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Chapter 17.2

“Although currently, the weapon associated with our Lionheart family is the sword… it was a different story for our ancestor. There was a reason for the Great Vermouth to be called the God of War and the Master-of-All,” said Gilead.

As for why their family had been tied to the sword in the first place, it was all because of the Holy Sword, which had received the most acclaim among Vermouths many weapons.

“Its a good thing for you to know how to wield a variety of weapons, especially since you find these various weapons fun to use. It could even be considered an innate gift.”

“Thank you for your guidance,” said Eugene.

“Of course, just because Vermouth was called by these titles, that doesnt mean he was the only one capable of using various weapons.”

“…I heard that Hamel was also able to wield several weapons,” Eugene said after a brief pause.

“Thats right. Although Vermouth was called the God of War, his companion Hamel was also a master warrior, second only to Vermouth,” Gilead readily agreed.

“…Ahem. But in the fairy tale Ive read, he keeps getting called Stupid Hamel.”

“Haha! Well, that cant be helped. Ive also read that fairy tale when I was young, but… Ive realized that it wouldnt be a very interesting tale without Hamel constantly getting into trouble. What do you think about Hamel”

“Im not quite sure what youre asking, sir.”

“I just want to hear your opinion. As for me… Ive admired Hamel ever since I was young.”

‘Oh Eugene quickly swallowed the unconscious exclamation he had almost made.

“…May I ask why” Eugene asked, unable to leave the matter alone.

“Rather than the flawless Vermouth, I preferred Hamels more humane character. Doesnt it often come up in the fairytale Hamel often felt inferior to Vermouth, but he never once allowed himself to be frustrated.”

‘But there were actually a lot of times I felt frustrated.

“Instead, he spared no effort to overcome his own perceived shortcomings. And in the end, he didnt care about his own safety but instead chose to sacrifice himself for his comrades. Even now, I respect Hamel more than I do my own ancestor, Vermouth.”

Hamels portrayal was deliberately flanderized[1] in the fairy tale. It was because he was meant to serve as a simple lesson for young children: no matter how excellent the people around you are, dont be overly jealous of them. Rather than doing that, you should slowly try to improve yourself instead.

“…I also admire Hamel,” Eugene replied while having complex feelings about doing so. “But the reason I use multiple weapons, well…. It isnt because I want to become like Hamel or Vermouth or anything like that.”

Eugene felt the need to explain himself. Although he didnt know if Gilead accepted his explanation, Gilead nodded his head with a grin.

“As someone who isnt even a member of the main family, you will be the first person other than a Patriarch to step foot into the familys treasure vault,” Gilead changed the subject.

While receiving astonished stares from the servants, the two headed down to the basement. Although the stairs leading from the mansion to the basement were very long, glowing spheres were hanging from the walls every so often, so it wasnt dark.

“Is it really okay for me to go down there” Eugene inquired.

“Of course it is. Didnt I promise you that youll be allowed to pick whichever item you desire Ive already discussed this matter with the council of the family elders and obtained permission,” as he said this, Gilead led the way down the stairs.

The council. Eugene felt his mouth turn dry at the thought of them. The old lions of the Lionheart clan, the council was composed of the direct lines previous Patriarchs and those from the collateral lines recognized as giants in their respective fields before they retired.

“May I ask, what exactly is contained inside the treasure vault”

“It holds our family legacy, which has built up over the past few hundred years, of course. Among all these items, there are even quite a few relics left behind by our ancestor, the Great Vermouth.”

“Really Then is the Holy Sword in there as well”

“Its there, but… its impossible for you to pick the Holy Sword,” Gilead turned back to look at Eugene with a wry smile as if he had expected such a question. “Because the Holy Sword is the symbol of the Lionheart clan, it is a sword that no one person can own. Therefore, it is only wielded during ceremonies such as the succession of the Patriarch.”

“Oh…,” came Eugens disappointed murmur.

Gilead continued, “But thats not the only reason. Ever since the Great Vermouth, no one has been able to receive the recognition of the Holy Sword.”


“Mm… rather than trying to explain it, it would be better for you to have a go at it yourself. Then youll be able to understand what Im talking about right away.”

At the bottom of the stairs stood an ornately decorated, massive door. Gilead held his hand up to the door after cutting his fingertips with his fingernails, causing red drops of blood to form on all his fingers.

“This will take a moment.”

With his blood-tipped fingers, Gilead reached for the doorknob. The doorknob had been sculpted in the shape of a lions head with its mouth opened wide. The lion absorbed the drops of blood on Gileads fingertips and closed its mouth, just as the engravings adorning the door began to wriggle. All of this was part of a rite to unlock the powerful barrier that had been set on the treasure vault using magic. Eugene took a few steps back and watched as the door began to move.

“Will you be entering with me, Patriarch” he asked.

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“Theres no need for that. Ill wait here, so just go in and choose whatever you want.”

The door opened fully.

“You wont be able to open this door from the inside. So once youve finished making your choice, knock loudly on the door. That will let me know when to open it,” Gilead explained.

“If thats the case, wouldnt it be better for you to come in with me” Eugene asked.

“While I believe that it might be fun to watch as you pick something…. If I go in with you, I may end up unconsciously influencing what item you pick, and I would rather respect your freedom of choice. Also, If I do go in with you, I feel that I might distract you.”

By saying all this, Gilead was showing his consideration for Eugene. Eugene smiled brightly and nodded his head. Although he had brought it up first, Eugene felt greatly excited that Gilead had decided not to go in with him. He wanted to get a close look at everything and have a poke at this and that. Truthfully speaking, if Gilead were to go in with him, Eugene would have to pay attention to his manners and avoid such conduct.

“But Patriarch, whats stopping me from hiding something on my person and attempting to come out with multiple items”

This type of daring and impolite question was something that only a thirteen-year-old like Eugene would be allowed to ask. So Eugene made sure to look up at Gilead to show off his innocent eyes that were free of malice. Although he wasnt sure if his face truly managed to reflect his intentions, for now, he at least tried to contort his features into such an expression.

“That isnt something that is likely to happen, now is it” Gilead replied to his question with a smile that showed no displeasure. “If that were to happen, I would be forced to scold you. And as these treasures are strictly guarded by magic, you would be caught as soon as you attempted to come out with something you shouldnt.”

“Haha,” Eugene laughed awkwardly.

‘As expected, Eugene exclaimed inwardly, without feeling any disappointment.

Gilead offered, “Still, allow me to give you a piece of advice. Dont be in a rush, and slowly take your time to choose a weapon that youll be able to use for the rest of your life. In your case, rather than focussing on its performance… I believe that it would be better for you to choose something that catches your eye and suits you.”

“Yes sir.”

Gilead stepped out of the way, clearing the door to the treasure vault. Eugene nodded his head and approached the door with hesitant steps.

“Thank you very much for this opportunity,” before entering, Eugene turned and politely expressed his gratitude.

Gilead smiled and patted Eugene on the shoulder. The thought of adopting Eugene was running through his mind. However, there was no need to bring up such a topic right now, as it wasnt a matter that should be rushed into hastily.

As Eugene entered, the door to the treasure vault closed behind him. Once it did so, Eugen could finally take a deep breath and loosen his polite expression. Smiling too much had numbed his cheeks, so he patted them a few times before taking a long look around the treasure vault.

Immediately after he had done so, a smile inadvertently spread across his face as he exclaimed, “…Wow.”

Vermouths Holy Sword, the splendid golden sword from his memories, stood in the center of the treasure vault. With a grin, Eugene walked towards the center of the room.

1. The deliberate exaggeration of one aspect of a fictional character to the point where that one trait grows to encompass most of that characters personality. ☜


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