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Chapter 194: I Want The Hospital

“These are given in good faith by the Qi family, also intended as an apology.

Sergeant Lu, Ms.

Jiang, anyone that makes mistakes has to pay a price, right To at least prevent it from happening again.” Huang Chengjing smiled wryly, trusting Lu Xingzhi to understand what he really meant with those words.

Even Jiang Yao understood what he wanted to suggest.

Huang Chengjing was here to ask for a favor for the Qi family, albeit unwillingly.

Only then did Lu Xingzhi seize the documents and gave it to Jiang Yao without even looking at them.

“Have a look and choose whichever you like.”

She laid them on her lap and began flipping through the thick folder.

The document folder contained the entire portfolio of the Qi familys property.

It was a complete list and recorded everything down to a tee, including the shares that they had acquired.

“Which one do you think is the best” Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi.

“Whichever you prefer,” Lu Xingzhi replied casually.

Huang Chengjing was shocked upon hearing that.

The Qi family had a huge portfolio of properties and each one of these was valued differently.

There was a vast difference in the respective values of each individual property, thus, he had not expected Lu Xingzhi to encourage Jiang Yao to pick randomly, ignoring the worth of each of the properties.

Lu Xingzhi seemed to be quite stubborn, Huang Chengjing thought.

Jiang Yao too!

Nevertheless, Huang Chengjing expected them to choose the one with the highest valuation.

“I want this hospital.” Jiang Yao took out the corresponding folder.

“If I remember correctly, this is the hospital where Chen Zhibin and Chairman Huang is currently at.”


The Qi family has a sixty percent stake in the ownership of this particular hospital, giving them absolute decision-making rights.” Huang Chengjing was slightly surprised.

It seemed to him that Jiang Yao had actually made a solid decision.

This hospital had a good cashflow and was making plenty of profit daily.

Moreover, just by looking at how much the Qi family owned, it showed that they were bullish in the hospitals development.

Lu Xingzhi was slightly confused.

He looked at Jiang Yao who was feeling happy with her decision.

Why had she chosen this hospital

Jiang Yao was in school studying to become a doctor, could it be that she wanted to work there once she graduated

It was just moments ago when she had told him that she would follow him wherever after her graduation, yet now, she was already deciding on her backup options

Lu Xingzhi was slightly unsatisfied with her decision, however, looking at Jiang Yaos face that was brimming with contentment, he chose to say nothing instead.

He turned toward Huang Chengjing and said, “General Manager Huang, for matters concerning the Zhang family, we thank you for your help.

We did owe you a favor, so I suppose we can return that with our choice of this hospital.”

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“Of course! We, the Huang Family, still owe a huge favor toward Ms.

Jiang, though,” Huang Chengjing replied resignedly.

“That is not untrue after all.

Under absolutely no condition will she be under someone elses debt,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Let the Qi family work out the transfer of ownership immediately.

Once it is done, have Qi Xiang deliver the documents here and personally apologize to Jiang Yao.

We will call it even then.”


Sergeant Lu, Ms.

Jiang, you have my thanks.” Huang Chengjing nodded.

He was taken by surprise at how the frosty Sergeant Lu actually had such a way with his wife.

Huang Chengjing kept all the documents into the folder and stood up.

Jiang Yao wanted to see Huang Chengjing to the door but was stopped promptly by Lu Xingzhi.

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