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Chapter 2309: I Can Take It

At that moment, the chiefs office was also in chaos.

“What did you say You found Jiang Yaos car, but you didnt see her There are bullet marks in the car Theres blood Theres a lot of blood in the backseat” When the chief heard that, his heart skipped a beat.

Jiang Yao usually sat in the backseat.

Jiang Yao had two bodyguards with her.

The two bodyguards would go with her whenever Jiang Yao left the army base.

One of the two bodyguards drove the car, and the other sat in the front passenger seat.

Jiang Yao always sat in the back seat.

After hanging up the phone, the bureau chief looked at Lu Xingzhi, standing in front of him.

He did not know how to tell Lu Xingzhi the news he had just received.

“Tell Me.

Its fine.

I can take it.” Lu Xingzhi held the table for support as he spoke.

The chiefs expression darkened.

Could he take it

Others had no idea how badly Lu Xingzhi had been injured during the previous mission, but he knew the man had narrowly escaped death.

He had been discharged from the hospital after such a long time due to his severe injuries.

The doctor had ordered him to stay home; he had only recently been allowed to get out of bed.

If his injuries had not been so severe, he would not have stayed at home if he could force himself to train.

However, he knew Lu Xingzhi needed to have a clear head.

“They found her car on Road 314.

It was overturned into a ditch, and there was no one there.

They did not find any bodies, either.

There were bloodstains and traces of struggle and bullets in the car,” the chief said.


Jiang was crying non-stop.

When she heard that, her cries became even louder.

“What about the university What did the university say Didnt Yaoyao say that she was going to the university Why did she suddenly disappear

“The university” The chief looked at Lu Xingzhi.

He thought Lu Xingzhi was afraid that the seniors would be worried, so he had not told Mrs.

Jiang about the situation the university had investigated.

Professor Ouyang had not appeared at the university for the entire day, and nothing was happening in the laboratory.

Professor Ouyang had also lost contact with them, and his cell phone could not be reached.

No one had seen Professor Ouyang for the entire day.

The person who had called Jiang Yao to ask her to go to the universitys laboratory must have been the person who had kidnapped Professor Ouyang.

Maybe it was the man himself.

He might have called Jiang Yao under duress.

The purpose was to lure Jiang Yao out of the army base and into the city.

Something must have happened to Professor Ouyang.

Otherwise, they would not have been unable to contact or find him for a day.

“Ive already sent more people to look for him.” The chief could only comfort Jiang Yaos mother.

However, he knew that Jiang Yaos disappearance was even more troubling than the last time.

When Jiang Yao was kidnapped the first time, there were many witnesses, but no one saw anything this time.

‘Who has a grudge against Yaoyao She is just a student.

Who would she have offended Is it you, Xingzhi Is your enemy looking for Yaoyao” Mrs.

Jiang turned her head to look at Lu Xingzhi.

The chief stood at the side and was at a loss for words.

He was thinking the same thing.

It was most likely that Lu Xingzhis enemy had come looking for him.

‘Mom, lets go back first.” Lu Xingzhis voice was hoarse.

“I will find my wife.”

“Go look for her! Look for her.

If you cant find Yaoyao, dont ever call me mom again!” Mrs.

Jiang pushed Lu Xingzhi, who had come to help her up, away and left..

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