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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


The moment he left the main house and arrived at the detached house.

Gargis, who had been closing his mouth, looked back at Eugene.


“You… you really won a duel with Cyan Lionhart”


Gargiss eyes shake at the honest answer. He looked incredibly up and down at Eugene.

Gargis Lionhart. He is fourteen years old, one year older than Eugene.

His family was separated from the main family during the prehistoric period. It is a relatively recent split of the family, so it has a high rank among many branches.

In addition, there was a forest full of monsters around the family.

Gargis has been shooting around the forest since childhood, making it a game to break the head of a small monster like Goblin.

In other words, it is called Muga, which is considered one of the best in the field. Its the same with Dira. Her family had already been relegated from the main house several generations ago, but she was a prominent military figure who had been in the military since her grandfathers time.

As a result, the two had many contacts since they were young. Even though they are of the same family name, the village head is far from the same age. Therefore, the two families are so close that they are jokingly sharing the story of getting married in the future.

Naturally, the two families exchanged various opinions on the blood ceremony. There is nothing else to look at. In the end, they have to compete with the other children, so lets not try to compete with each other for nothing, but they might join forces.

Gargis came to the main family with his parents honor, but a countryside boy in which he didnt even know where he came from, fought against Cyan Lionhart from the main family. He even defeated him with a single blow and took the Lords attention.

‘Whos Jehard

They didnt even know who Eugenes father was. There are so many branches with Lionhart as the last name. Among them, only a few of the bloodlines and branches of the main house are famous.

‘He didnt even come to my birthday party three years ago.

Gargis and Dira looked at each other hard.

“Are you done with your questions”

“Uh… Uh”

“Then can I go” Eugene didnt wait for an answer.

The two looked back at Eugene, who was passing by, giving a cold look. They thought he was going anywhere, but he didnt go into the house but headed straight for the mist.

“Are you here”

Among the servants of the detached house, Nina ran out the fastest. She handed Eugene a thick towel as if she had waited for him.


“Youre going to train.”

“I like it.” Eugene grinned and nodded.

Its only been a day, and Nina has learned a lot about Eugene. The 13-year-old instructor trains, saying, “I wonder if a ghost died because I couldnt train, or if I was possessed to stimulate my appetite before eating,” and “I have to digest it after eating.”

“When are you going to take a bath”

“A couple of hours later.”

“Coldwater will do, right”

“Of course.”  Nina jolted after Eugene.

Shes just out of her apprenticeship. Therefore, Nina was supposed to be in charge of the chores in the separate house, but the servants of the separate house did not make Nina do anything. They only told her to look after Eugene. Thanks to them, Nina was able to focus entirely on Eugenes behavior.

‘What are they doing

Eugene did physical training earlier. The night air was cool, so he thought hed swing the sword. Gargis and Dira were looking this way. Wanting to step forward. Then, from what he expected, Gargis strode forward.


Gargis threw off his coat without hesitation. A body that has incredibly developed muscles at the age of 14. Not only that but there were small wounds all over the body.


Eugene looked at Gargis without saying anything. Then Gargis swallowed his breath and opened his chest. There was a wide chest muscle. His abs are wriggling underneath it.

Gargis condescended and tapped on his chest muscles.

“Do you want to touch it”

‘What is he doing

Eugene was just staring at him with that thought, but Gargis seemed to have some sort of stupid illusion.


Eugene answered without hesitation. Gargis looked sad and reduced his swollen chest muscles. Then he passed Eugene and headed for the warehouse in the corner of the chimney.

After a while. Gargis came out with a wooden sword. He talked to Eugene with a look full of dissatisfaction.

“The weapons in the warehouse are too poor. I think they are of lesser quality than those from the warehouse in my family.”


“I mean, the last time I used this ordinary wooden sword was around when I was six. There is a huge bayonet in my family that I ordered myself. Of course, I didnt take it here because it was for training. Its really heavy with an iron core inside.”

“Thats great.”

“You seem to have been pretty disciplined…”

Gargis looked at Eugenes forearm holding a wooden sword. It is not comparable to his thick forearms either, but it was clear that he had been training for a long time.

“What kind of training do you usually do”

“Why do you ask that”

“You said you beat Cyan. What kind of training did you do to beat Cyan Lionhart, the second son of the main family”

“Hard work.”Eugene was too lazy to deal with him.

Eugene swung the sword again after giving a rough answer. The basic action of swinging from top to bottom. As Eugene repeated his move silently, Gargis, who was standing at a distance, also raised his wooden sword.

Boom! It sounds so loud that it couldnt have been thought it was from an ordinary wooden sword. This is the sound of pure muscular strength without the help of Mana.

Gargis glanced proudly at Eugene, but the latter didnt give him a single glance.

“…how many hours a day do you train”

“Every hour except the time I eat, go to the bathroom, and sleep.”

“How long do you sleep”

“At least six hours.”

“I sleep for five hours.”

“Thats great.”

“I actually wanted to sleep a little longer. My father told me that sleep is a cure. I heard you need to sleep to get muscles bigger.”


“The size of your muscles is not because of the difference in sleep time. There is a visionary muscle growth system in our family.”

“Thats great.”

“It was made with the help of a famous alchemist from Aroth… It is a drug that promotes muscle growth according to training without accumulating mana in the body. Dont you use it”

“I use nothing.”

“With simple training, muscle growth is limited. Originally, these muscle growth agents were used by mercenaries, but this cheap method together with our familys vision of muscle growth agents was of different quality. It doesnt have any side effects.”


“Look at me. I know I sleep an hour less than you, but my muscles are too thicker than yours. How tall are you” Gargis thought he deserved to make a boastful noise.

Gargis and Eugene are only one year apart, but Gargis was one head taller than Eugene. Considering his still young face, he doesnt look 14 years old.

“No side effects. Where are you lying”

It was Dira who just changed her clothes that asked Gargis with a sharp voice. She had her long hair tied up and wore a generous size uniform.

“That medicine. They say it gives you a beard.”

“Whats wrong with that Its natural for a man to grow a beard. I like my beard growing. I feel like Im an adult.”

“You are still growing up, you idiot!”

Dira shot back with a grimace in her eyes. She is 12 years old, and she is also bold in cursing him because they were close since childhood.

“I heard you used a spear in a duel with Cyan. Why are you using a sword now”

“I can use a spear and a sword.”

“Oh, youre using all of this and that And self-study

Other people would have given him a slight expression. Dira didnt dare to do that and just stared at Eugene. It was said he defeated the main familys son with a blow.

“…I specialize in spears.”

“It suits you.” It wasnt a lie. Dira was tall for her age, especially her long limbs.

“Its no fun just wielding a wooden sword. Lets have a fight.”

“All right.”

Eugene nodded his head. He liked the straightforward attitude of Dira. In addition, Eugene was curious about the skills of the children who were ranked high among the branches.

“You use the spear. I shall use the spear, too.”

“Is that really necessary”

“Id rather see you wielding a spear than a sword.”

He rushed to the warehouse without answering Dira. Soon he returned with two long spears on his side.

“Take it.”

The two children faced each other with a spear. Gargis, who was still taking off his coat, stood in the center.

“What are you doing”

“Ill be the referee.”

“Why do we need a referee in a duel”

“In order for the result to be fair.” Gargis raised his arm high, saying so. Eugene didnt want to see his naked armpit…

“Baby, what youre doing reminds me of a fool.

Hes so big. If it werent for his Lionhart surname, he would seriously suspect that he was a descendant of Moron.

“If I say start, it starts.”

“Tell him to get started, idiot.” Dira roared.

Gargis stepped back slightly and lowered his raised arm.


The match against Cyan ended with a blow, but this time Eugene didnt intend to. Because he wanted to see the skill of Dira. Dira did not run straight but crept a few steps to find Eugenes gap.

Eugene did not leave his place with the spear in both hands. However, only the spearhead was slightly moved to match the movement of Dira.


The eyes of Dira flinch. She was quite confident in her skills, but now she wondered if what she had in her hand was really a spear.

‘Theres no time…

She tried to move around, but she couldnt find any opening.

Diras lower lip was now swollen due to her biting it too much.

She couldnt do anything, even finding openings.

The distance between the two quickly narrows down.

Soon, Eugene stepped forward and attacked her. Eugenes slight movement on the spearhead hit the spear of Dira.

At that moment, she turned her body with the spear. The end of the spinning spear hits Eugene again. However, the results were the same again this time.

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When the attack was cleared, Dijiras eyes shook.


She chewed her lips and waved her arms.

She was now striking back and forth against Eugene.

The dull sounds of metal blend in between.

Diraa determined stabbing attacks were easily countered by Eugene.

She knows how to turn.

‘She knows how to use rebound and elasticity.

Its pretty good considering that she didnt use mana. In addition, the possibility of growth in the future is endless as she is young.

The story of the future as far as it goes. She was not Eugenes opponent.

The spear slips from the hand of Dira. She grabbed the bottom of the spear and increased the attack of the spear at once.


Attack from top to bottom.

Eugene grinned and bent sideways.

It was the first time he avoided it while just removing it. This fact gave confidence to Dira.

‘Im gonna turn the distance back here, and I will win Thats what she thought, but the reality didnt work out the way Dira thought.

The moment the spear approaches the floor. Eugenes foot trampled on the spear. Then, at one go, he stabbed the spear at Dira. With the approaching spear, Dira pulled her head back in horror.

The spear stopped before the Diras nose. She pricked her lips and saw Eugenes face beyond the spear.


The dragon was used to remove the trampled spear, but no matter how hard it was, the spear did not move. He was just stepping on one foot. He put the spear in front of the crying image of Dira.

Rather than the spear not falling out, Eugenes body was not shaken even though he gave this much strength, which saved his defeat.

“Eugene Lionnhart won.”

Gargis, who was standing as a referee, said with a solemn look. She crumpled her eyebrows and stared at Gargis, who had already been feeling sad.

“Shut up, pig!”

“Im not a pig. A pig is a man like Hansen.”

“Shut up!”

“Dira. You didnt learn anything from the wonderful words of the Lord. You shouldnt be ashamed of losing. You need to know how to respect your opponents honor.”


He took a few steps back without refuting Dira.

She sighed and bowed to Eugene.

“…I lost.”

“Yes,” Eugene replied with a happy smile.

“Youre a good spearhead.”

“Are you kidding me”

He meant it from the bottom of his heart. He exclaimed “Dira” in a fit of rage. Only then did Eugene realize that he was a kid about the same age as Dira.

“Although I use it better.”

“You son of a…!”

“So I won. Even if its unfair, I won.”

“Shut up!”

“Dear you, he didnt get a single punch.” So he behaves like his age.


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