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Chapter 967: Please

“Madam Chai, you may have a prominent presence in Yuan City, but our madam is not some random person that one can easily meet.” Ah Lu and Big Ke stood in front of the door like two guardian gods—one on the left side and the other on the right.

They did not let Madam Chai near the door.

Madam Chai knew that those two men did that on purpose—they wanted to make things difficult for her.

So, she did not dare to barge into the room; she stood outside the door and shouted at the top of her lungs.

“Young Madam Lu, I need your help.

Please take a look at my son.

Please let me meet the Divine Doctor.”

Jiang Yao stayed inside the room; she did not make any sound.

She held her phone and texted Chen Xuyao to ask how many reporters he had arranged to guard at the hotel and hospital entrances.

Madam Chai could only remain patient for three minutes before she let her men take over.

She had brought more than 50 men with her, and she told them to open the door forcefully.

However, she had to get rid of Jiang Yaos bodyguards first.

Ah Lu and Big Ke fought for about three to five minutes.

Then, they pretended to be defeated before they fell to the ground.

Madam Chais men pulled them aside and stopped them.

The Chai familys men pried open the door promptly as Ah Lu and Big Ke were not there to stop them.

At that moment, the entire hotel floor was filled with people.

The noise disturbed most of the guests on the floor, and they came out to check the situation.

Some felt afraid because there were too many men there, and they retreated to their rooms.

Some decided to watch the fight from a tiny crack of space in their door.

The hotel staff were so terrified that they could not speak.

“Young Madam Lu, Im sorry to meet you like this.

I am sure that you have heard about what had happened with my son, right I hope that you can understand my feelings as a mother,” Madam Chai said in a humble tone.

“I know that you are the Divine Doctors student, so I hope that you can go to the hospital to take a look at my son.

I heard that you had performed quite a few surgeries with your teacher, so Im confident that youll have a way to save my son.”

Even if Jiang Yao did not have a way to do that, she could still get some help from the Divine Doctor.

Madam Chai had high hopes for that miraculous doctor because everyone said he could work wonders on his patients.

“How does it feel to be a mother” Jiang Yao sat on the sofa and sneered at the older woman.

“To be honest, I feel that your words are very ironic.

Do you think that you are the only mother in the world What about Zhou Xiaochengs parents You allowed your son to do evil deeds and violate those poor girls, and you continue to indulge him.

You even use unscrupulous means to oppress their parents.

Madam Chai, did you say that you wanted to understand Zhou Xiaochengs parents feelings”

“I didnt have a choice.” Madam Chais eyes were red.

“Young Madam Lu, I beg you, please, help me save my son.”

“Im sorry, but Im very happy to hear that Chai Xianglong has gone mad.

Why would I save him You may be rich, but I care not for your dirty money.

Zhou Xiaocheng is my friends sister, and your family caused her death.

Do you really think that Id pity you” Jiang Yao wore a cold expression on her face.

“If you leave now, then I wont hold your trespass into my room against you.


“Otherwise, what Jiang Yao, you will save my son today.

Even if you dont want to do it, you will still have to save him today.” Madam Chai roared before she called for her men to take Jiang Yao away.

Jiang Yao cursed the men who took her, and she cursed Madam Chais name.

She also scolded Madam Chai and Chai Xianglong because they had treated other peoples lives like dirt, and they even dared to kidnap other people.

Jiang Yao looked weak and powerless as they dragged her into the car.

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