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Chapter 2189: Its Lu Xingzhis Watch

The more Master Cheng thought about it, the more he considered the possibility.

Therefore, he did not mind Jiang Yao urging the driver to speed up.

Old Master Liang and Liang Yueze were not as relaxed as Master Cheng.

Lu Xingzhi was a grandson and a brother.

They had sent all the soldiers to the mountain and turned it upside down.

Aside from the bodies of the soldiers who had been dead for several days, no other living people had been discovered.

Moes face crumpled as he lay on Liang Yuezes shoulder.

Lu Xingzhis aura was very faint in the mountains; Moe could not detect it outside those broken homes.

The strongest odor in the mountains was that of animal feces, followed by that of rotting corpses.

Many people were buried in the mountains, and there was an empty burial platform.

Many vultures were pecking at the dead bodies.

Some ethnic groups believed that after the vultures ate the bodies of the dead, they would transport the souls to heaven.

Moe silently raised his claws and touched his nose.

The smell of the mountain made him feel uncomfortable.

“Continue searching the mountain.

If they cant find Lu Xingzhi, tell them to bring those dead soldiers bodies back so we can return them to their hometown.

We dont have to bury them here without even a tombstone.

Some wild beasts might dig up those graves too.”

Old Master Liangs body swayed.

Fortunately, Liang Yueze reacted quickly and held him.

“Lets go down the mountain and continue searching.”

“In short—” Old Master Liang nodded.

He wanted to see Lu Xingzhi alive, but if he were dead, then he wanted to see his body.

At that precise moment, someone dashed in with a jacket.

“General Liang, I found a jacket,” he said.

“I found Young Master Lus watch in it.”

“Let me see that!” Liang Yueze quickly walked over and took the jacket and watch.

The jacket was a standard field uniform, but the watch could prove its owner.

Lu Xingzhis initials were engraved on the back of the watch.

Liang Yueze and his brothers had the same watch.

It was custom-made by an old master who made watches when Chen Xuyao was studying design abroad.

Chen xuyao brought them back as gifts when he graduated and returned to the country.

Liang Yueze wiped the blood on the watch and put it into his pocket.

He nodded at Old Master

Liang and said, “Its his watch.” After saying that, he asked the soldier, “Where did you find it”

“A hidden path.

The clothes were buried in the soil.

Perhaps they were buried in a hurry, so a corner of the clothes was exposed.

One of our soldiers discovered it.

The path was toward the downhill direction, and there were faint traces of blood on the road,” the soldier said.

“It seems like he went down the mountain.” Old Master Liang looked at the blood on the clothes and said, “With so much blood, the injuries are not light, so its unlikely that he escaped by himself.”

The cloth was almost hard to touch, so it was clear how much blood was in the clothes.

“Follow that road,” Liang Yueze said and then informed Master Cheng, who was in the small town.

Master Cheng was in the car when he received the news.

Jiang Yao heard the conversation because she was next to him.

After Master Cheng hung up the phone, Jiang Yao said, “Lets go to the foot of that mountain and take a look.

Master Cheng reasoned that because they were at the same location, there was no safer place than that mountain, so he nodded and agreed..

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