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Chapter 1662: Dont Tell Him

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“You promise not to forge us when you saw the beautiful scenery there” Li Yi held Wen Xuehuis arm and shook it.

Then, she smiled at everyone and said, “Do you think Xuehui would bring a handsome foreigner back with her when she returns”

“Of course not.

I prefer someone local.” Wen Xuehui shook her head firmly.

“Its hard to say.” Jiang Yao smiled and asked, “How long will you be gone”

Jiang Yao nodded.

It was indeed the same as before.

When Jiang Yao thought about Wen Xuehuis new school, she exclaimed, “Oh, right! My second brother will be in the same city as well.

Ill tell him to keep an eye on you.

So, dont worry about not having anyone in a foreign city.”

“Gu Haoyu” Wen Xuehui remembered the name of her second brother well, so when she heard Jiang Yao mention him, she knew who she was talking about.

She even remembered Gu Haoyus name.

It was not that she had a deep impression of Gu Haoyu, but Wen Xuehuis impression of Gu Haoyu was a face filled with a sense of direction and a fake smile.

She remembered his name purely because of what he said at the dinner table that day.

Wen Xuehui pursed her lips.

“No, dont tell him about that.

What problem would I have Im attending a school, and I can get help from them if I need it.

Why would I need help from someone I dont know Do I need to ask a stranger to help me”

Wen Xuehui also prayed that she would not be so unlucky to need Gu Haoyus help when she went to the new school.

She hoped to complete her studies at the new school and then return home safely.

Jiang Yao nodded slowly.

Since Wen Xuehui was not willing to have anything to do with Gu Haoyu, she did not insist anymore.

Lu Xingzhis brothers were not very friendly to strangers.

Jiang Yao smiled and did not mention Gu Haoyu anymore.

Just as Wen Xuehui said, she was there to study, not to cause trouble.

If she ran into trouble, the school would help her.

The four of them chatted in the dormitory.

When Chen Siyang returned, everyone left the dormitory and went out for a meal.

The news of Jiang Yaos return spread quickly in the school.

Just like the last time Jiang Yao left school, it caused quite a stir in that usually quiet school.

The last time Jiang Yao left, it was because of her five-year-old son, who attracted everyones attention.

As for whether that child was Jiang Yaos son or not, there was still no clear answer from the school.

Jiang Yao had returned because the school informed her that she could take the early graduation exam.

If she passed the exam, the school would allow her to graduate with the current graduates.

It was not uncommon to graduate early from a university abroad, but finding such a precedent in China was almost impossible.

Even in foreign countries, it was even more impossible for a first-year student to graduate early.

One could say that Jiang Yao did not spend much time in school from the moment she entered Nanjiang City Medical University.

She also had a high-profile presence while she was there.

She did not mean for that to happen, but she was always in a high-profile incident.

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