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Ye Qiluos personal arrival made the negotiations between the two cities go very smoothly.

The trouble that Sea City was facing now had to be resolved, and Ping City did not reject it.

Moreover, the people of Sea City had given very generous conditions.

Not only were they willing to hire a large group of academy graduates to be the main force in strengthening the city defense, but they were also willing to give these young people sufficient resources to mobilize.

Ping City lacked such an opportunity now.

The huge construction previously had already reached a very high level.

Hu Jiujiu was naturally happy to have such a good opportunity to train the students of the academy not only in terms of weapon refinement but also alchemy.

Liu Wen, Yang Tianqi, and Hu Qian were part of the array formation team.

There was naturally no need to mention Liu Wen and Yang Tianqis attainments in array formations.

Under the personal guidance of Little Man, the two of them made rapid progress.

The talents of the two little fellows were quite good.

Although Hu Qian had learned some knowledge about array formations before, her level was still inferior to the two of them.

However, Hu Qians cultivation had improved very quickly recently.

Ever since Li Yuanqing gave Hu Qian the inner core of the white fox, Hu Qians cultivation speed had improved greatly.

On one hand, there was the talent of the demons.

On the other hand, Hu Qian had also cultivated very hard and used this opportunity to break through to the Grotto-Heaven Realm.

This time, there was a gap in cultivation between Hu Qian and Liu Wen.

The mission the three of them had received this time was a small portion of the Sea City Fortress.

After confirming the candidates, these ambitious young people from Ping City immediately stepped onto the teleportation array in groups and arrived at Sea City.

The scene outside Sea City really shocked them.

The entire Sea City was surrounded by demon beasts.

There was no end to those demon beasts.

Fortunately, Ye Qiluo had helped these demon beasts build many temporary residences.

Most of these demon beasts had intelligence and knew that the human race was so powerful that they did not dare to ask for trouble.

They were already very grateful to be able to get a residence.

Liu Wens team belonged to the seventh team of the Array Formation Academy.

The team leader was their master, Liu Wangchuan.

Liu Wangchuan had the experience of being an array master in his early years.

Later on, he was recognized in the selection and received Little Mans guidance.

Now, he was considered a small and famous figure in Ping City.

“Were mainly in charge of the northern part of the fortress.

The pressure in this area isnt especially high, and the missions we received are mainly light.

After we arrive, each team will do their own area according to our previous arrangements.

Try your best to complete it within three days.”

In the huge tent, the members of Team Seven were holding an emergency meeting.

“I hope that everyone can do their best.

Sea City and Ping City will rely on each other.

If this place is broken through by the yellow sand, Ping City will not be able to be stable.”

“Understood, Team Leader.”

Liu Wangchuan was assigning tasks to every team.

Behind him was a very detailed map, and beside it was the partial design of the fortress.

This area that was about fifty miles long was the area that their seventh team was responsible for.

The fortress that Sea City was going to build this time was eight hundred miles long.

They had even hired more than a thousand array masters.

The materials used were completely disregarded.

They were determined to do everything they could to isolate the sandstorm from Sea City.

In the overall design of the array formation, every area was an independent defensive array formation.

It could only mobilize the local array formation to make the overall defense more agile.

If they faced a strong impact, they could connect all the array formations in the entire fortress together and form an incomparably huge defensive array to concentrate their strength to resist the powerful assault.

Little Man had decided on the idea of this array formation.

Before coming, Little Man had even discussed it with these team leaders and arranged many detailed matters for them.

Little Man was very concerned about the design of this fortress because she had a very good relationship with Ye Qiluo.

The two of them were like sisters.

Now that Sea City had encountered such trouble, Little Man was also doing her best.

The place that Liu Wens team was in charge of was a hundred miles to the west.

There was a mountain peak blocking it, so they could be considered a safe area and did not need to invest much strength.

The array formation design of the fortress was divided into three parts.

Ahead was naturally the strongest outer city wall.

The middle part was actually the foundation.

This was the core control area of every array formation.

The entire fortress was just about to be built.

This was the perfect time for them to complete the first stage of the array formation.

“The sand-repelling array designed by Sister Little Man is really exquisite.

Although it looks simple, there are still many mysteries in it.

If the two of us can create such an array someday, well be thanking the heavens.”

Liu Wen held the jade pendant and projected a translucent array formation map.

This array formation map flickered with a faint light and had special markings at the key points.

“Sister Little Man is the State Preceptor.

Isnt it too early for us to think about reaching Sister Little Mans level”

Yang Tianqi was preparing the materials he needed.

These materials had already been specially processed.

In their generation, the process of creating array formations was already very standardized.

Be it the array discs and array flags of the array formation or the spirit stones needed, they had all undergone special treatment.

Hu Qian squatted beside Yang Tianqi and watched him make preliminary preparations.

“Speaking of which, who do you think Master will send to do that sand-gathering array That array is really powerful and dangerous.

If we can really make it, we can compress the entire desert back.

This is really a huge project.”

Liu Wen leaned against a pillar and looked at the two of them in boredom.

“These are not things we can consider.

Master naturally has his own arrangements.

We just need to do our best.”

“You cant say that.

Master is the real capable person.

If we can obtain the array diagram of this Sand Gathering Array and learn ten to twenty percent of it, we will be able to become an array formation master.”

Yang Tianqi raised his head and glared at Liu Wen.

He warned, “Dont have any crooked thoughts about Masters things.”

“What do you mean by crooked Master and the others didnt avoid the two of us when they discussed this matter.

Besides, werent they be happy that were so humble and eager to learn from Master”

“But Master doesnt intend to let us come into contact with an array formation of that level yet.”

“Maybe Master just thinks that were not strong enough now, but I feel that Sister Little Man has been with us for so long.

Our current array formation attainments are not as bad as Master thinks.”

Yang Tianqi did not say anything else.

This sand-gathering array was something that Li Yuanqing had mentioned to Little Man during their internal discussion.

The intention was to completely isolate the desert from the outside.

If the sand could not be successfully blocked or forced back, Sea City would be threatened sooner or later.

However, if there was a way to make those deserts return and restore the vast wilderness to its original appearance, it could fundamentally resolve this problem.

Li Yuanqing had even personally designed such an array formation.

However, this array formation had to be placed in the center of the quicksand.

It was especially dangerous.

From his masters words, he had yet to find a candidate.

“No matter what, we should finish the mission in front of us first.

Dont stay there and do nothing.”

“Its such a simple mission.

Didnt the two of you set it up casually”

“Cut the crap.

Hurry up and draw the groove.”

Liu Wen muttered a few complaints, but he obediently walked to the center of the empty space.

There were many small flags placed on the ground.

They were all marks that Yang Tianqi had already set up.

They were the key points of the array formation and the location where they wanted to draw the grooves.

Liu Wen walked to the small yellow flag in the middle and pulled it out.

He took out a pitch-black wooden stick.

This wooden stick was three feet long and looked very inconspicuous.

He held the tip of the wooden stick and stabbed it forcefully, burying half of it into the bricks.

Below was the thickest foundation of the entire fortress.

It was made of large stones and was very hard.

However, the wooden stick in Liu Wens hand easily pierced through half of it.

Liu Wen nodded in satisfaction.

Suddenly, he spun the wooden stick half a circle.

The strong light emitted from the wooden stick hit his face.

His eyes suddenly became sharp as he stared at the patterns on the wooden stick.

After the light was dazzling at first, it gradually calmed down and became gentle.

When the light gradually stabilized, it was still slowly moving, as if there was a long light source inside that was constantly circling.

Liu Wen muttered something and gently pressed his other hand to the ground.

From the wooden stick, it slowly swept out, shooting out distorted lights that were engraved on the wooden sticks body.

As the gentle light swept past, patterns of the same shape appeared on the floor under Liu Wens feet, slowly engraved.

Just like that, without sweeping a circle, the patterns under Liu Wens feet expanded by a foot.

He sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes.

One hand was pressed against the wooden stick, and the other was placed on his chest.

Grooves slowly appeared on the hard stone slab under his butt.

These grooves were very round and triangular, with the heights rising and falling.

After about an hour, the light on Liu Wens body slowly faded.

This core array formation with a radius of a hundred feet was completed.

Liu Wen put the short black rod away and let out a long breath, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

He turned to look at Yang Tianqi, who was busy at the side, and Hu Qian, who was following him like a follower.

He curled his lips.

“I say, Im done with my business.

The rest is up to you.”

Yang Tianqi said without looking back, “Rest well and recover your vitality.

Youll still be a little busy tomorrow.”

The two of them already had a considerable tacit understanding.

They had cooperated many times in setting up array formations and were now familiar with it.

The two of them cooperated easily.

Liu Wen then looked meaningfully at Hu Qian, who was following behind Yang Tianqi.

He curled his lips and said, “Miss Hu, why are you so interested in array formations Why do you only look at our Great Genius Yang If you dont learn my set, can you learn this array formation completely”

Hu Qian turned her head and glared at him.

She said angrily, “Im not interested in looking at you.”

“Miss Hu, your words are too hurtful.

Dont I have any redeeming qualities”

“Liu Wen, stop fooling around.

This mission is very important.

Master has repeatedly reminded you.

Hurry up and go back to rest and recover your strength.”

Liu Wen originally wanted to argue with Hu Qian again, but Yang Tianqis appearance dispelled his thoughts.

“Alright, I know that you feel sorry for your little wife.

I wont say anything else, alright”

“Who are you calling a little wife”

Hu Qian narrowed her eyes and stared coldly at Liu Wen.

Liu Wen was about to run when he suddenly felt a strong killing intent from behind him, making his heart turn cold.

He hurriedly turned around and raised his hands in surrender.

“Miss, I was just saying.

I dont know what I was saying.

You cant be serious, right”

Hu Qian slowly raised her hand.

A white pearl slowly appeared in her palm.

This pearl was also a treasure given to her by Li Yuanqing.

“Damn! Miss, you cant be serious.

Are you really going to attack”

Seeing this, Liu Wen ran out.

He was not Hu Qians match.

With Hu Qians strength, even if eight or ten of him came, he would not be able to defeat her.

Hu Qian suddenly pointed a finger at the fleeing Liu Wen.

A white light hit Liu Wens heel, scaring him so much that he rolled forward.

This almost burned his calf.

“Are you going to kill someone” Liu Wen shouted as he fled towards the camp behind in a panic.

“Yang! Mind your little wife.

If she kills me one day, I wont let the two of you off even if I become a ghost!”

Liu Wen looked behind him in surprise.

After climbing over a mountain, the fortress gradually becomes blurry.

Just as he was about to heave a sigh of relief, he turned around and realized that a large group of demon beasts at the back of their camp had gathered over.

Those demon beasts were originally scattered all over the periphery of Sea City.

There shouldnt be any behind.

However, at this moment, those fellows had already moved less than a hundred meters behind their camp.


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