were all shocked.

“Wow! Its so small! Its so cute!”

They were all teenagers who were eighteen and nineteen years old, how could they resist a little cutie like Moe

“We dont mind! We dont mind!” Li Yi was the first to speak up.

“I can even help to look after it!”

The other three of them shook their heads subsequently.

Who would mind having a cute little pet The girls eyes turned into heart shapes and competed with each other to touch Moe.

“Its so gentle.

It didnt run away nor did it meow aloud.” Zhou Xiaoxia smiled while praising Moe.

She then said, “No one in this room can tell others about this.

If anyone ever spills the beans, she will be treated as a traitor to our dorm!”

Zhou Xiaoxias words united the girls.

The six of them looked at each other and all of them nodded more solidly than one another to give their assurance.

With the help of the group of girls, Moe officially became Jiang Yaos pet.

It was even the hottest topic around the dorm.

All of a sudden, Moe was treated as an emperor and it had five empresses to sleep with at any time.

That night, Moe was enjoying itself in the arms of the five girls by turns except for Jiang Yao.

Moes appearance erased all the awkwardness and anxieties of their very first meetup and started a group discussion straightaway.

Listening to the girls laughter and chatter, Jiang Yaos lips curved up into a faint smile.

She had never thought that her rebirth could even change her relationship with her roommates.

The atmosphere of their dorm was probably the most harmonious in the whole freshmen building.

They talked about their hometown and their high school life.

Someone brought up the topic of getting into a relationship as early as a high school teenager.

Wen Xuehui subconsciously looked towards Jiang Yao and smiled at her.

However, she did not mention that Jiang Yao was already married.

Speaking of the other four roommates in Jiang Yaos dorm, even she was not certain about them herself.

In her previous life, she did not get along with them well but that was her own problem.

They were very friendly to get along with, but Jiang Yao had always locked herself up in her imaginary room made out of glass, looking out to them but never daring to join them.

After she graduated, Jiang Yao had lost contact with all of them except Wen Xuehui.

Later on, they even went to a small village and stayed there for a few years.

The next day, Jiang Yao and the bunch walked out of the study hall after they grabbed their books around eleven oclock in the morning.

Once she got out, she wanted to give a call back home because she wanted to report back to her parents about how she was doing in her school as she did not want her elders to worry about her.

She also wanted to ask Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu about Lu Xingzhi after he returned to his troop.

Jiang Yao must admit that she missed the man dearly even though they had not seen each other for only a night.

Jiang Yao looked at the direction of the small market at her school.

She remembered that there was a public phone booth at the market and she could make the call there.

As she was about to notify Wen Xuehui and the others, she turned around and saw a man trying to get their attention.

“Ladies, do you know a freshman in the medical school called Jiang Yao Do you know where her dorm is”

Upon hearing the question, the five girls looked towards Jiang Yao subconsciously.

Wasnt she the Jiang Yao that he was looking for She was the only Jiang Yao among all the freshmen.

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