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Chapter 1622: Hope Is Fake

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No wonder the womans eyes were red when she got out of the car.

It turned out that something had happened to the Divine Doctor.

“What happened to the Divine Doctor”

Pan Peng suddenly sat up from bed.

He finally saw the expression on her face.

“In order to get here as soon as possible, the teacher took a plane from BL to LS last night, but that plane crashed into the sea last night! Its all your fault! Its all your fault! You pushed her to her death.

If it werent for you guys, the teacher would still be in BL!”

Jiang Yao cried and shouted, “Can my teacher still come back Can she come back Can she swim back from the sea ”

Jiang Yao cried until she was out of breath.

In the end, she hugged her knees and squatted there, crying helplessly.

She kept on talking about her teacher.

Even the squad leader was sad for her.

“You are lying!” Pan Peng did not seem to believe it at all.

He sat inside and kept shaking his head as if he had received a huge blow.

“I also hope its fake.

I also hope that my teacher is still fine.” Jiang Yao cried in a low voice.

“But my teacher called me before she got on the plane yesterday.

She said that she would transfer to our country when she reached LS and then take a domestic plane to the citys airport.

Before I went to bed last night, she told me she would see me very soon.

She also said that she wanted to take care of me.

Its all your fault.

Its all your fault.

Return my teacher to me!”

In the end, Jiang Yao was helped out of the detention room by the squad leader and went to his office.

The man did not know how to comfort her.

“Drink some water, dont be too sad.”

The squad leader did not know what to say to comfort her.

Aviation accidents rarely happened, but once they did, the chances of the passengers surviving were minimal.

It was even more difficult to search and rescue in the vast sea.

It seemed like there were almost no examples of planes falling into the sea with survivors in history.

On the contrary, there were survivors if it had happened on land.

“Squad Leader, why do you think there are so many bad people in this world My teacher was such a good person, but they forced her to death.

My teacher was such a good person.

Why wouldnt good people get a good ending They said that my teacher was famous and did not care about the lives of ordinary people.

Actually, it was not like that.

My teacher often went to the refugee zone to treat many refugees for free.

My teacher was a very kind person.

Even though she had a bad temper and liked to scold people, she was a good person.”

Jiang Yao looked at the captain with teary eyes.

Her tears never stopped.

Moe rolled his eyes as he listened in Jiang Yaos backpack.

That shameless woman was trying her best to make herself look good.

The squad leader comforted Jiang Yao for a while, but he could not coax her.

When he sent Jiang Yao away, the young woman was still crying.

He watched her drive away.

The squad leader was a little worried if she could drive the car back safely.

Jiang Yao walked to the police station.

The squad leader made a few phone calls to let everyone know that the Divine Doctor could not come.

The Divine Doctor died in an aviation accident the previous night.

The doctors in the hospital observed a three-minute silence for that..

That was a heavy blow to the doctors.

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