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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 2.1

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Chapter 2.1

TL Notes: In the raws when the name is read is 라이언하트= raionhateu so I translated it as Ryanhart but as I translate the third chapter I realized that the western surname is Lionhart. Fortunately I found it soon

Although Vermouth and “The Holy Sword” were always highlighted in paintings and in fairy tales, within Eugenes memory, the Holy Sword was not a good weapon as it was exaggerated in the story.

‘It was just some flash of light.

Even if it was a lot of help during the time on the Black Museoleum, that was just all. In the first place, the sword was meant to be a ceremonial sword known for its appearance, and Vermouth did not really enjoy using it. He just sometimes uses it to kill some ghost.

Master of All, Vermouth.

As the nickname says, Vermouth had mastered many weapons. He stored them in his subspace and took the appropriate weapon depending on the situation.

‘He was also a Genius in Magic.


Hamel never mastered magic.

“Even if I had learned it with determination, wouldnt I have done as much as anyone else”

Probably so, but he never thought he needed at the time. When one was a kid who mistook himself for being a genius… He was too arrogant for himself to learn magic.

The meeting with Vermouth changed much of Hamels.

There was a genius who was good at everything. Little Hamel believed he was such a genius, but his illusion was shattered when he encountered the real genius.

Im not a genius. 

What about now

Eugene tilted his head while clenching his fist tightly.

‘I have a memory of my past life. I will be stronger than I used to be.

He was sure about that. However, Eugene did not want to be satisfied with the level. He was reincarnated like this. Whats the point of being on a similar level as in his previous life He was reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth.


Eugene thought while pressing his hard arm.

‘I think I like your blood.

How long will a childs muscles start to grow However, apart from the size of the muscles, the body was ideal. Eugene had no choice but to admit the fact.

It may not be too big but it is a flexible body, so it is full of elasticity.

I cant think of it as a childs body with a small muscle density. The same goes for bones. Even if I roll it hard, I dont get hurt, and the wounds heal quickly.

‘Ive always self-proclaimed myself as a genius but…I couldnt compare to you. I can now understand how strong you were.

The performance of the body is different. That fact brought joy and bitterness to Eugene.

If only I had this body in my previous life…

‘…thats a nasty idea.

Eugene shook his head to shake off his frustration. His self from previous life is as far as it goes. Why do I have to regret my past life when Ive been reincarnated

Eugene thought so and shook off his feelings. However, he could not shake off all his regrets. The only thing left for Hamel was a stupid nickname.

What about the others 

The great Vermouth. He returned with this title while serving as a duke in his hometown, Kiel. He was praised as a hero to the end. The Kingdom of Kiel has made the death of Vermouth a state funeral and still commemorates the anniversary of Vermouths death.

The Wise Senya. She was the youngest woman ever to be invited to the Magic Kingdom of Aroth. In Aroth, there are five towers. Now, two of the towers were headed by the disciples of Senya.

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The faithful Anise. The helpless woman is also called a saint in Yuras, the Holy Empire. She taught how to write a scripture.

The Brave Moron. Eugene couldnt believe his track record. That stupid Moron built his own kingdom! He assembled refugees from the area where the Devils Army swept through, and he established a kingdom named after himself

‘The last thing I couldnt understand is this.

Eugene crumpled his expression. When this idea comes to his mind, anger always rises.

‘They were all doing well before they died. But why are there still demons in the world

Hamel from a previous life wandered around Helmund with his colleagues. He led the total army sent from each country and killed three of the five demon kings.

On the way to the Fourth Demon, Mausung.

The Fool Hamel died there.


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