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Chapter 1589: Refrigerator

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Liang Yueze said, “Theres no one here at the moment.

Grandma left the hospital secretly last night.

They took her away discreetly.”

“If its discreet enough, then there should still be time.” Jiang Yao was slightly relieved.

“Ill wait for your news.”

After the phone call, Jiang Yao returned to Old Madam Liang, Mr.

Lu, and Mrs.


Seeing that Old Madam Liang looked a little tired, Jiang Yao said to Mrs.

Lu, “Mom, Im going to tidy the guest room and Sisters room.

Grandma Liang and Xiao Ya must not have had a good rest last night.”

“Sit here and talk with Grandma Liang for a while.

Ill go do that.” Mrs.

Lu felt that Jiang Yaos words made sense, so she got up to go upstairs.

“Jiang Yao, can you take a look at Grandma” Xiao Ya turned to look at Jiang Yao.

“Can we keep her blood pressure under control like before”

Jiang Yao smiled happily.

“Its not a big problem.

Take it for two days after I reformulate the medicine.”

Old Madam Liangs high blood pressure was almost under control.

The medicine that Jiang Yao made was useful for lowering blood pressure, and there were no side effects.

Xiao Ya was relieved when she saw how confident Jiang Yao was.

She turned to Jiang Yao and talked to her about the young girls topics.

She also asked if Jiang Yao knew that Luo Ruoran was going to remarry.

“I was scared when I heard Uncle Luo and Auntie Luo talk about it.

I did not expect Sister Ruoran to say that she would remarry.

I want to see what kind of man would make Sister Ruoran remarry in such a short time.

Is he as good as Brother Yueze”

No outsider would be better than ones family member.

Xiao Ya might have been jealous of the man who took Ruoran from them.

“Its too bad that Yueze is not blessed to have Ruoran as his wife.

It hasnt been easy for him to get such a good wife, and he let her go.”

Old Madam Liangs face was full of regret when she talked about that.

However, that was a matter of the younger generation.

She had tried to persuade them as much as she could.

Furthermore, the divorce between the couple was already finalized before they told the family.

Even if she wanted to persuade him, she had no chance to do that.

“Will he be there” Jiang Yao handed a piece of apple to Xiao Ya and asked casually.

“I dont know.

When he came back, his mood was sullen.” Xiao Ya shook her head.

“Do you know how gloomy he was”

“Tell me about it.” Jiang Yao seemed interested.

“He was so gloomy that you could see the coldness on his face.

It was scary.

It was like he was…” Xiao Ya looked like she wanted to say something else.

Since Old Madam Liang was there, she changed her words and said, “Refrigerator.”

“Did Ruoran invite you to her second marriage” Old Madam Liang asked Jiang Yao.

“She said that she doesnt intend to invite her friends.

It seems that she just wants to have a small ceremony with their families.” Luo Ruoran would not get married so openly.

While the three of them talked, Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu finished tidying up the two upstairs rooms.


Lu brought Old Madam Liang to the room where Cheng Jinnian slept, and Jiang Yao brought Xiao Ya to the room where Lu Yuqing stayed before she got married.

The Lu familys home had many rooms.

After Lu Yuqing got married, Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu still kept Lu Yuqings room, just like how Jiang Yao still had a room in the Jiang family that belonged to her..

That was why it was rare to see such a family in such a small town.

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