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Chapter 875: Not Finished Yet

Mother Lu continued to say, “Later, I asked Xingzhi about his intentions.

At that time, he had planned on coming home for the wedding before heading back to the north.

Even if he had joined the army, he didnt plan to bring his wife along.

So, he said that it was enough if she could get along well with us.

He had planned to leave his wife at home to take care of the two of us.”

“My brother didnt like Chen Lanying at all, even after he looked at the photos,” Lu Xiao said with a smile.

“He didnt even come home for the engagement.

He said that he had a last-minute mission, but we had looked forward to that day.

So, he didnt even show up.

At that time, the Chen family and everyone else was furious.”

“Chen Lanying agreed to the engagement with Lu Xingzhi” Jiang Yao was surprised.

Lu Xingzhi did not care about the girl; it was apparent he did not like her.

How could Chen Lanying agree to the engagement with Lu Xingzhi

The Chen family still went ahead with the engagement even though Lu Xingzhi did not go back for it.

Jiang Yao did not know what to say about that.

Did Chen Lanying like Lu Xingzhi that much Perhaps it was the Chen family who liked the Lu family as their in-laws

However, Lu Xingzhi had not cared about that.

Normal parents would never let their daughter suffer like that, right

Even if Jiang Yao loved Lu Xingzhi, if he were to treat her like that, if he did not even show up at their engagement party, her parents would probably choose to break her legs and keep her with them for the rest of their lives.

They would not agree to that engagement.

“Chen Lanying has seen my brother.

She thinks that he is handsome and we are a good family.

Most importantly, my brother is a military academy student.

How many people in the entire county can say the same” Lu Xiaoxiaos face was full of pride when she mentioned Lu Xingzhi.

“Chen Lanying was a little arrogant because she has a great life.

She must have agreed to the engagement because she thought he was the most suitable man.

She chose not to say anything even when my brother decided not to be home for the engagement.”

Lu Xiaoxiao snorted.

“I liked her then because of that reason.

I thought that she has a rare quality for a woman.

So, Auntie gave the Chen family a lot of money for their betrothal, which kept her parents quiet.”

Jiang Yaos heart was sour.

Lu Xingzhi had been a jerk, but Chen Lanying did not care.

She must have been a good woman.

Chen Lanying seemed virtuous and obedient compared to Jiang Yao, so she was an excellent choice for a wife.

Lu Xiaoxiao realized that Jiang Yaos expression had changed a little.

She quickly said, “Sister-in-law, dont be anxious.

We havent finished yet!”

Lu Xiaoxiao passed a small piece of sweet cake to Jiang Yao and then continued to speak at a leisurely pace.

“I felt silly when I saw how good Chen Lanying was in every aspect.

She was really good at pretense.

After she was engaged to Brother, she still had relationships with other men.

Her current husband, Lu Weihua, was the son of a leader in the county, and he also served in a bureau.

She had kept their connections under wrap, but one of my fathers customers told us about it.”

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