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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

TL Note: Diras name is actually Dijira/Dihira. Just changed to Dira so her name is 2 syllables.

Ioken is read as- Yo-Ken. His name should have been Ioden read as Yo-den but because his name looks like an element I changed it to Ioken- Yo-Ken.

(I actually consulted the name dictionary to find an existing name with the same sound. All the names here are actually found using the dictionary because the author seem to like English names written in Hangul. Like Eugene= Yujin, Ciel= siEr, Cyan= sian)

“We have to work together.”

That night.

Dira and Gargis came to Eugenes room.

At that time, Eugene was lying on the bed.

He just washed his body neatly, changed into a soft pajamas, and was about to fall asleep with congratulating himself for this satisfying day.

“Did you just wake someone up for that”

Eugene answered without looking at them while still lying on bed.

“I want your answer.”

Gargis insisted. There was a face full of discontent called Dira standing beside him. She know Eugenes skills for sure, but there is still a sound in her ears teasing her saying that she didnt get a single hit.

“How do we put our strength together You heard about the blood ceremony from the Lord earlier. Its the blood ceremony in which we go into different entrances and breaks through the Labyrinth.”

“But the destination is the same. The center where there are mysterious Bad Captain Monster.”

He cant believe a monster got Bad Captain on his name.

“The Captain Monster must be very strong.”

“Maybe so.”

“The Lord and the Red Tower Master said that there are many traps and monsters inside the maze. But the three of us can break through the center alone.”

“Thats something youll know once we try.”

“Ive never lost to monsters.”

Gargis opened his chest with pride.

“I said that the monster of the Mage is not real, but just magical illusion. Then theres nothing to be afraid of.”

“If you are so confident, why want to join forces just to defeat the Captain Monster”

“Are you perhaps afraid of pain if you lose”

“Ive never lost to a monster.”

“The Captain Monster is strong, thats why its called Captain Monster.”

Gargis replied with a confident look.

“So we have to work together. The twins in the main family will join forces, so we three will have to join forces.”

“Lets get together in the middle and catch the Captain Monster”


“I think I can catch it alone.”

Eugene replied with a grin.

“Im not lucky.”

Dira said. Gargis nodded in agreement.

“Then lets do this. If you cant catch it after trying once join us.”

“How about you”

“Run away and wait for us.”

“You dont need to do that Youre already strong enough. You guys can do it without me.”

“Ill do that depending on the situation.”

Dira replied.

“But there are three more people than two. Im sorry to hear that, but… Stronger than me. If you help us, we can definitely catch the Captain Monster.”

“Why do you want to hunt it so bad”

“Dont you want to beat the main family”

Dira asked with a grimace in her eyes.

“Youve already beaten Cyan in the duel. I told you that if you win the blood system, you will also received a gift.”

“Family Branches has never won a blood ceremony in which the main family and Family Branches participated.”

Gargis said.

“But I think there is a possibility this time. You have a Dira with me. Youre the one who beat Cyan.”

“Even if you catch it alone, Family Branches wins, right”

“If you come at it alone and win, Ill be very happy. Its better to catch it by one person than three people in the room.”

Gargis answered with a nod.

His stature reminded Eugene of Moron, who was like a fool. When he heard what he said, he knew how to think about it, and there was a big corner.

“Go away, okay. Im going to sleep.”

Eugene shook his hand while lying down. Although Dira looked unhappy, Gargis nodded and grabbed Dira by the wrist.

“Im going to sleep for five hours again today.”

“Im going to sleep six hours.”

Eugene know what that fellow was thinking. And he felt like he was right.

“You idiot, whats wrong with getting a little more sleep than him”

“The early bird catches the worm.”

“So youre going to catch a worm tomorrow morning”

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“Youre two years younger than me, so you dont know what that metaphor is.”

“Get out!”

Eugene threw a pillow and shouted.


Ancilla was troubled all night.

It was because of the blood ceremony. She expected it to be a common battle between children, but it was an out-of-the-box maze.

‘And he invited Aroths Red Tower Master

The wise Senya has made a mark in the magical world of Aroth.

The house of Lionhart, descendants of the great Vermouth, also maintains close ties with Aroths great masters.

In particular, Robertian, the master of the red tower of this time, claimed to be a disciple of the wise Senya, and attended several events of the main house.

‘However he never came to my childrens birthdays.

Ancilla chewed her lips well.

Of course, the Blood Ceremony is a traditional Lionnhart event, but… No matter how hard she thought about it, it didnt seem to have come all by itself.

Mrs. Theonis smiled.

‘…maybe hes here to get a student.

It was a plausible idea. Ioken liked reading books rather than using his body since he was young.

He was especially interested in magic, so he practiced magic from the beginning.

However, he has never had a teacher. The nickname given to the great Vermouth “All Master.” Its a nickname given to Vermouth because he was not only good at martial arts but also with magic.

However, not many people have been willing to study magic at Lionharts home since Vermouth. There was a simple reason. Magic is hard to get to.

The competition for succession begins at an early age. If they have learned magic since then, it is unlikely that he will be magically promoted to Lord immediately.

“Ioken is fifteen… He was learning magic since he was a kid, but… Its self-taught to the point.”

Will he ever become a disciple of the Red Tower

Ancilla pressed her twitching cheek with a smile.

‘Hes practically given up his succession. If Ioken becomes a disciple of the Red Tower, he had no choice but to leave home. In the meantime, Cyan and Ciel will grow up to be…

When Ioken goes to Aroth, Ancilla will take control of the main house. Objectively speaking, Cyan and Ciels qualities are not bad. Rather, they are very good.

Worthy of Lionharts name.

‘…The problem is the blood ceremony…

Ancilla did not know whether to be dissatisfied or pleased with the content of the blood ceremony.

They go through different entrances and break through the Labyrinth That means Cyan and Ciel cant help each other…

‘If its just a simple duel… Of course either Cyan or Ciel would have won…

She cant be sure of him.

Eugene from the countryside that won the duel against Cyan.

This fact complicated Ancilla.

A mystery with many variables…

The result of the duel will not be unconditionally reflected.

Should I bribe him Or should I be dissatisfied with the unique blood ceremony that castrates the advantage of our family and seeks equity first

‘…you should never intervene in with the blood ceremony.

Ancilla, who had been worrying all night, sighed.

She thought shed secretly talk to her husband, but she knew he was strict with his children.

If she get lucky for no reason, she will definitely get to her husbands bad eyes.

“…you should be nice to me…”

Ancilla tilted her head toward the window and muttered.

A few days before the blood ceremony starts.

In the meantime, they should learn information that can help them in the maze.

Thanks to this, Cyan and Ciel are buried in books related to the palace, which were brought from the capital, instead of training with Hezar.

Although Cyans cheeks were slapped because anger, Ancilla still loved her child.

Children who have to live with the label of Second Wifes children for the rest of their lives barely made it this far.

“The insults from now on will only narrow down.”

Cyan and Ciel are still young. The reason why the two can do anything in the main house is because Ancilla stood tall without showing any shame.

So her sons defeat hurts. The blood of the main family got defeated from someone of the Branch…

‘…Id rather…

Ancilla sighed with a complex look.

‘If that Eugene is the first to break through the palace.

Shake hands that you dont dare to think of. If that happens, the whole house will be humiliated. But the disgrace is not borne by Aniscilla alone. Guillade, the owner of the family, is also sharing with Theonis, the faithful.

If she think the opposite way. Eugenes passing the maze may mask Cyans defeat. Its not that he is lacking in the talent, but that lad from the Branch family is just strangely outstanding.

‘…the best thing is for Cyan and Ciel to break through the maze.

Anicilla sighed again and stood up from the chair.

‘If I dont… Its better for Eugene to break through than Ioken or any other kid.

Of course, Anicilla didnt want to cheer for Eugene.

She only thought of a possible lane.

Three days later.

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The children of the Branch Family were called by their parents. Since the preparation of the Labyrinth that was summoned to the forest was over, the blood Ceremony will begin today.

Comfortable attire; personal arrangements are not allowed. What about weapons

Most of the children had such questions, but once they were told, they followed the knights into the forest.

“Ill prepare the weapons for you.”

Inside the forest were the Robertian and Guilard. Behind the two, the entrance to the cave, which looked suspicious and artificial, stood tall.

“Tell me the weapon you need. We wont let you stand until the end of the day, but your childs opponent is not real anyway. You can deal with a weapon thats shaped enough, right”

Robertian said with a kind smile. Eugene hated that word “children” more than anything else.

He think hes just being a kid. However, he was a real warrior, so he couldnt express his dissatisfaction openly.

“Is there only one kind of weapon”

“Not really. Well prepare as much as we need.”


Ciel asked with a grin. Robertian raised his hands, looking at Ciels big eyes as if they were cute.

“Like this.”


A long sword was made.


Ciel held the sword that came to him with both hands. The weight is reasonable, and the texture of the blade is not bad.

Ciel swung at the sword a few times with exciteness.

“What if this breaks”

“Ha ha, little girl. You dont have to worry about that. This man is a great wizard. That is also magic, and it will never break inside the labyrinth that the little lady is going.”

“Can you make animals, not swords”

“I can make dolls. Golem is possible but I cant make a living life.”

“Then can I take the golem you make for me”

“Thats a sweet idea.”

Robertian burst into laughter and looked back at Guilard. Guilard, smiling at his daughters tricks, shook his head slowly.

“I cant do that. Because Golem will fight for you.”

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“Then make a doll for me next time.”

Ciel replied with a big smile. Iokens eyes twinkled and saw the light twirling around the hand of the Roberian.

“Why cant you make a living life”

Ioken questioned. When asked, Robertian looked back at the Ioken with a funny look on his face.

“Its a magic taboo.”


“Its hard to make, and theres nothing good about it. It is the beautiful power of being that gives birth to a living life.”


Ioken nodded as if he had understood.

“Hey, Im not going to do this. Id like a longer, thinner sword.”

“Hold on. Its possible for me to make it one by one, but its hard for me to make the same sword as the little girl

Robertian reached for Ciel. Then the light wrapped in his hand crossed over to Ciel.

“So, you can make it yourself. Other kids, too. Its not hard. Im using magic anyway, so you just have to pick up the light, clearly imagining whats in your head.”

The light came over to the nine children. Ioken shook his fingertips as he looked at the light with ecstatic eyes. Guilard watched his eldest son silently.


Gargis exclaimed. He made his favorite bayonet that he uses back in the family. Strangely enough, even the familiar weight was realized. He burst into admiration as he hung the bayonet over his shoulder.

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Even for Dira it created a spear as usual. She poked her spear several times into the air, savoring the feel of the spear in her hands. Then she put a spear on her back with a satisfied face.

Ciel and Cyan made swords. Ciels black sword looked long and flabby, while Cyans black sword was similar, but slightly heavier.

Then Ioken made an ordinary sword. He squeezed the light with his ecstatic eyes, but when he held the sword, Ioken eyes sank as dull as usual.

Other children made weapons, but Eugene didnt look at them. They were not motivated before they came here. Perhaps some will give up searching as soon as they enter the maze.

Eugene made a sword that fits the length of his arm and a small shield that is mounted on his forearm.

“Why dont you use a spear Youre good at using spear.”

“Im good at using the Sword.”

“Whats with the shield”

“Im good at using the shield.”

“Hes good at everything.”

Then Dira grumbled. Ciel stared at the two talking and came to Eugene.

“What are you going to do when you meet me at the palace”

“What should I do”

“Are you going to fight me”

“Can I fight”

Eugene looked back at Guilard and asked.

“Theres nothing we cant do. The blood ceremony is very competitive.”

Guilard replied with a grin. With what her father said, Ciel puffed up her cheeks.

“But we dont have to fight.”

“Thats right. Rather than unconditional competition, this blood ceremony is intended to examine the judgment and cooperation of the situation. After all, we are a family with the family name Lionhart.”

“Were a family.”

Ciel looked back at Eugene and smiled back.

“When is your birthday”


“Its April for me. So Im your Noona.” (Term bout refer to older girls)


To say so, he was conscious that there was Guilard, Ciels father.

“You said something as sweet as….”



Eugene turned his head coughing in vain.



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