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Chapter 873: Sister-in-law Should Know About It

Mrs Lu had also realized it, but she did not expect Lu Xiaoxiao to say it aloud.

She had a headache; she wanted to knock some sense into her nieces straightforward character.

Did the young lady not realize that her sister-in-law was also with them

“Auntie, before Brother got married, Sister-in-law should already know about it.

So, its fine.” Lu Xiaoxiao turned to look at Jiang Yao.

She sighed in relief when she saw that Jiang Yaos expression did not change.

She had regretted it after she mentioned it; she had really forgotten about that until then.

It was not a good idea to say such things in front of Jiang Yao.

Then, the quarrel between the couple there had started to escalate.

Jiang Yao had heard Lu Xiaoxiaos words.

She had been thinking about Lu Xingzhis previous engagement, so she did not pay any attention to the couples quarrel.

At that point, many people had gathered to watch the fight, and it had affected the malls businesses.

So, the staff had to go there to disperse the crowd.

Even though most of the onlookers had left, the people involved in the fight did not show signs that they would let things go soon.

Then, they heard a babys cry; it sounded like the baby was gasping for air.

“The three of you should stop fighting! Look at your child; hes crying! Is he hungry or something” The kind woman who had picked up the baby was at a loss because of the babys cries.

No matter how she tried to coax him, the baby continued to cry.

He cried so hard that his face had turned red.

The man finally let go of the woman, and then he only glanced at the child in the kind womans arms.

He turned to Chen Lanying and shouted, “Cant you hear your child crying Go and coax him!”

“Hey, how can you talk like that This is your child! Youre his father; do you think you have nothing to do with him”

The kind woman could no longer stand it, so she said, “Your wife has given birth to your son, and he is only a few months old.

Yet, you cheated on her with another woman.

Not only did you not help your wife, you even helped an outsider to beat her.

You are doing this for a wild woman, and you dont even plan to coax your son, right”

“Who knows if this is his son Some women can give birth to a child without a husband.

This isnt anything uncommon.” The mistress, who had been beaten up, tidied her appearance.

She sneered at Chen Lanying with her fox-like eyes and snorted.

“Such a shameless woman! Do you think you have the right to speak You can do whatever you want, but you went and destroyed other peoples family.

Only a woman like you can instigate a grown man like him to do such a thing, right Why are you so cheap to seduce a married man Do you have to do such a shameless thing”

The kind woman handed the child back to Chen Lanying after she scolded the mistress.

She said, “We are mothers, so no matter what, we need to care for our children first.

When our child cries, we have to coax him.

Perhaps he is hungry.

Take care of this problem with your husband when youre home.

Next time, dont be so foolish to rush out here with a child in your arms.”

The woman left after she had said that.

Maybe she felt that it was not appropriate for her to meddle in other peoples business.

Chen Lanying held the child in her arms and stood there as she continued to wail.

Her cries even drowned her childs voice.

“Lets go.

Well go somewhere for a cup of coffee.” Lu Xiaoxiao and Jiang Yao were still standing there, so Mrs Lu called them away.

Since Jiang Yao had seen Chen Lanying, Mrs Lu wanted to find a nice place where she could explain the matter between Chen Lanying and Lu Xingzhi to Jiang Yao.

She was afraid that Jiang Yao would misunderstand the situation and find fault with her son when she went to see him during the New Year.

The three of them left the mall and went into a coffee shop in the opposite direction.

After they found an empty spot and ordered their drinks, Mrs Lu observed Jiang Yaos expression quietly.

She did not know what Jiang Yao thought about the situation; she had to consider how she would explain it to her.

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