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Chapter 1197: Taught You Everything

“Then let me tell you about the individual in the white shirt on that teachers left,” Jiang Yao said.

“He appeared to be around 30 years old.

He does not have a beard on his face, and he wears clean clothes.

His leather shoes are pristine as well.

He was talking with the people sitting next to him.

I did observe, though, that he did not touch the coffee in front of him.

His nails are round and clean, and his ten fingers are well clipped.

On his physique, there is a subtle odor of disinfection.

His body reveals that he is a germaphobe, and his habits are healthy.

I am guessing he is a doctor.”

Jiang Yao, who was also a doctor, recognized the mans profession right away.

“A middle-aged man dressed sloppily was next to the doctor, who was wearing a white shirt.

His clothes were splattered with various hues of paint.

It was quite old and wide, like a uniform for a specific job.

He sat there and talked about the painting market with a few others.

He informed everyone about a brands paint quality and a brand with paint that was extremely hazardous to ones health.

He also discussed the market shares of various key brands.

He forecasted the demand for paint in the future.

He is self-assured and enjoys working in the painting sector.” Jiang Yao cocked her head.

“You probably want me to think he is a painter, but I am very sure he is a businessman.

He could be an agent for a certain paint brand or the owner of a paint factory.

In a nutshell, that individual should be a leader with a high position in an organization.

“Under normal conditions, if he is just an ordinary worker who lives at the bottom, he would not be exposed to such complicated market data and would not analyze various market shares.

Workers are exposed to a variety of paints and are familiar with the quality and pricing of many paint brands, but they are unconcerned about the future development of the paint market.” Jiang Yao said, “On the contrary, this is the type of information that a leader or boss in the paint industry would be interested in.”

Misdirection was a success in terms of disguise, but the failure was due to that persons talkativeness.

“There are still two more.” The more Colonel Lin listened, the more excited he got.

Listening to Jiang Yaos analysis was undoubtedly fascinating and intriguing.

It was like watching a suspense movie.

He listened as they unveiled the information one by one until the truth hidden underneath the exterior wrapping was disclosed.

“Tell me about the other man in a suit standing next to the teacher.” Jiang Yao said, “That person did not say anything.

They left from the moment I walked in until the moment I walked out of the bathroom.

That gentleman did not say anything and had no clear reaction on his face.

He looked like a steady and experienced big boss with the dark gray suit he was wearing, but in reality, he was not.”

Jiang Yao smiled.

“The expression on that persons face did not change much as I passed past them.

His hands were on the table, and he awkwardly adjusted his suit jacket.

He previously informed me that when people are apprehensive, they will usually do anything that appears natural but is actually unnatural to mask their emotions, such as modifying their attire or haircut.”

“That boy taught you everything.” Colonel Lin applauded her again.

He wondered if he should teach his wife the same thing; there was no harm in learning.

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