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The most important thing was that, based on Lu Xingzhis understanding of his comrades wife, she would not do something like secretly taking random abortion medicine.

Before the nurse could finish her sentence, someone called out to her from afar.

Then, she rushed into the emergency room and ran downstairs.

From the conversation, it seemed that the two pregnant women had already reached the hospital entrance.Support our Bonnovel.com

Lu Xingzhi stood there and thought for a few seconds before he quickly followed her.

When he found her, it was a mess.

The cries of the two pregnant women were so loud that it almost made ones ears hurt.

However, when he thought about the pain of losing a child, Lu Xingzhi did not feel disgusted at all.

“Hows the situation” Lu Xingzhi asked the nurse, who was about to leave after drawing blood from the women.

The nurse did not have the time to answer Lu Xingzhi.

She shook her head, took the things, and immediately rushed away.

She seemed to be in a hurry to send them to be tested.

The equipment there was a little unfamiliar to Lu Xingzhi.

A few doctors surrounded the two pregnant women and used the instruments to test them.

“We need to send this woman to get a C-section immediately.

If we delay, we will lose both mother and the baby.

Send her to operating theater number 2 on the third floor.

See if Chief Ma is already here; he will handle the surgery.” A doctor with silver hair spoke with an icy expression.

“Doctor, where is my baby Please save my baby.” Another pregnant woman quickly pulled the doctor who was closest to her.

The doctor looked at the patient, whose face was covered in tears.

He almost could not open his mouth.

“Dont delay.

Induce the labor now.” The doctor made a prompt decision.

Lu Xingzhi quietly retreated and did not cause any trouble for the people there.

The woman was only six months pregnant.

He knew that the babys chances to survive were very low even if they induced labor.

The pregnant woman grabbed the doctor and asked him if he could save her baby.

However, the doctor had no answer for her.

Then, the doctor left the room.

He spoke to the womans husband and told him the cold truth.

Perhaps it was because he was also about to enter fatherhood that Lu Xingzhi continued to look at his comrade.

The mans body trembled as he held a pen and signed the consent form for his wifes surgery.

Lu Xingzhi thought he was lucky.

He was glad that Jiang Yao and their baby were strong.

He was glad that Jiang Yao protected their baby.

Lu Xingzhi was so frustrated that he felt like smoking.

Out of habit, he reached into his pocket, but he found nothing.

Only then did he let out a self-deprecating laugh.

He thought he had suddenly become a fool.

He had already quit smoking for so long; how could cigarettes be in his pocket

The two pregnant women were quickly sent to different operating theaters.

Lu Xingzhi followed them and waited outside the operating theater for a while.


Half an hour later, the head nurse, whom he had met once before, walked toward him with a puzzled look on her face.

She said, “Thats strange.

The results showed that both of the women took the same abortion drugs.

The situation is the same as the first woman.

The results are the same. “Is the machine broken” Lu Xingzhis voice was hoarse.

“No.” The head nurse shook her head and said, “At first, I suspected the machine was broken, so I asked them to rerun the test.

The results are the same.

All three took the same abortion drugs that caused the miscarriages..”


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