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Chapter 1846 Invitation To An International Meeting

Lu Xingzhi had reserved a room early in the morning.

It was a very old inn.

According to Lu Xingzhis introduction, the inn had been there for over a century, and some of the furnishings were genuine antiques.

“Long ago, Lanning was still very rich because there were a lot of merchants coming and going to the city.

Later on, an emperor closed the city and banned the trade routes.

That place, which became rich through trading by merchants, quickly became the poorest place in the country.

Since they couldnt farm on the land, merchants had no chance to bring them goods and make money.

Lanning quickly became poor.”

As Lu Xingzhi packed his luggage, he told Jiang Yao about the history of that area.

“Well stay here for two nights.

Well leave for Lannings most famous sights in the morning the day after tomorrow.”

Lu Xingzhi straightened his back and knocked on the table to remind Jiang Yao that there was a text message on her phone.

Jiang Yao was checking her text messages when Chen Feitang interrupted her.

There were three new messages, two from Lu Yuqing and one from Professor Ouyang.

Jiang Yao looked at Professor Ouyangs text message.

It was a simple sentence.

(You can refuse to go.]

Jiang Yao did not understand it.

Then, she opened Lu Yuqings text messages.

Lu Yuqings text messages had more content.

Jiang Yao thought for a moment and immediately called Lu Yuqing.

She asked, “Xingzhi and I just got to the hotel, and I just saw the message you sent me, but I dont quite understand it.

“To put it simply, we received an invitation letter at the Changkang Research Institute for an international medical exhibition and meeting.

We were invited to send a representative.

This event has attracted everyones attention.

Some of our countrys leaders wanted to know about our arrangements, and they wanted to ask if we were going to that meeting,” Lu Yuqing said.

“No way.

Is it just a one-off meeting that has attracted the countrys attention” Jiang Yao exclaimed.

That meeting was too impressive.

Although she was a medical student, she did not know much about that conference.

“Yes, it is quite impressive.

They say that it might become a patent conference for medical research results once every two years.

Our anti-stress medicine also attracted a lot of attention internationally.

They might have noticed Changkang Group because of that, so they sent us an invitation.

This meeting goes back more than 100 years.

Excluding the years during the war, it was held once every five years.

Then, it was changed to every two years about 20 years ago.

Your mentor, Professor Ouyang, also attended the meeting once when he was young.

After that, he would usually tear the invitation card.

He said that he would never set foot in that place again.”

That seemed like something Professor Ouyang would do, so Jiang Yao understood the meaning of his text message.

Professor Ouyang encouraged her to refuse to participate in such a meeting.

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