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Chapter 244: Objective

A chamber pot was an inappropriate and tasteless gift, it was like giving someone a stained diaper, but the fact that the outlook of the chamber pot was like an antique, it could be mistaken for a weirdly-shaped antique vase with handles by young girls like the one standing in front of him and bought as a gift.

She was still too young to know better, even if the person whoreceived the gift knew what the thing really was, could he or she blame her naivety

“Okay, alright, give me 50 then!” The owner did not want to make a losing proposition.

It was an item he obtained for free, after all, as long as it could be sold, he would rather give her a huge discount.

50 dollars was quite a lot of money in this era, the monthly allowance for Zhou Xiaoxia and the girls was only 10 dollars! However, Jiang Yao did not bargain with the stall owner, she was a dimwit and a mischievous rich little girl now so she would not do such a thing as bargaining!

After Jiang Yao paid the money, instead of taking the thing with her and leaving, she called Manager Suns home, informed him of her current location, and asked him to take a taxi here.

The owner grumbled in dismay as soon as he saw Jiang Yao take out her mobile phone, he should have marked up the price.

As for Manager Sun, he immediately took a taxi after answering the phone to the place where Jiang Yao was at.

When he finally found her, he was stunned and dumbfounded as Jiang Yao pointed at a chamber pot and asked him to take it home and keep it.

Manager Sun was a wise man.

He knew that he should not ask irrelevant questions since Jiang Yao did not say anything about it.

Hence, he carried the bag that contained the chamber pot and left Antique Street with her.

Manager Sun knew a thing or two about Antique Street, but it was beyond his imagination that Jiang Yao would come here to buy such a thing.

Besides, he did not know much about antiques, so he could not tell if the thing she bought was authentic or a counterfeit.

Although most of the things here were fake, there were a lot of legendary stories about people getting rich by scavenging priceless but insignificant pieces of antiques here.

Jiang Yao stopped when they arrived at the roadside.

While waiting for the car, she glanced at Manager Sun who appeared to be calm and composed, when in fact, his thoughts were occupied with his endless curiosity.

Knowing that he had a lot of questions running in his mind, Jiang Yao said, “The chamber pot is an antique, its quite inconvenient for me to put it in my dorm so I have to ask you for a favor to keep it at your place first.

While youre at it, ask around and see if theres anyone who likes to collect this type of thing.

I plan to sell it to make money.”

It did not cross Jiang Yaos mind that Manager Sun would have any cunning plot underway after learning that it was an antique.

Since she decided to employ him, she had her own confidence in him.

Furthermore, in the near future, the amount of money she needed him to handle on her behalf was much much more than this.

Manager Sun widened his eyes in astonishment.

“I thought that you didnt know what it was.” He thought that Jiang Yao was too young to know the real usage of the item since she bought it so spontaneously, but he did not expect her to actually know.

He had no way of knowing how Jiang Yao could tell that it was an antique, but once Jiang Yao said that it was, he believed her completely and was certain that the chamber pot had to be a valuable treasure.

He could not explain the confidence he had in her but it emerged from inside him instantaneously.

It also proved Jiang Yaos utmost trust in him by asking him to hold onto the antique.

He secretly vowed that he would execute this task perfectly.

Cabs were scarce in this area.

While they were waiting, they started talking about the transfer of Manager Suns daughter to her hospital.

“Ive already talked to the director of Shengqi Hospital about this.

After one more matter is settled, you can contact the hospital directly and arrange for your daughters immediate transfer.

Oh yes, theres something I need to tell you beforehand.

Im now the majority shareholder of Shengqi Hospital.

In a few days time, I need you to pretend to be my competitor and help me win the 10% share in Mr.

Qins hands at the lowest price.”

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