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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Eugene did not have the slightest desire to be particularly close to children from other walks of life. It was not that there was no feeling of homogeneity, but in reality, it was only those who were not worthy of attention.

Deacon, 11 years old.

Hansen, 14 years old.

Jules, 10 years old.

Three children in the room arrived sequentially. Eugene greeted them roughly, bringing the three together in his head.

‘Trembling beggars.

They were so intimidated by his attitude that they were constantly looking at him. Especially Hansen, who is a year older than Eugene. His cheeks were chubby and his body was plump, at first he didnt like it when he tried to openly pretend to be the one in charge, saying he was the oldest.

However, that attitude was only the case in front of Eugene and other children. Hansen, who acted like a big brother, saw the lion on Ciels left chest and changed his attitude.

In fact, it was not an intelligent attitude. Children with weak influence have no choice but to be afraid of the main family.

“…who the hell is he”

Therefore, the three trembling glanced at Eugene with their eyes full of disbelief.

After a brief exchange of greetings, Eugene resumed his suspended performance. It was an extension of physical training that he had been doing since morning.

Eugene thought that technology would develop over time. Its the same with martial arts. Even if Eugene was a warrior from 300 years ago, the idea that the martial arts of the “Fool Hamel” were still unconditionally superior to modern martial arts was too arrogant.

However, no matter how advanced martial arts are, they cannot be used properly unless the physical training was properly done. Eugene believed the fact and had no doubt.

Even if he didnt train mana. Physical training should not be neglected.

‘Since you didnt train your mana, you should be more focused on the physical.

In fact, even though he was pointed out as ignorant, he had nothing to say. But what can he do The blood ceremony, that damn tradition of not training mana…

Those who excel in blood ceremony are bound to return to the direct line. There, the idea of feeding the house with salt was also a backlash against Vermouth, who would have ignored the tradition.

“Arent you tired”

“Its hard.”

From the way forward, Ciel sat next to Eugene and watched the training. She was intrigued by Eugene. Ciel, who grew up in her family, has been training with her brother since she was young. However, twins have never been as ignorant and hard-working as Eugene.

“I guess someones here.”

Eugene stood up, shaking his sweaty hair. The far main gate was opening. Since it was time for the sun to set, it seems that the two missing in the room arrived around the evening.

‘Its so bustling.

From the main house, the servants are running forward. The drivers who stayed behind the main house also ran in unison.

‘Gargis and Dira. I heard that the families of the two little children are the most important family after the main, but I wondered how we are required to rush to run after not even preparing to greet them until now.

“… Oops.”

Ciel felt the same question. She blinked and looked at the front door, smiling as she heard the flag stretched high from the entrance.

“My father must be here!”

Ciel shouted in an excited voice. She sprang to her feet and ran toward the front door without waiting for Eugene.

“You, Eugene.”

Nina was also surprised and approached Eugene.

“The Lord must be back. You have to clean yourself up. Oh, no. Change your clothes first.”

“It would be better to go sweaty than to go alone late.”

Eugene replied, tapping the dirt off his body. Nina hesitated for a moment and took a handkerchief out of her arms and wiped Eugenes limbs. However, the smell of sweat in Eugene did not go away, so she even took out perfume and sprayed it on Eugene.

“Thats enough.”

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Roughly pressing the greasy hair with his hands, full of sweat and dirty soil.

It didnt take very long, but all the servants of the detached house and the servants of the room went toward the main gate. Eventually, Eugene and Nina were the last to leave the annex and head to the main gate.


All the flags engraved with Lionharts symbol soared high in the sky. More than a hundred knights line up with the flag. The servants of the main house and the detached house gather in one place and line up at the entrance of the mansion.

The relatives of the family stood before their servants. Ciel stood on the left side of Ancilla, who was grooming herself, and on the right side stood a pale-faced cyan.

A few steps ahead of Ancilla.

Although the real power of the family was away.

In this position, Mrs. Theonis, who is a woman of honesty, stands ahead of Ancilla. She looked plain for her husband, who had returned after years.

Eugene looked to the boy next to Theonis. He has a handsome face, but his eyes are dull and his shoulders are drooping, not like his age. Iokin Lionheart. The eldest son of the family and the first in line of succession.

Theonis is biting her lips. Then Iokim stiffened his expression and straightened his waist and broadened his shoulders.

‘I dont think everyone grew up being pretty.

Thats why his personality is so different. Eugene turned his head with a flick of his tongue.

“Come this way, please.”

One of the butlers of the main house approached and bowed his head. The place where the children of the branch should stand in the corner of their relatives. It is clearly distinguished because of its proper distance.


The knights drew their swords in unison. More than a hundred words have been pulled out, but the sound of iron is not disturbed. The knights glued a high sword to their left chest and looked back at the main gate.

A man on a giant black horse was leading two wagons in. There was no such thing as a loud shout.

The knights greeted their Lord, who had returned after years.

‘Guillade Lionhart.

Eugene stared at the man with his eyes twinkling. Although he does not possess a face resembling Vermouth, his brilliant Aura was quite impressive.

‘The one who follows must be his brother, Hugo.

Lionharts family. Guillard has two younger brothers. The second younger brother, Gilford, is married and is still living in his home. The third younger brother, Hugo, left his home with Guillade without getting married.

“…I wish youd let me know before you came.”

“Im coming back to my house, and why would I let you know”

Guillard answered as he got off the horse.

“Iokim, youve grown quite tall. Have you improved that much”

“…I tried to live up to your fathers expectations.”

Iokim avoided looking and blurted the end of his speech. Guillard stared at his eldest son for a while and turned away.

“Cyan and Ciel I almost didnt recognize you. Kids grow up so fast. Its amazing.”

“I missed you, Father.”

Ciel replied with a big smile. Only then did Guillade smile and nod. He felt the smell of dust and sweat from the two twins. It was a smell that I couldnt feel in Iokim.

“Gilford, I heard you had a son. Im sorry I couldnt share that moment of blessing.”

“Dont say that, brother.”

Gilford answered with a bow. Next to him was his wife, Neria, holding a sleeping baby. Guillard stared at the baby for a moment and caught his eye.

Glaring eyes sweep the children in the room. Some of the children stood up, swallowing surprise. Eugene didnt have to do that. He was just looking at him, but why is he leaving

“…no big preparation. Lets just eat together.”

Guillards mouth opened.

“Lets talk about the blood ceremony.”

People gather around a wide square table. The children in the room filled the table from the side to the end.

The two wagons that came with Guillade were carrying a Dira and a Gargis. The two sat on the innermost side of the children in the room as if it were natural.

Eugene sat next to Gargis.


Gargis looked at Eugenes face with a curious look.

It is an unwritten rule to sit within the order of the family. Originally, sitting next to Gargis had to be that fat Hansen.

Hansen, however, sat next to Eugene without expressing any dissatisfaction.

Hansen arrived around noon and saw how ignorant Eugene was training. He also saw the familys notorious twin, Ciel, being friendly to Eugene. Hansen didnt want to have an unnecessary quarrel with this relative.

“I saw Gargis and Dira last time. I know your face because youve been here with me.”

The center opposite the children in the room.

It is the seat of the familys Lord, Guillard. He looked closely at the children in the room, wiping their hands with a wet towel.

“I dont know who the other four are.”

“My name is Eugene from Gidol. My fathers name is Jehard Lionhart.”

Eugene lowered his head slightly and announced his name. Starting with him, children from other branches introduced themselves. But Eugen was the only one who spoke smoothly. The other children shook their voices and stuttered. The presence of the main houses house owner right across from the other side made the children nervous.

“… well.”

After hearing all the introductions, Guillade nodded low. Since then, Guillade has put his chin on without saying much.


The children in the room couldnt even breathe properly and noticed. The same was true of Gargis and Dira. Especially Dira. She was right in front of Guillade, so she couldnt keep her eyes open and pinch her little thigh.

‘Im hungry.

Eugene glared at the shabby table. There were some slices of bread and tea, but who would put them on their noses

‘Who the hell is that

Next to the Iokim was a blond young man. Its a man who came in a different carriage from Dira, Gargis. They dont think he is from Lionharts household. Iokim, who sat right next to him, also felt that he didnt know who the man was.


It was Ciel who broke the silence and opened his mouth. She stared at Guillade with a big smile.

“Its been three years since you came back. Dont you have my present”

“I never thought of it.”

Guilarde replied with a grin. Like most fathers, Guillade cared for his daughter. However, unlike his eldest son, Ciel has a lot of aegyo.

“Hey… I miss you every day. Dont you also miss me, father”

“I miss you.”

“Liar. You didnt even bring me a present.”

“Haha, why dont I give you a present after the blood ceremony Dont hate this father too much.”

In the conversation, Iokim chewed his lower lip well. The other twin also lowered his eyes without saying anything. Originally, he would have shivered with Ciel as well.

But there was still yesterdays bruise on Cyan. Duel, defeat. Cyan was afraid of being scolded by his father.

“By the way, Father. Who is that person”

Ciel made eye contact with Eugene once and looked back at the man sitting next to Iokim. She knew Eugene was constantly glancing at that man. It wasnt exactly because of him. Ciel was also curious about the identity of the man he didnt know.

Now, not only Ancilla and Theonis but also Guillades two younger siblings were unable to join the table.

Lionharts main family.

Children attending the blood system

Thats the only place where a foreigner with identity should seat.

“Well, I was going to introduce him a little later.”

“It doesnt matter to me.”

The man replied with a smile.

“Well, you havent even adjusted yet. The children are overwhelmed with silence, so wed better introduce myself now.”

“Im sure. I was in a hurry and regretted my early collection.”

“Haha, its not Guillades fault. The first meeting with a distant relative will make everyone feel awkward.”

The man looked back at the children with a grin. Eugene picked up a teacup while listening to them back and forth. He was hungry, so he wanted to push something down my throat.

“Hello, children. My name is Robertian from the Red Tower of Aroth.”


Dira sounded surprised. Some children tilted their heads, recalling the name that was left somewhere in their heads.

“Well, the Red Tower.”

Iokim looked back at Robertian with a look of astonishment.


Eugenes mouth spouted the tea he just drank.


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