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Damn Reincarnation Chapter 3.1

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Chapter 3.1 – Chapter 3.1- Lionhart

“Who is Jehard”

“Why He is a relative who lives in the corner of the countryside.”

“Wheres this countryside”

“At the western end of the Empire… Why are you even interested Its a hillside where well never go.”

Cyan and Ciel are fraternal twins.

Although their father is Seo-chul, it is no secret that the head of the family loves his second wife more than his first wife, who is faithful. Such a reality has made the noses of these two 13-year-old boy and girl high enough to reach the sky.  (Note: Seo-Chul is the son of the second Wife of the head.)

“His name is…”

“Eugene. He has the same age as us.”

“Hey, age doesnt define a friend.”

He continued, looking toward the detached house in the distance.

“I heard its the first time he had ever been to the Capital. According to Gordon, earlier he couldnt even bat his eyes out of the window throughout the time he was in the carriage.”

“Thats understandable. I heard he is from Gidol, does he know that place is so far away that no one even bothers to remember I think that place is only full of forest and fields.”

“I dont know because Ive never been there, but its probably because its the country. Did he get motion sickness on the warpgate”

“Gordon said he looked like he was going to throw up.”

“I guess he didnt vomit then. Oh, thats a shame. If he had thrown up, I was going to order him to clean up his own mess.” Ciel said with a mischievous smile. At her sisters answer, Cyan clicked his fingers left and right and clicked his tongue.

“You idiot, you dont have to throw up to clean up.”

“What do you mean”

“Hes coming from a hillside, and his bodys gonna smell like cow dung.”


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“He had been on the wagon for a few days, and the smell of cow dung from his body must have been on the wagon.”

“Oh, its dirty.”

Ciel stuck out her tongue and looked disgusted. However, her eyes were full of mischievous playfulness.

“The carriage he came from is the property of the family. Even if we are related, he should take responsibility if he defiles the carriage because of himself, right

“Yes, thats right.”

“I heard that earlier. As soon as he got to the annex, he went to the ballroom and wielded a wooden sword.”

“Thats the worst.” Ciel chuckled a laugh.

The twins born on the same day have been a good match since they were young.

“Its his first time in the capital, and its his first time in the main house. Thats why he is so nervous.”

Ciel bursts into laughter as he slaps his brothers arm. However, Cyan made a solemn expression.

“Our stupid relative. He must have high expectations for this blood ceremony. He didnt get a proper education from his father.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Now, he pretends to be training in order to show off in front of the adults. He is such a disgusting guy.”

“You have to scold him directly.”

“Oh, its a little too much to scold. You shouldnt do that, rather you should be careful. Dont get scolded by adults later.”

“Youre too nice.”

Ciel smiled back even though she knew his brothers inside. The young twins learned from the very beginning that it was more interesting to do something stealthy than to do something openly.

“Lets go!”

Cyan took the lead with a strong shout. Ciel, who was following closely, turned his head back. The two twins, who had been carrying out mana since childhood, could perceived them even with naked eye.

In the magnificent and splendid mansion, there was a boy standing by the window on the third floor. He slid back and closed the curtains when Ciel had eye contact. At the sight, Ciel grinned and stuck out her tongue.


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