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Chapter 24: Grandpa Liu Jianfeng

Translator: CKtalon

“Not good.” Hercules Gao Chong couldnt help but worry when he saw another teammate die.Its now a 5v3 battle. Besides, Wang Qiao and I need to constantly be on guard against the sharpshooters arrows. We cant focus on fighting.

Sharpshooters posed a huge threat. In combat, as long as one revealed a huge opening, an arrow might come at them.

This was the case for Sun Yuting. If the sharpshooter didnt exist, her teammate, Bloody Ax Wang Qiao, couldve easily blocked Xu Jingming when she was sent flying while spewing blood. This wouldve given Sun Yuting the chance to stand up and continue participating in the battle.

But with a sharpshooter, a flying and bleeding Sun Yuting was nothing but a target!

“Gao Chong, we wont win unless we finish off the sharpshooter.” Bloody Ax Wang Qiao approached Gao Chong and spoke through the team chat.

“Im wearing heavy armor, so its impossible for me to match the sharpshooter in speed. At most, I can lead the charge and get rid of the obstructions from the other teams members. I still have to rely on you and Grandpa Liu Jianfeng to carry out the kill,” Gao Chong said in the team chat. He was also aggrieved. He had to conserve his strength in combat and stay vigilant against the sharpshooter; otherwise, he wouldve long finished off Wu Sai, who only had average experience in weapons.


Suddenly, a sound came from the residence in the distance.

This surprised Xu Jingming, Wu Sai, Zhang Qian, Gao Chong, and Wang Qiao. It was the residence where the sharpshooter was!

“Grandpa has made a move.” Gao Chong and Wang Qiao were certain that Liu Jianfeng had arrived in the house.


Sharpshooter Wang Yi watched from the window of the residence, ready to fire at any moment. She had locked all the other windows, and the door was also closed. Nobody could think of barging in without alerting her.

However, almost all the buildings in the ancient town were made of wood. It was the same for ordinary residential houses.


One of the walls suddenly exploded, and a thin figure instantly rushed in. The moment he entered, he changed directions and lunged at Sharpshooter Wang Yi.

It was Liu Jianfeng!


In this residence, a figure suddenly rushed out from behind a veil and blocked the thin figure. It was Bizarro Twin Sabers Dong Xu.

Dong Xu hadnt found Liu Jianfeng, but he knew very well.Senior Liu Jianfengs first target has to be the sharpshooter. As long as Im by the sharpshooters side, Ill be able to meet this senior.

This room wasnt large. Although it was specially selected, it was only five meters in length and width. It was too small for experts like them.

Dong Xu immediately intercepted Liu Jianfeng, but his heart trembled the moment he did so.Hes faster than me!

This was the first time Dong Xu sensed the gap between them.


Liu Jianfengs figure was like a ghost.

Both parties practiced Shadow Leopard Evolution, but Liu Jianfeng was faster and more agile.

Dong Xu held his two sabers and charged forward.

Either the other party fought him and wasted time, or he had to retreat. Both similarly delayed him.

Dong Xu rushed forward to intercept the old man, and when the saber beam flashed—


Liu Jianfengs body contracted and instantly curled up into a ball, avoiding the saber. At the same time, he flicked his body up and charged at the sharpshooter.

However, Dong Xu was a martial arts master. With a twist of his wrist, the saber in his right hand spun and struck the curled-up body.


This strike seemed to have struck metal, causing Dong Xus expression to change.

The strike gave the curled-up body increased momentum as it arrived in front of Sharpshooter Wang Yi.

The moment the other party broke through the wall and charged in, Wang Yi knew that it was too late to escape. As the distance was too short, she drew her bow.

However, the assassin was too fast. Although he changed directions after entering and suffered a strike, he didnt engage Dong Xu the entire time. The assassin arrived in front of her in less than 0.2 seconds.


Wang Yi didnt have time to make preparations, and the other partys figure was too ghostly. She could only rely on her senses to fire the arrow.


A hit!

A bloody mist exploded, but the assassin still lunged over!

With a flash of sword light, Wang Yi felt pain between her eyebrows as her body began to turn ethereal.

It takes just one strike for me to be finished once these Divine experts come in front of me.Wang Yi sighed helplessly. She was very good at archery—she was a Divine expert in archery. But in close combat She was probably about the same as Li Miaomiao—she died from a Divine experts single strike.

“Die!” Master Dong Xus expression twisted as he charged over.

At this moment, he felt extremely humiliated!I had been waiting here all along, but I couldnt even buy her time… I failed to prevent Sharpshooter Wang Yi from being assassinated.

What an amazing sharpshooter.Liu Jianfeng smiled and praised inwardly.

The spot on his left arm had been completely severed; the arrows might was so great that it blasted off his arm. Thankfully, the pain was fixed at 1%.

Grandpa Liu Jianfeng looked at Master Dong Xu—who was lunging at him. The other party wouldnt give him a chance to stop the bleeding.


Liu Jianfeng didnt escape and instead took the initiative to charge forward. However, losing an arm had a huge effect on his movement.

The two sides rushed past each other.

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The saber beam was dazzling as the sword beam faintly shimmered.

Liu Jianfengs chest was covered in blood as he smiled at Dong Xu. “Kid, your saber technique isnt bad.”

Then, his body turned ethereal and disappeared.

What a swift sword. How is it so fastA trace of blood slowly seeped out of Dong Xus chest. His body also turned ethereal and disappeared.


In Chinas official livestream channel.

“Grandpa is amazing!”


“He killed Sharpshooter first and even finished off Bizarro Twin Sabers Master Dong Xu despite his serious injuries.”

The stands boiled over with countless comments in the comment section.

Liu Xin even played back the assassination attempt in slow motion above the combat space.

“After Grandpa Liu Jianfeng charged into the house, he only had one goal—kill the sharpshooter.” Head Coach Huang Yong pointed at the projection and said, “After he came in, he was intercepted by Master Dong Xu! Master Dong Xus strategy wasnt wrong; he did guard against Grandpa Liu Jianfengs assassination.”

“Master Dong Xu was also very smart. He didnt aim to achieve anything; he just didnt want to make any mistakes in his interception! He used these two strikes to buy time. If Grandpa Liu Jianfeng had blocked his attack, he wouldve successfully stalled for time. If he retreated and avoided it… It wouldve still been a waste of time. However, Grandpas body curled up. His height of 1.6 meters shrank to a height of less than a meter, allowing him to avoid the two saber strikes. Im certain that Grandpa probably practiced forms, and that was the Monkey Form.” Huang Yong was very certain.

“He mustve practiced the Monkey Form his entire life. This movement technique is incredible,” Qin Yiwen said.

“Master Dong Xu is also very impressive. He clearly lost his momentum after delivering the strike. When he discovered the other partys body contracting, the saber in his right hand spun and struck Grandpa Liu Jianfeng,” Huang Yong said as he pointed at the projection.

Grandpa Liu Jianfeng didnt dodge the cleaving strike. He only blocked it with his left arm, causing his cotton shirt to explode.

Cloth shreds then flew up, revealing a black metal bracer on his left arm.

“Grandpa wore a metal bracer. Although he chose soft leather armor, his forearm is covered in metal,” Coach Huang Yong said. “He relied on this bracer to withstand the strike and continue charging at Sharpshooter.”

“At this moment, Sharpshooter Wang Yi was forced to fire that arrow. Grandpa Liu Jianfeng had been moving at high speeds, and the assassination came too quickly. Sharpshooter wasnt completely confident, but she didnt stand a chance if she took time to fire that arrow again. The shot was actually quite accurate—it was aimed at the left chest of the old man.”

The slow-motion replay made it very clear that the arrow was indeed very accurate. At close range, it was reasonable to say that the arrow wouldve hit his left chest.

However, the old man twisted his body, and the arrow only penetrated his left arm, blasting open his left arm.

“When he turned his body, he probably saw Wang Yi fire the arrow. He instinctively twisted his body and only lost an arm, but he survived while Wang Yi lost her life.” Huang Yong shook his head and sighed in amazement. “Impressive, impressive.”

Qin Yiwen said, “After losing an arm, he lost too much blood, and his strength was affected. Master Dong Xu didnt waste this good opportunity either, so it was impossible for Grandpa Liu Jianfeng to escape. Therefore, he didnt hesitate to face Master Dong Xus pursuit.”

“Master Dong Xu has dual sabers in his hands and was able to attack and defend,” Qin Yiwen said, “but Grandpa only struck once! He struck the moment Master Dong Xu attacked with the saber in his right hand! Although Master Dong Xu wanted to block with the saber in his left hand, he failed. Thus, Grandpas sword stabbed through Master Dong Xus heart.”

The scene was very clear.

The saber in Master Dong Xus right hand slid across half of the old mans chest—a certain death blow.

The old mans sword seemed to be a bite from a venomous snake! It was too fast, and it penetrated Master Dong Xus heart!

The two turned ethereal and dissipated one after another.

“The agile sword is known for its speed,” Huang Yong praised. “Grandpa Liu Jianfeng is well-versed in Shadow Leopard Evolution, so his movement speed is higher than that of Dong Xu and Lian Shuang. However, whats more impressive is his sword! He delivers his attacks very quickly! When he ambushed Xu Jingming previously, the latter used his famous Shadowless Thrust, allowing him to barely block it. In contrast, Master Dong Xu failed to block it. It was also because of this that Grandpa Liu Jianfeng harbored the will to die and stabbed out with all his might. Therefore, its even more terrifying.”

“I never expected that on the first day of the virtual worlds launch, a 97-year-old grandpa would be able to use such a terrifying movement technique and sword technique. Impressive!” Huang Yong exclaimed in amazement.


The number of viewers in Chinas official livestream reached 630 million, and it was still rising.

A stocky middle-aged man sat in the stands; he was Liu Hai! Most of the top professional gladiators in the country were his disciples.

Second Uncles Monkey Form has really been honed to the bone.The stocky middle-aged man smiled happily.Its such a joy to see Second Uncle use his sword technique again.

Liu Hai was taught by his second uncle when he was a child. Later on, his grandmaster taught him personally due to his gifted talent. His grandmaster had passed away a long time ago, and the only person in the world who had ever taught him was his second uncle!

His second uncle was 97 years old, and he had already enjoyed his later years. He had a hunched back and practiced his swordsmanship to stay healthy. Who wouldve thought that times would change His second uncle had also returned to his peak, and his body had evolved, perfectly displaying his abilities.

Second Uncle must be very happy too, rightLiu Hai was delighted.. He was happier than when he became world champion.



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