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Chapter 20.1

Later that night, Eugene was summoned to see Gilead. Usually, at around this time, he would have been doing some training to help digest his dinner. Fortunately, the invitation had come with enough spare warning that there was no need for him to head to the main mansion while reeking of sweat like last time.

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Eugene had washed and put on some formal clothes while being fussed over by Nina. Upon exiting the annex once he was done, he found that all the servants were already waiting outside.

“Hey there!”

They were all out here because of the man who had just greeted Eugene in a cheerful tone. He was Gion Lionheart, Patriarch Gilead Lionhearts youngest brother. Gion was known to be an oddball who had chosen to tag along on Gileads training trip and, even at his age, had yet to be married.

“M-master Gion!” Nina cried out in surprise before bowing her head deeply.

Following her lead, Eugene also bowed his head low, though he glanced up at Gion to get a look at him. If Gion had gotten married at the usual age, he might have already had a son about as old as Eugene, but the man still looked unbelievably young for his true age.

However, his gray hair, which could be called a trademark of the Lionheart line, gave him a mature atmosphere despite his youthful face. This was due in a large part to the color of his hair, which looked almost white at first glance. 

‘Vermouth also had the same kind of hair.

Though, unlike Gion, Vermouths expressions had always been just as bleak as his hair. 

It seemed as if Eugene couldnt escape his blood-ties to Vermouth, no matter what, as despite being from a collateral line, Eugenes hair also had streaks of gray running through it.

“Pleased to meet you. I am Eugene Lionheart,” he introduced himself.

“Of course, I know who you are. The truth is that youve drawn my attention ever since we first met on our return to the estate,” Gion revealed.

“Excuse me”

“Its because you gave off the smell of sweat. Ah, not that it was a bad thing. Anyone who bears the name of Lionheart should always smell at least slightly sweaty,” Gion joked with a laugh, revealing his pearly white teeth. He patted Eugene on the shoulder as he continued speaking, “Also, I happen to have heard a lot about you from— Ah, hold on! Itll be awkward if we just stand around talking like this, so lets get going first before we continue.”

“So youre here to guide me to the Patriarch” Eugene asked.

“Thats right. My brother wanted to send one of his knights, but I told him that Id go and do it personally. I actually wanted to see you for myself,” Gion laughed once again as he turned and set off.

As he quickly walked off, his gait proved to be just as lively as the sound of his laughter. After tossing a goodbye back to Nina, Eugene started to follow behind Gion.

“Did you say that you wanted to see me in person” Eugene asked politely.

“Thats what I said, and I meant it. After all, you defeated Cyan in a duel… and Ive heard youve even won the Bloodline Continuation Ceremony” Gion turned his head back to look at Eugene as if waiting for an answer. “I also wanted to see the Bloodline Continuation Ceremony in person, but its tradition that no one except the Patriarch is allowed to watch the ceremony. Well, Master Lovellian also happened to be spectating beside my brother this year, but thats only because Lovellian helped set up this years Bloodline Continuation Ceremony….”

“Is there really such a tradition”

“Strange, isnt it But its a real tradition. Well, I guess you could call it part of the Patriarchs privileges. Like the fact that only the main familys Patriarch is allowed into the treasure vault. Similarly, only the Patriarch is allowed to have fun watching the Bloodline Continuation Ceremony,” Gion grumbled a complaint, only to tap himself on the lips in regret at having said too much. “Ah, I know it might sound like it, but Im not really complaining about my brother, you know Its just that the traditions are— But if I say it like that, does it sound like Im complaining about the family rules instead”

“I dont mind if you do,” Eugene said agreeably.

Gion smiled and revealed, “My brother actually doesnt mind it when I complain about them either.”

Although they hadnt been talking for very long, Eugene had a rough idea of what Gions personality was really like. His very attitude seemed to exude a sense of free-spiritedness. It was probably due to this character of his that he had decided not to marry yet.

“About Wynnyd,” Gion said as he stopped walking ahead of Eugene; instead, he slowed his pace to walk alongside Eugene. “Although Ive never used it before, I know that its a good sword. Make sure to cherish it.”

“Is there any reason you havent tried using it before” Eugene asked.

“Not really, its just that Im quite fond of my current sword,” Gion grinned and pointed down to the sword he wore at his waist.

It wasnt one of Vermouths many swords.

“Doesnt it look cool Its a sword that I found long ago while traveling around the world, but maybe because its a sword that I got through my own hard work, Im really attached to it.”

“Is it a magic sword as well”

“Yes, but its magic isnt all that impressive. It cant compare to your Wynnyd. Well, if I had to explain it, its magic allows me to absorb mana a little more smoothly, or something like that”

Despite Gions claims, such an effect wasnt something to be underestimated. Although it hadnt seemed extraordinary at first glance, Eugene guessed that the sword might even have been made by the dwarves.

Gion changed the subject, “So how did you find the labyrinth Although Ive heard a few things from Cyan and Ciel, Id like to hear your perspective as you might have a different view of it.”

“It was really fascinating,” Eugene offered his opinion.

“So it seems that you didnt find it difficult,” Gion observed as he burst into laughter. “You really had to face both traps and monsters, then trolls on the way to the center, and finally a minotaur waiting at the end Thats way too much for kids to handle. Even Cyan and Ciel didnt try to fight the trolls head-on. As for the minotaur…. Brother and Lovellian were really being a little cruel with that.”

“Is Cyan doing alright now”

“His bodys fine, but his mind is a more complex matter. After all, its not like we can open it up and take a look inside, can we Well, Cyan is just taking his defeat hard because hes still immature. But its better for him to experience such frustrations at a young age. Once he gets a bit older, itll be harder to get over such setbacks,” Gion clicked his tongue in commiseration and turned to look at Eugene. “As for me, Im actually feeling a little grateful to you. Thanks to you showing him up, Cyans arrogance has been tempered slightly.”

“…But wasnt Cyan just badmouthing me to you”

“Of course he was. He even spied on you from a distance and called you a son of a bitch.”

“Its cowardly to insult someone behind their backs.”

“I thought so as well, so I smacked him a good one.” With another smile, Gion again showed off his pearly white teeth. “Because Ive already drubbed him for it, dont needlessly get into a fight with Cyan later, okay”

“As long as he doesnt mess with me, I wont.”

“Thats a shame. If he could get beaten up a few more times for being rude, then Cyan might be able to correct his bad habits while improving his skills at the same time.”

“But didnt you just say that I shouldnt fight with him”

“Mmm, youre right. Well then, Ill just give you permission to fight with him whenever you want. That is, as long as you dont hurt him too badly.”

While they were discussing such topics, they arrived at the main mansion. Gion casually waved off the greetings from the servants and led Eugene upstairs.

“But why is the Patriarch calling for me” Eugene finally asked.

“Maybe to compliment you” Gion guessed.

“Ive received his compliments earlier.”

“No matter how many times youve heard them, its not like you can ever have too many compliments.”

“It looks like Mr. Gion doesnt know the reason either.”

“Well, its not like I dont have any clues… but its not something to get all worked up over. Though it does have something to do with you and your future.”

Once they got to the top of the stairs, they walked down a long hallway. As this was his first time visiting the main mansion, Eugene looked at his surroundings with curious eyes.

“However,” Gion said, suddenly stopping in his steps; ahead of them stood a large, tightly shut door. “I think it would be nice if we could see each other more often.”

Gion turned to look at Eugene with a slight smile as he said this.

“Me too,” Eugene agreed, not having had a bad impression of the man. Eugene decided to return the smile to show his sincerity. 

Gion turned back to the front, his expression turning neutral, and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Gileads voice was heard from inside.

After opening the door for Eugene, Gion took a few steps back. Then he winked at Eugene and shooed him in.

‘Although his personality is good, hes a bit overbearing.

With a slight feeling of nervousness, Eugene entered the room. The spacious room had been furnished into the Patriarchs personal office.

“Sorry for calling you so suddenly,” Gilead led with an apology.

“Its fine,” Eugene answered, bowing his head.

Gilead smiled and pointed to the visitor seating area, “For now, why dont you take a seat.”

Some refreshments had been prepared for him on a coffee table. However, Eugene didnt lay a hand on any of the cookies or tea and instead stared pointedly at Gilead. Although it was rude, his behavior was still in the acceptable range for a child.

“About the necklace,” Gilead said, not taking offense to Eugenes attitude; instead, he felt that the spunky look like Eugenes was actually kind of cute. The first impression of someone will forever skew how that person is viewed, and Gilead had had a good impression of Eugene.

“I asked Master Lovellian to examine it, but it turned out to be just an ordinary necklace,” Gilead continued.

“So that was the case,” Eugene feigned ignorance.

“He even read the earliest memories recorded in the necklaces mana, but nothing special was found.” 

‘They even read the manas memories For a moment, Eugene almost revealed his panic before he quickly concealed the emotion. ‘Oh yeah, there was a spell like that, wasnt there

But even though they had used one of Siennas spells, they hadnt found anything special from the necklace At these words, Eugene couldnt help feeling ashamed on behalf of his previous life as Hamel.

“…There are memories recorded in the necklace” Eugene asked, trying not to sound too hurt.

“Hm… how should I explain it To put it simply, Master Lovellian used a spell to read the history of where the necklace had come from. He said that the necklace was purchased in the streets of the capital around a hundred years ago,” Gilead recounted before handing the necklace to Eugene.

After receiving the necklace, Eugene checked it carefully. No, there was no mistake about it. This was definitely the necklace that Hamel had worn three hundred years ago, the keepsake left by his parents. There was no way he would mistake a necklace that he had constantly worn during his travels for over twenty years. Both the discoloration on the chain and the scratches on the cheap crystal hanging at the front were exactly the same as in his memories.

‘In the first place, whod be so crazy to sell an old necklace like this at a roadside stall

Such a necklace could only be sold if the seller was insane and the buyer was even more insane. 

‘Lovellian could be lying, but… theres no reason for him to do so. Could he really have read it wrong An Archwizard currently serving as the Head of a Tower of Magic

If that wasnt the case, then….

‘That would mean a spell that can even deceive the Head of a Tower of Magic has been cast on the necklace… creating a layer of new memories in the mana. But who on earth would have done that Could it have been Vermouth


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