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Chapter 464: Go Die

“You should go die then! At least I can say you are offering the apology with death, perhaps Master Lu will let Dad off the hook seeing our sincerity!”


Zhou was anxious.

“Is there any other way”

“If you want Dad to go to prison after his meeting with the disciplinary committee then just stay at home and do nothing with Ning! Perhaps you can all have brunch together, do some shopping after and start a fight with people you dont like.

Maybe Ill be joining Dad in the prison soon.

If that happens, the Zhou family is under your control.

Whatever you two women want to do has got nothing to do with us!”

Zhou Changkang left the house in rage.

Both the Zhou and Du family were in utter mayhem, while back at Kin City, Jiang Yaos morning was pleasant and tranquil.

Lu Xingzhi spoke loudly on his phone in the living room.

Jiang Yao knew what kind of person he was talking to but did not bother to ask further.

After lying in bed for some time, she smelled something cooking in the kitchen.

Jiang Yao could not hold it in any longer; she put on her jacket and followed the scent.

Sporting simple clothes and an apron, Lu Xingzhi was hard at work cooking in the kitchen; his cell phone was left off-handedly on the kitchen counter.

He heard some noise from the door and his eyes shifted toward it.

“Hungry Just a couple more minutes, the soup will be ready soon,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Go freshen up!”

Jiang Yao nodded and took a deep breath.

“Seaweed and egg soup!” She smiled in satisfaction and went off to the bathroom.

Lu Xingzhis cooking skills were decent at best; at least the food was edible.

The seaweed and egg soup, however, had Jiang Yao asking for seconds.

She still preferred her food to be a little bland.

“Was it the Du or the Zhou family that called just now in the morning” What did you say” Jiang Yao asked, after finishing her lunch.

“Are we going back tomorrow or tonight”

“Early in the morning tomorrow,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“It was the Du family.

I had Mr.

Zhou taken away to the disciplinary committee last night.”

Jiang Yao was speechless so she gave Lu Xingzhi a thumbs-up instead.

“Only just now did my friends let them know who they provoked and insulted for the calamity to fall on Mr.

Zhou.” He looked at Jiang Yaos empty bowl and asked, “More”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

She stood up and showed Lu Xingzhi her slightly bloated belly.

“Its flat.

You should be fine though; we used rubber last night.”

Jiang Yao almost choked.

She grabbed a cherry tomato and threw it at Lu Xingzhi.

“Im showing you how much I ate!”

Lu Xingzhi caught the tomato with ease, looked at it a little disgustedly and put it back.

“I dont eat this.”

“Its not for you anyway!” Jiang Yao rolled her eyes and put the tomato in her mouth.

She liked eating it, a little sour and a little sweet, very refreshing, and quite frankly, delicious.

They left the house after lunch.

There was nothing planned, Lu Xingzhi just wanted to bring Jiang Yao out and about for some sunshine.

“Where do you want to go” Lu Xingzhi drove slowly.

He was quite inexperienced at going out on a date with women, yet he did not want to waste such a beautiful day by staying indoors.

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