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Chapter 1308: No Reason To Keep Her

Madam Cheng told her that if she really wanted to talk about debt, then she owed her daughter a lot.

Jiang Yao was shocked, but she was touched too.

It was an emotion that she could not control herself.

She was moved.

Perhaps because Mrs.

Sun was a precedent, she never thought of Madam Cheng in a positive way.

She did not dare to think that because she was afraid of despair.

She was afraid of her despair toward human nature.

However, she still wanted to test her.

She could not help to test her further.

“What if I tell you that if I were to take over your surgery now, your chances of survival are as high as 80 percent Ill perform the surgery on you.

After Im done, Ill have returned the favor youve done to me.”

Madam Cheng shook her head lightly.

“Theres no need.”

She had yet to recover from the great happiness of seeing her daughter, but her daughter told her that she wanted to repay that kindness and would have nothing to do with her from then onward.

Madam Cheng said, “Even though I gave birth to you, I did not protect you well, did not raise you, and let you suffer alone in this world.

Its very kind of you not to hate me.

So, I dont need you to do anything for me.

Although I really want to live, Im not afraid of death.

Im alive now.

I have a husband who loves me dearly, and I have two filial sons.

Now, I get to know that my daughter is still alive and well, and thats enough! Even if I die now, I dont have any regrets.”

Death was scary, but sometimes, compared to other things, death was not frightening at all.

What she had never dared to dream of before had come true.

Even if she were to die right away, what regrets could she have

Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao, who was crying her eyes out.

He wiped her tears with his hand.

He pulled her into his arms, not caring that others were watching.

Madam Cheng looked at the scene beside her and laughed.

She did not even look worried.

She could see that Jiang Yaos husband loved her very much, so she did not have to worry about her anymore.

Jiang Yao laid on Lu Xingzhis chest and said, “I have parents who love me very much, and two brothers who are very protective of me.

The whole village values boys over girls, but my parents treat me like their precious child.

They raised me, put in a lot of effort to support me in my studies, sent me to college, and even found me the best husband and in-laws in the world.

Ive never suffered for a day.

Im very happy every day.”

Madam Cheng smiled with tears in her eyes.

“Then Im relieved.

I dont expect you to acknowledge me as your mother, so you and your husband should go back.

Your husband is a soldier.

Its not good for him to stay abroad for too long.”

Everyone looked at Madam Cheng in astonishment, including Jiang Yao.

“Lets go.” Jiang Yao pulled Lu Xingzhi and rushed out of the door.

Cheng Jinyan stood at the door and watched as Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao left.

He wanted to drive them, but Master Cheng stopped him.

“Mother, why did you chase her away” Cheng Jinyan was puzzled.

Madam Cheng cried.

“I did not chase her away.

But I have no reason to keep her.

Do I keep her and force her to call me mother I dont dare, and I cant.

Im ashamed, and Im not qualified to be her mother.

I know shes alive.

I know shes happy every day.

I know shes not hurt.

And thats enough.”

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