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Chapter 740: There are still times when you cant figure it out

Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yaos head when he heard her grunt in his arms.

“Dont be like sister-in-law.

If theres anything I do that makes you unhappy, you have to tell me.

Dont hide it in your heart.”

“Dont you have sharp eyes There are times when you dont know what Im thinking.”Jiang Yao looked up at Lu Xingzhi curiously.

“Sometimes, I even suspect that you have telepathy with me.”

This sentence made Lu Xingzhi very happy.

He curled his lips and lightly pecked her lips.

“There are still times when you cant figure it out.”

After all, he was a human, not a god.

He did not have the ability to read minds.

Occasionally, there were times when he could not see through her.

That was why he wanted to give her a shot in advance.

Jiang Yao was stunned for a few seconds by his sudden attack.

Then, she covered her lips with her hand guiltily.

Her eyes darted around the people around her.

After making sure that no one was paying attention to her, she reached out and pinched his waist, “Be careful.

Dont keep touching me outside! Why didnt I notice that you have such a hobby before”

“You have to pay attention to your identity when you wear the military uniform.

Now that Im wearing my own clothes and taking off the military uniform, Im just an ordinary man.

Its not illegal for me to kiss my own wife.”Lu Xingzhis hand slid down her shoulder and landed on her slender waist, he placed it gently so that she could rest comfortably on his body.

He did not intend to extend his hand to stop the hand on her waist, allowing her to be happy.

“Tell me, what happened to Laowu at noon”Jiang Yao felt that it was a pity when she thought of the girl called Chu Sheng, “That girl is so beautiful.

Its a pity that she cant speak.

However, she also looks like someone from a scholarly family.

However, she cant speak.

How could she not marry and end up on a blind date with that kind of man “I dont know what that man said to her that made her so angry.”

“The two of them sat down.

The man asked Chu Sheng what her name was.

The second question was to ask Chu Sheng what major she studied in university and why she didnt go to work and chose to open a teahouse in a small alley.

The third question was to ask Chu Sheng whether she rented the courtyard of the teahouse or if it was her own house.

The fourth question was to ask whether Chu Sheng was born with the inability to speak or if there was an accident later on.

The fifth question was to ask whether Chu Sheng, who was mute, would inherit it from her children.”

“As a blind date, the first and second questions are quite common.”Even ordinary friends would sometimes ask these questions, so Jiang Yao didnt feel that the first two questions were wrong, but the latter questions.., began to show that mans qualities.

Asking these questions aggressively to a girl who couldnt speak, in fact, if he wanted to know whether the girls inability to speak was inherited or an accident, he could have gone to the introducer to understand.., it was really rude to ask such questions in front of the girl.

“Theres still the sixth question.

That man asked Chu Sheng to open his mouth and make some sounds.

He wanted to know if Chu Sheng could not make any sound, or if he could make some syllables but could not speak.

Chu Sheng rejected him and asked the seventh question.

That man said that if Chu Sheng could not make any sound, he might not like it because he liked women who could make noises.

Then, Chu Sheng splashed red wine all over his face.”

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