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Chapter 763: As long as youre happy

“Will you still have time If you join the Special Forces, youll definitely be very busy, right”Jiang Yao said.

“Will the special forces be set up in the capital in the future”

“It hasnt been confirmed yet, and the military regions are still discussing it.

So after this is over, Ill still have to return to the troops in Jin city.

Ill probably have to wait until after the new year to report to the new troops.

“Remember, during the new year this year, you still have to accompany me in the troops in Jin city,”Lu Xingzhi said, “The first special forces team will most likely be arranged in the Southern Military Region.”

Jiang Yao blinked her eyes and thought to herself.

She had originally planned to bring Wen Xuehui to Jingdu Medical University after the company in Nanjiang City was on the right track.

It seemed that she had not mentioned it yet.

Otherwise, when Lu Xingzhi came to the south and she went to the north.., that would be called not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“If its in the south, then its closer to your place.

If I cant leave the Army, you can come to the army to accompany me on the weekend.”Lu Xingzhi was very overbearing.

In any case, he hoped to be in the south.

In that case, Jiang Yao could visit him once a week.

“Okay, okay, as long as youre happy.”How could Jiang Yao Say No If she dared to say no, this guy would definitely drag her to a corner to reason with her.

He was sure to take her down.

In her place, he had all kinds of methods.

In any case, he was sure to win.

Why did she have to put up a weak resistance

Besides, to be able to see him every weekend, she was actually secretly happy in her heart.

After receiving Jiang Yaos answer, young master Lu was very satisfied.

There was a faint smile in his eyes.

He looked at the Rain Curtain and pushed Jiang Yao in.

“Its raining heavily.

Dont come out.

Go back quickly.

Chen Feibai is fine here.

You Go back to the hotel and wait for me for three days.”

“Okay.”Jiang Yao took two steps back and tiptoed on his lips.

Then, she pushed him out.

“Go back quickly before the rain gets too heavy.”

Lu Xingzhi was ready to leave, but he didnt expect Jiang Yao to take the initiative to kiss him.

He pulled back his leg that had already stepped out.

He stood there and looked at the person who pushed him and asked him to leave.

He was thinking.., should he hug and kiss her for a while before leaving.

However, he glanced behind him and gave up.

He raised his hand to rub Jiang Yaos head, turned around, and quickly entered the rain.

Lu Xingzhi ran very fast.

Jiang Yao watched him for a few seconds before he disappeared.

She stood where she was and smiled gently.

Then, she went back upstairs happily.

He had already left, but the breath of the two of them still seemed to linger there for a long time.

On the long corridor behind them, a nurse stuck her head out to take a look, then retracted her head.

She turned around and said to the girl in the wheelchair and the Madam who was pushing the wheelchair.., “Theyve left.

That Girl is the one I told you about the other day who looks very similar to miss sun.

That day, I even mistook her for Miss Sun.”

The girl in the wheelchair touched her face and nodded lightly, “They really look alike.

If I hadnt seen it with my own eyes, I wouldnt have believed that there was someone in this world who looked so similar to me, right, Mom So much so that I almost thought that I had an older sister or a younger sister.”

After the young girl finished speaking, she turned to look at her mother, who had been silent the whole time.

Seeing that her expression was abnormal, the girl reached out to pull on her mothers sleeve and asked, “Mom, Whats Wrong Are you not feeling well”

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