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Chapter 1593: The Qian Family

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Second, Uncle Lus culinary skills were not considered good, but he was so excited about cooking that Jiang Yao did not discourage him.

Second Uncle Lu was a younger brother.

Before he got married, he had followed his older brother around.

Of course, he said that he would take care of his older brother.

He got married, but his wife had passed away very early.

However, the two families were close, so Second Uncle Lu would bring Xiaoxiao to eat with his brother and sister-in-law.

Later, Second Uncle Lu went into business and did not even have time to eat, let alone cook.

Therefore, Jiang Yao felt that Second Uncle Lus cooking skills were still a little unnerving.

She hoped that he had learned enough to give her a surprise.

It was too early to boil the lobster, which would emphasize its fresh and tender taste.

So, Second Uncle Lu did not start cooking the lobster right away.

Instead, he prepared the side dishes first.

Jiang Yao watched for a while in the kitchen, and when she heard her phone ring in the living room, she ran out to pick it up.

It was Liang Yueze.

In less than half an hour, Liang Yueze had interrogated the person behind the medication change.

“The servant admitted that she took money from Qian Zhibin to change the drug.” Liang Yueze felt that Qian Zhibin was too brave to do that in the Liang family.

“The fake medicine was filled with powdered sugar mixed with coloring.

When the servant got it, she was worried that Qian Zhibin would make her kill people, so before changing the medicine, she fed a few capsules to three stray cats.

When she saw that the stray cats were fine, she was relieved and changed the medicine.”

Others might think that although the servant was greedy, she was not stupid enough to kill people.

However, Jiang Yao did not think so.

That servant had changed the medicine used to treat Madam Liangs high blood pressure.

Old Madam Liang had not taken other medicine and ingested powdered sugar without her knowledge.

Older people should eat less sugar as sugar was high in calories.

That was something that Old Madam Liang should not have eaten.

That was probably why Old Madam Liang suddenly had high blood pressure and was sent to the hospital.

Fortunately, they managed to catch it in time before she had a major attack.

It would eventually become a slow murder case if they had not discovered it in time.

“What is the reason for Qian Zhibins doing that” Jiang Yao knew of Qian Zhibin.

She had never seen Qian Zhibin in person, but he often appeared on the radio and newspapers in Jindo City.

There was only one person with power in Jindo City.

Previously, she had read about him in the newspapers.

Qian Zhibin was also the descendant of a soldier.

Qian Zhibin was about the same age as Mr.


His authority was higher than Liang Yuezes eldest brother, Liang Yuekai, but he did not belong to the same unit as Liang Yuekai.

He also did not have any conflict with the Liang family.

For so many years, the Qian and Liang families had always been at peace.

“Its because of Old General Qian.” Liang Yueze found out about that.

“Some time ago, Old General Qian was sick and hospitalized.

That incident had a significant impact on the radio and newspapers.

Our families are not close, but my grandfather did go to the hospital to visit him.

He did not pay too much attention to Old General Qians illness, so we dont know why he was hospitalized.

The radio and newspapers did not mention it, but I know now.

Old General Qian was hospitalized due to his high blood pressure..

Perhaps Qian Zhibin had caused that.”

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